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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know graphology. According to your writing, you might be wearing too much make-up on marriages. According to Noor Taleb, she often washes her face that is why she likes neat writing. For other, I have to see their writings.
  2. Whatttttttttttttt this you call not good, perhaps, your glasses have scratches on it, need to buy new glasses Awesome writing.:)
  3. al-Islam.org is a best website. You can learn gradually. learn how to do wudu and start to learn prayer or Nimaz or Salah.
  4. That's how in our university girls used to get 98% marks. 80 % on beautification and 18 percent on neat writing. I do not know how to write CAPITAL HEADINGS like you did.
  5. What's thats on the top, a person with big nose skating over your name ?
  6. Announcement, the best here means "not beautiful" at all so "those who have best (not beautiful) hand writing can win the contest. Hurry, 1 August is last date to participate @Noor Taleb
  7. Dear Haji, my neighborhood asking: Is Haji2003, your real best friend, if he is, can Haji2003 do a back flip for you like Van Damme and tag you in youtube video ? Require urgent answer
  8. Prophet did not do mutah, because he is allowed to have as many wives as he wants. And, there are many things which Prophet (PBUHHP) allowed to Ummah but it was not binding upon him such as Sadqah which Ummah can take but Prophet and his family cannot. Qur'an mentions it and does not annuls it by any verse, so law is law brother. I, personally, do not like that mutah should be the only choice for widow women but every man is not a bill gates and does not have a heart of "Hatim Tai", that he may take care of all women with his wealth and nor is he allowed to have countless wives like kings because it will then be injustice to other men for if he marries all widows, where the rest of men go to ? There are many reasons for which Allah (عزّ وجلّ) makes such laws.
  9. It is very unfortunate that you are interpreting Shia laws by biased approach and it shows you have not thought on other serious situations existing within the society. Psychologically speaking, do you think that only men are the one who really want to have a wife due to fear of sin or women also have some desire ? If you think that men are the only one, I would think that you take women as lifeless entity having no desire in that case mutah would be not appropriate as women does not need it. However, psychologically speaking, I would say that women are not robots, they have desires and needs, and one man cannot take care of all woman neither government can take care of them in Toto. It is their choice. Islam allows them this opportunity of temporary marriage, so that if they want to get married, to a person if for not always, then for sometime, in a nikah where the person has to take care of her as wife and children born out of that wedlock would be a legal heir to both of them. It would be great shame that instead of temporary marriage, a man takes advantage of woman by the promises that he will marry her, so Islam exhaust that plea by allowing for a temporary marriage so that her social position shall remain intact. It is the people who have make Mutah to be a bad name, while there is nothing illegal in it, marriage is done with nikah and observed with limitations. I have seen permanent marriages ending on the second day or in a week, how such permanent marriages are better than Mutah ?
  10. That's nice information for me, thanks for sharing brother.
  11. Hitting yourself with hands is a gesture of mourning, Prophet (PBUHHP) used to hit his thigh when he was in grief. If you do not want to do it, shedding tears for Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) and mentioning as to how he was oppressed is enough. Mutah is a way to save widow women from prostitution and allow them to marry a man with a Nikah. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) said: "Due to prohibition of Mutah on Umer's orders, prostitution has increased by leaps and bounds". So, tell me what is better for a widow who has no man to secure her. Prostitution where she gets money and child born out of it has no legal status, or a temporary marriage where she puts her demands for nikah, and the man she is having temporary marriage has to take her as his wife and the child born out of this is legitimate as inherit both father and mother.
  12. Salam, if you wish to participate, please write "Shia Chat by (user name)". New Doc 2019-07-21 01.44.22_1.pdfNew Doc 2019-07-21 01.44.22_1.pdf
  13. Do you think Zulfiqar is respected only by Shias or Sunnis also love it ? We have many similar teachings and we should not take it as it belongs only to one.
  14. what was the purpose of this question ?
  15. Friendship is forbidden, talking to each other is not forbidden. By friendship is meant going to dinner, travelling together and so on so forth. Since both boy and girl are non-maharam, dinner and travelling together looks wrong.
  16. well you can comfort yourself upon a lie that Shaykeen were eligible for khilafah, but their own conduct that they need a guide prove that they were not able guide themselves. I question their double standards, on one hand they sit on caliphate to guide all Muslims, on other hand they come to ask a person to guide them. A Muslim has one Allah and One heart as Allah says in Qur'an, and should have one tongue too.
  17. Ok. @Ibn Al-Ja'abi I was in hurry and you could see that I wrote Hazrat Ayesha and did not say Muwawiya Hazrat which should itself make sense that I do not disrespect your beliefs. If you are hurt, I appologise to you, would make sure that it does not happen again. alright ?
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