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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 14 sitary https://www.ziyaraat.net/findbook.asp?srchwhat=All&LibroID=61&AgregarVista=Si&page=1&Archivo=14Sitaray.pdf&escritor=All&tema=Masoomeen((عليه السلام).)&idioma=All&orderby=titulo
  2. Won't tell her password though because I am jealous and very possessive about my "to be wife" but promise not to use social website in her absence in case she don't trust me.
  3. That's true. One of the right of wife over husband is that she has to protect her husband. If I am not wrong why shy from sharing what I do on social websites?
  4. I am not going to insult. Hmmm, that's good brother, but problem is that how would normal people stop insulting ulemas if such examples are out there that is what I said you that I just said someone khabith because he cursed someone else. So, before telling the people, reach out to teacher and say:"Agha! This is wrong".
  5. O! Man, really you got emotional brother. It's not a problem, don't get emotional like that again. Through you, I learnt above brother's valuable remark. But I believe that if you are married tell your wife you use shiachat and when you open any social site don't hide from her as she as equal rights like you have rights over her.
  6. He is thinking like most of the man don't say that he has inferiority complex. Most of men think themselves to be stronger than their wives but stumble and lose their memory if they aren't responsible as religion wants them to be and find a real love number 2.
  7. So, u agreed we can call a deviant khabeeth? Following hazrat Mujtaba Shirazi (رضي الله عنه)
  8. Ikhlaq is the only thing that distinguish between an Alim and Ordinary man. No sooner an Alim uses his tongue in wrong way, he loses respect which Allah (عزّ وجلّ) bestowed upon him.
  9. To all respectable people, I once said Yaser al habib as Yasir al khabith because he promotes hatred among Shias and Sunnis and many people curse Shias because of him and present him as our representative for propaganda but brother @Simon the Canaanite said don't say him khabith or else he complains about me. I stopped and he is saying same from what he stopped me. So, Simon were you wrong before or now?
  10. So it means that it is not bad in your view to curse a person or call him khabith or kafir wearing Turban? Although he had no proof about Ayotullah Bahjat (رضي الله عنه) What if someone insults this respectable sheikh?
  11. This is for shabistri for whom I will inquire whether he really says what he interprets What about Ayotullah Bahjat? Where is proof for that and what about his using bad words about Ayotullah Bahjat is it legitimate?
  12. I'm saying for fulfillment of duty didnt say they are greedy.
  13. These are always very funny posts, Like men have nothing to do in the world, just to impress a female who can take away his saved money which he hides from his wife. Women don't eat grass brother. If a male tries to marry having already one wife, he starts getting bald because second wife keep hiting his head with a fry-pan so that he give her money for meeting her expenses. There are various reasons for it....some of it are as follows 1, There are less guys like you who really want to talk to brothers because most of them have exhausted the curiosity among them and asked and listened and are convinced about what they have established into their minds, so they do not start any conversation most of the time, I seldom see a brother like you who want to discuss about a topic, this is because you are 19 and you are lot of questions to ask and share your curiosities, 2. Girls are technically good speakers and they are never dumb (in the sense of sharing what they have of knowledge) like males so they have always something to speak about if they are talking, otherwise, there is no other reason for males talking to them especially for me at least.
  14. This Shaikh is teaching that Mysticism is wrong, although he is not sure whether it has only one meaning such as people have given multiple interpretations to single verse of Qur'an. He then goes on to insult Ayotullah Bahjat without providing any of his statement and rather attacking the personality. Then, he quotes Shabestari without referring to his book and making an statement that Shabistari interprets Wahadatul-Wujood or Wahadatul Maujood as being Allah itself. While the correct interpretation of Wahdatul Wujood or Wahadtul Mujood is that all the creation of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) imply towards Existence of one Creator without whom life is impossible which is like consensus of all creation upon one Creator. So, I would like to ask @Simon the Canaanite that like this Shaikh feels nothing wrong in giving a bad name to a ulema about whom he has no proof, why cannot we insult someone who is source of killings of Shias ?
  15. I think we get lots of opportunities to be bad and mean such as how many of us have access to net where we could watch bad stuff, I believe all of us have, but we choose not to and instead come to shiachat. Wealth is not going with us in our grave unless we spend it for good of whole humanity then it will go along us in graves in the shape of good deeds. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) says: "If you get wealth above your needs consider it is trust of others and Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has made you treasurer".
  16. Hmmmm, that's a lot of money. 25% of it I would invest for religious, science and technology, a new form of education that will prefer an individual's talent and offer him education according to his/her interest. With education that creates inventors and thinkers with moral standings. 20% of that to invest in creating important industries which may reduce imports and involve all necessary things from automobiles till computers and make up. 20% on hospitals for free treatment for poor only. 25% on renewable energy sources for cheap electricity. 10% in Islamic Banks that gives away loans free of interest but holds a share in business.
  17. Symbol? Already told you physical symbols lead to believe that it is copy of real thing which is a lie itself. It's not that difficult to answer.
  18. I listened to intro and will listen your poetry and give you feedback.
  19. Can you tell what are those five verses, I can use them for dua if I stuck in a question?
  20. Prophet Muhammad (PBUHHP) and Imam Ali (عليه السلام) are two huge commonalities between us. Besides the belief that our schools support Imam Hussain's (عليه السلام) stand against yazeed l.a for me these things are enough to constitute a brotherhood. I really think brothers like you are mercy for both Shias and Sunnis. May Allah (عزّ وجلّ) bless you for the sake of Ahlebait (عليه السلام) and lengthen your life.
  21. @Faruk would love to meet you and learn you views to bring Muslim Unity huggs brother.
  22. Ohhh and forgot ask @aaaz1618 to tell some more jokes and annoy him just to see if he really calls his mum on me.
  23. @Noor Taleb thank him for so many thank youzzzzzz @Simon the Canaanite exchange much views may be have dinner at his home. @Gaius I. Caesar looked me like kungfu master always silent so be his disciples and learn martial art. @starlight learn from her how to give beautiful headings. @3wliya_maryam learn from her the art oratory and poetry. @Ruqaya101 She is funny may be sit somewhere along @Propaganda_of_the_Deed and listen to their funny talks. @Sumerian ask him to be my sparring partner and exchange some blows (I'm kidding, you're my brother ok) @Ashvazdanghe ask him to pronounce his name in reverse to teach him how my tongue punched me inside my mouth while pronouncing his name. @Hameedeh typing her name gave me goosebumps so may be I will run seeing her (just kidding)
  24. Have you been to a psychiatrist?
  25. First of all, whenever you have problems in your head, you have to identify its source and correct it. May I ask what is your age ?
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