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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ya Rab! Whenever we get something without an effort, we forget its importance but when we lose it, we remember what we have missed. This happens because of pride and which lead us to look down upon it. I have been a convict of you, for not respecting your love and attention towards me and have led Shaitan to poise my ears, thus, preventing me to respect you which lies in worship. I am lazy worshipper but I have not ruled out your importance for me, and have not ruled out the fact that you deserve every praise and humility and submission but the issue is "who is gonna make me realise, how shall you be thanked?" I know that you are not in need of my thanks but I'm in need of your attention, and the problem is you don't pay attention to who is not sincere. Thus, first rule to sincerity for the beggar is to thank the benefactor. So make me humble towards you by reminding me all the beneficience you showed towards me, and make me humble to yourself more than my self and my parents  for if If I do not learn the way, I'm doomed. Teach me your right over me and do not caste me away because of my sins.

  2. Probably, Iman would ask you to stay where you are and work for betterment of society side by side with your love.
  3. Duniya and Akhira are opposite to each other:

    1. This is mortal, Akhira is immortal;

    2. Sane called by this world, is idiot in next;

    3. Idiot called in this world, will be sane in next;

    4. Sultans of this world, are faqeer in next;

    5. Faqeer in this world, are sultan in next.

  4. My Lord, you heard it, save me and my future.

  5. Ok very well amigo. I am afraid whether there is something informative in your rhetoric or am I on sleep mode. Very good speech bravo.
  6. Hmmm yeah I dont expect any nodding of your heads in affirmation so I keep facts and don't waste it.
  7. No because of what their acts manifested and what their enemies and friends held as a common opinion that they neither were aggressive nor were led by their emotions into wars but only by the necessity and prevention of loss to humans. They always summoned to peace first that was their custom, and waged wars when they were enforced with it.
  8. Lolz, your are trying to legitimize the actions of first three caliphs by distorting the facts of wars of Prophet. To begin with, you don't have to go far to Yemen and Rome to understand the objectives for which Prophet fought wars. There were only two reasons for which Prophet fought wars: 1. To protect his message; 2. To protect his people. Each time aggression was caused by opposite party. The reason that Prophet fought against Jewish tribes of Medina who appeared outwardly peaceful and made peace treaty with muslims but inwardly supportive of the cause of infidels of Mecca,
  9. No, we think that you don't know divine personalities as you should have primarily because the hypocrisy of the world have made innocent selves to fall to the doctrine that except the way of oppression, you cannot gain.
  10. Where did I say wilayatul Faqih is like Wilayat of Ahlebait (عليه السلام). you dont even know rulings about Qayas bro let alone the topic of wilayatul faqih that's effect of Allahyari.
  11. My master, my Rab! You have heard my prayers and teaching me religion now I have a next request for you to accept that is to make me loyal towards you and your servant and make me to obey your commands and commands of your chosen ones as you desire for a Momin. Accept my prayers for the sake of Ahlebait (عليه السلام).

  12. Among your three points only point 3 is valid other two are nonsense. You should follow a learned man in Deen. You learn every subject from a teacher.
  13. If you think that its Qayas then I believe that you know its root too. The root of Qayas is doubt, and in certain fields doubt is permitted by Prophet (PBUHHP) such as in criminal investigation but in Deen its haram. Since deen is completed by Quran and Hadith, a jurist cannot go beyond its authenticated sources but for medicine sources come from ordinary fallible humans. So, qayas is not solely ďamned by Prophet except for religion. Ok if you agree then why are you speaking against wila-e-Faqih. You also have wila over your children to guide them until you do not disobey Allah
  14. Your statements don't make sense. Doctors don't make Qayas but consider symptoms which are observed facts which are known to them but not to you so you follow them but you have difficulty in following Jurists who know their field which you don't know very biased approach and none cares about your immature opinions.
  15. You messed up whole thing, you follow doctors even though they disagree on prescriptions and you don't raise eye brows then but you question about doctors of jurisprudence like you know jurisprudence yourself lolz.
  16. An objective could be achieved by good means and by evil means, therefore, you have to be impartial, unbiased and thoughtful concerning the news of great personalities. For example: - Either you can boost your economy by creating demand in the world for your goods such as The US creates demands by instigating wars. But you can also boost your economy by creating demand without wars such as Japan makes every thing from pins of the paper to ships and whatnot and its economy is intact without wars. Prophet (PBUHHP) made Arabia Muslim without attacking anyone but defended his companions
  17. Did Prophet (PBUHHP) forced war upon arabs for Islam or for defending his followers and Muslimeen? Imams believed in war for defense and not for expansion. If it would have been the case, Iman Ali (عليه السلام) wouldn't have felt difficulty in consolidating order while he was caliph by sending people to fight and lessen the threats of people who fought him in siffein and jamal and other battles. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) never expanded his control beyond known borders at the time and it could be inferred from that he never believed in expansion of territory but sharing islam with rest of th
  18. Perhaps. May Allah (عزّ وجلّ) protect us, our families and our coming generations from their fitna.
  19. Whatever He (عزّ وجلّ) wants becomes the will and such will becomes the truth.
  20. Meri wafadarian uss k liye hai jis ney mujhe sab kuch diya hai aur jo merey sab kuch ka asal waris hai.

  21. Most simple answer would be that they are not Quranist in the first place for example, they don't the meaning of huroof-e-Muqtiaat yet they say that it does not require hadith to explain its verses. Finally, the Quran says:"Follow those who know and their denial of interpretation of the learned such as Hadith of Prophet (PBUHHP) prove that they do not follow those who know and not following Quran.
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