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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Strict measures means, In Islam: "No any person has the authority to impose punishment on anyone except in defense".
  2. Why are you going brother ? It is very sad to see you go. I would insist you stay and share your thoughts with us. It is always very pleasant to talk to you and read your thoughts.
  3. If you argue often they will get tired of it. But argue with evidence.
  4. Another, anti-Muslim post you want to share? Daesh is good and Bashar al Assad is bad.
  5. She did not stand for women's rights. She was not sane at the first place. She often said in interviews that since her family treated her badly and considered her bad so she want to really become a bad. She was a tool for media to get ratings and purposefully said bad things on facebook on instigation of bad names in industry. I always had the feeling that she will get in trouble because of her being an object of seduction. Albeit, I think the honor killing should be dealt with strict measures but even in law the end of such people is not good.
  6. You can talk to your parents and often argue with them. Like parents have obligation to take care of their children, children have obligation to take care of their parents.
  7. The other ahadith and historical evidences were to prove that this hadith is not right.
  8. If Abu Bakar and Umer were the best after Prophet (PBUHHP), then why not any of them became brother of Prophet (PBUHHP) and rather Imam Ali (عليه السلام) was declared by Prophet (PBUHHP) as his brother ?
  9. Your problem is complicated but not impossible to be solved. I will tell you few things which might help you: 1. Frequently come here and post your queries and share your posts here and communicate with people. 2. Pray 5 times, if not then 4 times daily and read books by asking people here anything that inspired them. You should increase your spirituality and it will automatically bring back trust of your husband. 3. When your husband comes at home, always appear nice to him both in appearance and manners. I hope that Allah (عزّ وجلّ) would help you for the sake of Ahlebait (عليه السلام).
  10. Dear brother or sister, Qur'an says that believer man is for believer woman. The only criteria is of being Kuff of each other that is moral standard and equal character or understanding as humans. There is no any other restrictions or conditions.
  11. It may be or may not be like it in reality because Arabian sword since primitive times is known to be curved for proper slashing, the roots of which can be found in Egyptian "Khopesh", the Romans later on entered in the Arabia when Cleopatra had formed an alliance with the Roman emperor.
  12. Jagged like a saw, it is false, because if it were like this, it would cause excruciating pain to the one upon whom it would be struck which will be against the conduct of Ahlebait (عليه السلام) and people would have regarded it as unethical for warrior. The difference between a good warrior and bad warrior is like that of between lion and hyena. A good warrior kills smoothly while a bad warrior kills by inflicting painful death. As for Dhulfiqar, its name itself means "Two Edged". And it's in many hadith being called as such.
  13. There is no concept of Bayah for a Peer-o-Murshid in Shariah except doing Taqleed of Mujtahid who is well-versed in religious knowledge and until such Mujtahid is not violating any injunction of Qur'an or Hadith or Aaimah deliberately, in other words, if he deviates from religion, you are not bound to do his taqleed as Taqleed is actually for Islam and not for a person. However, there is another concept in Sub-continent of Indo-Pakistan that is actually of "Respect to the generation of Prophet (PBUHHP)", the people in Indo-Pakistan showed respect to Syeds for the sake of their connection with the Prophet (PBUHHP), however, such respect does not mean that if a son or daughter of Prophet (PBUHHP) has fallen to bad practice, you have to adore his wrong practices. The Mureed or peer in this context is actually a "love and respect" between both a syed and non-syed, both being the Mureeds of Rasolallah (SAAWW) and our Prophet (PBUHHP) being the Peer himself. A syed loves a non-syed for the sake of Rasol-Allah (SAAWW) and a non-Syed loves syed for the sake of Rasolallah (SAAWW), so if a non-syed says that such and such syed is my Peer, he actually imply towards Rasolallah (SAAWW), and if any syed says that such and such people are Mureeds, they actually imply that they are Mureeds of Prophet (PBUHHP). And, if syed by mistake says that such and such people are his mureed, ask him what has impressed them to be your disciples ? He would undoubtedly say, my achievement is that I am a born syed which is not really his achievement at all. But you are to respect each other non-syeds for being the lovers of Rasolallah (SAAWW) and syeds for being the generation of our beloved (SAAWW). Do not confuse yourself with such words. Follow a Mutaqqi person whether he calls himself Mureed or other calls him Peer until he part ways with Islam. What you are mentioning are actually commercialism in religion bereft of any barakah.
  14. Shia fight everywhere for their rights as for Israel, it is root of the problem, every sectarian divide proliferate from them, to Shia they say we are not your enemies but Sunnis and to Sunnis they say, we are not your enemies but Shias.
  15. Yeah but if women do proper hijab men will be afraid of them which most of women do not understand.
  16. I like Iranian Veil and Niqab although in Pakistan we have Burqah.
  17. Although glasses and veil can be stylish not totally like this sister,
  18. Veil is not restrain, you can enjoy the world without harrasment, look at this sister below
  19. Yes, you should mariam or else we have to wear black glasses with sticker of BMW and we should walk like blind men.
  20. there is responsibility over both the genders, a woman has to veil and a male has to respect her veil. If a woman is without veil, it is actually one of the cause of people's attention which is contributing factor towards sin, the other cause being the irresponsibility of men.
  21. Well, if you have another hadith of Mawakhat which disagrees with this hadith, it shows that this hadith is fake because Prophet (pbuhhp) made all people brothers according to Iman. As for discord, I have left it because I do not have enough time to come all sites simultaneously because I have some job tasks to do.
  22. If they were the best after Prophet (PBUHHP) then why Prophet (PBUHHP) made Hazrat Ali (عليه السلام) as his brother and Hazrat Abu Bakar and Hazrat Umer ?
  23. We care, we remember and we will fight for it with whatever capabilities we have, today with words, if Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wills then tomorrow with weapons.
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