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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So, Do children belong to only father ? you are implying babysitting their children...don't they have any obligation to help those whom they have given birth ? Instead of leaving those children to the mother of her husband....Mothers marry their sons to help them not that they raise the children of their sons.
  2. I will probably prefer my wife to be at home but if she wants to work, I have no right to stop her as per Islamic law. .
  3. Dear sister, sometimes humans go through an state of disappointment which when occurs to me, I remind myself that this is temporary state, and I am tasting it because I am not doing as good as I should be or it is reminder of the people of hell as to how disappointed they shall be with their lives without Allah's help and thus, with this reminder, I encourage myself to behave better so that my end shall be in heaven for which Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has promised: "In heaven we will take every disease out of their hearts". It is just an state, it will pass by. Insha-Allah.
  4. your id name reminds me of Ocean waves, btw, tell me from which of your little siblings, you snatched this board ?
  5. Do not let Shaitan say to your into your ears Start studying from next monday I listened to him and the next monday were my exams
  6. Perhaps, you are missing the vital element of these worships. That is to say when you come to prayer, pray with philosophy of prayer in mind. When you recite Surah Hamd, recall why you say Bismillah because Allah was first who created and every begjning shall be with his name. Discipline yourself with Salah. Recite Ziyarah with translation and ask yourself why u r paying slams,? Understand Qur'an through translation
  7. I was kidding. But, if I take a guess, you are a quick learner and dedicated to your tasks.
  8. 100% of left handed people have neat and beautiful writing. I witnessed all of them and they really are awesome.
  9. Wow man, I loved your writing, you are going to be an accomplished man in future. Insha-Allah.
  10. People used to say me that most of those who speak english do not have beautiful english writing, I made this thread that in my life, for the first time, I will get 1st Position, but that survey was actually fake, I am doomed
  11. I know graphology. According to your writing, you might be wearing too much make-up on marriages. According to Noor Taleb, she often washes her face that is why she likes neat writing. For other, I have to see their writings.
  12. Whatttttttttttttt this you call not good, perhaps, your glasses have scratches on it, need to buy new glasses Awesome writing.:)
  13. al-Islam.org is a best website. You can learn gradually. learn how to do wudu and start to learn prayer or Nimaz or Salah.
  14. That's how in our university girls used to get 98% marks. 80 % on beautification and 18 percent on neat writing. I do not know how to write CAPITAL HEADINGS like you did.
  15. What's thats on the top, a person with big nose skating over your name ?
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