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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lolz, so Prophet (PBUHHP) said abuse them ? Is not proving someone wrong as insulting ? You want to give your meaning ?
  2. so, if Imam did not say, why are you posting latymiah are we discussing Latymiah here ? double lol brother. Yazeed is lanatable, I did not say that do not lanat him.
  3. I do not consider that humans are that much weird, you are not living in Mongolian tribe brother. Our beloved Messenger's quote is to be read with Wisdom, when he means insult then he means insult by reason that is reduce their reasons to such a level that they have no argument to support and that is insult. Did our Prophet abused any idol-worshipper ? Never but he proved them wrong.
  4. hahaha, did Imam hussain (عليه السلام) took anyone's name ? He said that he curses those whom Allah curses and I too. But, he did not take anyone's name. And, Circumstances are not always same, there are various actions for a person at varying situation, only if you could read about life of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) as to how successfully he made his stand and it did not only involve only one incident of Karabala. If Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) never did Taqqayah at Karbala did not his grandson Imam Jafar al Sadiq not support Taqqayah ? I read that he supported it and can tell you even now. if you want.
  5. Yes, there are unfortunately some ignorant people named as Shias such as those who brought Nuseri Sect. And, you cannot guarantee that he was the only one of his kind. These individuals break Shias and incite sectarianism, that is major sign of them being hypocrites.
  6. so, you are saying that today there are no danger of fitnah brewers among Sunnis and Shias ? While I am finding danger in this very thread and discussion. We are not living in Jannah right now brother. So, there aren't tyrannts right now ? why there are then divisions ? lolz what are you saying brother just think about it.
  7. If you believe in Taqayyah is truth and valid as taught by Imams ? why not acting on it ?
  8. @Sayyed_Splinter In Taqqayah, where is the condition that you only have to save your own life and you cannot do it for saving other's lives ? So, you want that let Sunnis and Shias kill each other but you won't stop being cause of their death ?
  9. What has prevented you from such Taqqayah and brewing hatred among Muslims and bring about death of both sides of innocent Muslims ? Seems that you disagree with Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) and disobeying him.
  10. Just one question to you brother, Was not Hazrat Hazqeel (عليه السلام) among the cabinet of Firoun ? But, he helped Hazrat Moses (عليه السلام) from behind, in case that there be not fitnah, so will you call that divinely appointed Prophet not cursing openly as weakness and you are more correct than him ?
  11. Yeah, absolutely right sister, I made this thread just to show how great is the wisdom of those great men. Just yesterday I proved a Brother that abusing someone else would bring fitna and he agreed to that by saying that "he would not promote insulting someone" as he thought in the back of mind "if he insult, someone will insult his beloved Alim".....That is what Ayotullah Khamenei and other revered Mujtahids said about those who insult the belief of those with whom we do not agree....and follow the strategy of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) to point out their wrongs rather than fitnah. This is was only the reason I made this thread to imply towards such thing. And about Wahadatul Wujud.......people have listened to one set of interpretation that is that of Kabalah, jewish mysticism while it does not have only single interpretation of it. Those who say they are certain it has only one interpretation, cannot prove that it has only that interpretation and none other because they are not infallible.
  12. yes just like that I love that
  13. Hon main jism, ya hon main ruh, hon main soch, ya hon main khayal, jisko na mila jawab, raha usko yeh malal, Hon main izn-e-rabbi, kun ki main hon sada, Nishani hon Khuda ki, Sabaq hon main lawzawal, Ya tu hon sabab-e-Rashak, Ya tu hon main Nishan-e-Zawal, Ayan ho jis say Haq ki marifat, Khalq hon main woh beymisal.
  14. I don't like one think about females that they use age of heaven in the world on internet, while we men are aging fast, they are just not aging beyong 19 years.
  15. disagreed! disagree! disagreed! I would suggest a fleeing emoji
  16. I must choose a better word that is "unique". Both are unique in the manner that both have rights according to their capacity and ability but this does not constitute one's supremacy over other. When I say they are equal, I mean that Allah (عزّ وجلّ) give both genders rights equal according to their unique structure and abilities such that one's prohibition is for his/her safety and other's duty and not excellence. For example: - A wife cannot leave house without a husband's permission not because he is bought her, but because he is responsible for her security and Allah (عزّ وجلّ) made him guard of her without pay. However, wife shouldn't think he is worldly guard but a guard appointed by divine law so she should respect him as if she is going along a royal guard appointed by mighty King of the kings. So equal rights mean Allah (عزّ وجلّ) never abandoned one's right for other. Both men and women are His creation and He (عزّ وجلّ) loves them equal. A wife has right to question your judgement as you have right to make judgement and you have to take her advice in case she is right. But, if she is wrong islamicaly, socialy and rationally, power to make decision is in your hand as you are guard of your family.
  17. True brother, but a man is subject to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) regarding his wife. And, she always have right to challenge the judgement of her husband, if she thinks he is wrong and like a woman is subject to her husband's wishes, a husband is subject to her wellbeing and wishes if they are just such as mentioned in Qur'an:"If you marry another woman, do not leave the first as if she is stuck in the air". You have rights over her only if you fulfil her rights over you. And same for wives.
  18. I love you brother @AkhiraisReal I miss me teenage
  19. It is not haram to talk to a female if your intentions are not bad. Ulema prevent chat in case a male and female falls into haram things. Talking may be for variety of reasons: knowledge, advice or motivation. If you fear that you are going to fall in haram things, don't talk but if you are sure that there is no harm then its its not haram. Haram is for harm.
  20. @aaaz1618 I once left my hair for two months but later my mom just didn't let me.
  21. I see, male has one excessive right over wife that is to pronounce divorce as said by ulemas in the commentary of verse that men have rights over you as taught by Ahlebait (عليه السلام)
  22. Me too and I miss my strong feeling of love for my Imam, I don't know if my love is acceptable to my Ahlebait (عليه السلام)!!!!!
  23. @Soldiers and Saffron I want to learn your view due to which you disagreed.
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