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  1. I died thousand times each time Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) saved me.

  2. My Rab! For the sake of Hazrat Ayub (عليه السلام), help me to recover from this illness. I caused myself a great misery but I had no other choice for I do not have knowledge of the secrets but my calculations. I tried to protect everyone by relinquishing my own desires so look at my sincerity and heal me for the sake of Patience of Syeda Zahra (عليه السلام) which she endured with broken ribs. 

    1. Ansar Shiat Ali

      Ansar Shiat Ali

      O Allah cure him from his illness! 

  3. Ya Rab! Whenever we get something without an effort, we forget its importance but when we lose it, we remember what we have missed. This happens because of pride and which lead us to look down upon it. I have been a convict of you, for not respecting your love and attention towards me and have led Shaitan to poise my ears, thus, preventing me to respect you which lies in worship. I am lazy worshipper but I have not ruled out your importance for me, and have not ruled out the fact that you deserve every praise and humility and submission but the issue is "who is gonna make me realise, how shall you be thanked?" I know that you are not in need of my thanks but I'm in need of your attention, and the problem is you don't pay attention to who is not sincere. Thus, first rule to sincerity for the beggar is to thank the benefactor. So make me humble towards you by reminding me all the beneficience you showed towards me, and make me humble to yourself more than my self and my parents  for if If I do not learn the way, I'm doomed. Teach me your right over me and do not caste me away because of my sins.

  4. Duniya and Akhira are opposite to each other:

    1. This is mortal, Akhira is immortal;

    2. Sane called by this world, is idiot in next;

    3. Idiot called in this world, will be sane in next;

    4. Sultans of this world, are faqeer in next;

    5. Faqeer in this world, are sultan in next.

  5. My Lord, you heard it, save me and my future.

  6. My master, my Rab! You have heard my prayers and teaching me religion now I have a next request for you to accept that is to make me loyal towards you and your servant and make me to obey your commands and commands of your chosen ones as you desire for a Momin. Accept my prayers for the sake of Ahlebait (عليه السلام).

  7. Meri wafadarian uss k liye hai jis ney mujhe sab kuch diya hai aur jo merey sab kuch ka asal waris hai.

  8. On my mind is remembrance of my beloved ones those divine and those who cared for me.

  9. Parwardigar main buhut kamzor hon Ahlebait (عليه السلام) k vastey mujhe kabhi tanha na chorna tu janta hai mera koi terey siwa nahin hai, tu hi hai jis ne meri ankhein kholi ab enko shirk say band kar de aur apni azmaton ki taraf mabzool kar de. 

  10. The fear of your being supreme has locked my tongue, mind, eyes and ears. Your might has paralyzed means to sins. I think not for the fear, I do injustice, I say not for the fear I transgress my limit, I hear not for the fear I be one among sinners, i see not for the fear you ignore me. Perhaps that's what the great ones feared about. 

  11. Three qualities of an Alim are similar to Camel, he stores knowledge in his brain like camel stores food in his hump; he recognizes the source of knowledge like Camel recognizes source of water and he his feet never sinks into desert of infidelity like feet of camel never slips into desert.

  12. Sometimes, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) delays his mercy to establish evidence against believers and unbelievers as to who remained patient and good-doer.

  13. Imam Hussain's martydrom is a seal upon the truthfulness of Islam.

  14. Imam-e-Zamana (عليه السلام) corrects his disciples but their eyes don't see him, he is blessing of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) praise be to Him who waters the barren land, while thinkers think it cannot be fertile again.

  15. Faces loved by Allah (عزّ وجلّ) are so beautiful.

  16. Some saints prohibted themselves from walking often in streets because attitude of people hurt them often.

    1. Flying_Eagle


      They sin which they don't want to see.

  17. what is meant by pennywise dancing clown ?:worried:

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    2. Flying_Eagle


      Between Ecstasy and Extremism lies Iman.

    3. Flying_Eagle


      I get it now, I have only clicked one subject that is why I was missing all the threads! Very intelligent of me.

    4. Flying_Eagle


      Hussain aur Ali nikaltey hain, har dam har aah say,

      Ab ho hasil unki muhabbat, yehi dua hai parwardigar say.

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