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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Qur'an says that do not visit people in afternoon and at night during time of rest because it may be they are having rest. This probably implies that a person might be resting without his shirt on. However, the morals teach us alot. A Muslim may feel shame even because of Allah's name in mobile attribute to man. And, therefore, such shame prevents him from sleeping with only undergarment on. You can sleep without shirt but shouldn't sleep just with lower body undergarment, wear a soft trouser and sleep.
  2. He is Zaydi syed not Zaidi follower.
  3. Well, that's valid point from your side. But war is not for females except where there is hardly any male alive.
  4. Duroord for the happiness of Imam Ali Naqi (عليه السلام).
  5. Saddle refers to fast moving vehicles that are also used in wars, because if it would have been haram for women to ride anything, they would not have rode Camels. So, here it probably applies for women not to ride sports cars, tanks, jet fighters to compete with men. Women and men cannot compete with each other in their specialized fields.
  6. Bro, first tell us whether you prefer to get rid of your skin and flesh so that your skeleton should get some air must be feeling suffocated for being overburdened by skin and flesh. Note: - This is for joke.
  7. It's better to get it removed. Wear pendants and rings in the third finger of right hand whether of Aqeeq with ayat or holy names etched which ever you prefer.
  8. Why don't you remove those tattoos and wear religious pendants instead ? How you go into toilet with tattoos associated to religion? Is not it insulting to take things to place where there is impurities?
  9. In Qur'an it's written: "it does not behoove a man that Allah should speak to them except through inspiration or from behind the veil or by sending the messenger to reveal". It can be through inspiration or by helper or through angel which Prophet Moses could see only.
  10. @Sinful_Loser It is very tragic that we don’t have the books to address the issues after puberty to the children and to teach them what to do. Here are some things which I think you should do: 1.I think you might be in between 20s to 30s, masturbation is a highly disgusting act. It also brings laziness, lethargy and disappointment. Its therefore adviced that find some activities and do not leave your brain alone. Read books, play outdoor games or learn some skill in free time. If it's possible, get married because in initial puberty years this is urge is like a monster as observed from all cases. But if you cannot then find activities for you and remember that Allah says: "If you be patient, then it's good for you", and know that the right of your body upon you, is not to destroy it but protect it. If you cannot control your body and protect it, you won't be able to protect your dear ones. 2. You can control your eyes by saying to your heart that its haram for my eyes to think bad about children of Prophet Adam (عليه السلام). And, remember that what you watch may be a mother of a child or future mother of human or sister of a brother. Remind yourself that what if a child or brother see you looking at a woman with bad eyes and what image will it make of you in that child's or brother's eyes. 3. Be leader of your wishes rather than being their slave. They humiliate if you be their slave.
  11. Societies have always been like that. It's because of this that Prophet (PBUHHP) said: "O! Ali, If I were not afraid of people's perversion, I would have told your such merits which is unknown to them". There are always two groups transgressors and bigots. If you leave path because of them, then you have lost to them.
  12. Is one who is not aware of numbers could find mathematics to be interesting ? When you think over purpose of something, you will find its use but if you don’t then ignorance becomes the priority.
  13. Well, I think you and I agree that Hazrat Abu bakar sat on pulpit of Caliphood and Surah Baqarah says that criteria of vicegerent of caliph before Allah (عزّ وجلّ) are: "Knowledge and Courage". Hazrat Abu bakar himself said in your accounts, if I do mistake then correct me in and hence testified, he required nation to guide him and lacking knowledge but Imam Ali (عليه السلام) never said such thing. So, we agree who should have been a caliph. But you give yourself a plea that it never happened, while you know it's not true. That's your choice not mine. Adios brother
  14. Every historical account has two points: 1. Events which do not require interpretation for they do not lie and through it you reach to truth. 2. The historian's own interest depicted through his personal opinion which can be termed as interpretation due to his personal inclination towards a belief. You can deny that second one but you cannot deny the first. The fact that Fadak was snatched by first Caliph and that he was wrong about it, cannot be denied by history because it is verified that Hazrat Fatima had custody of Fadak from Prophet (PBUHHP), and first Caliph took it away without any evidence. The law demands that if someone had custody of something, and you want to take it away, you give evidence against the defendant. In other words, first caliph not only falsified the Prophet but also blasphemed Hazrat Fatima (عليه السلام) that she is telling lie and by passed all the rules of law to bring an evidence against the defendant. It's well documented event. Now, if one tries to defend first Caliph by his interpretation then all events aforementioned say otherwise, and he is doing it because of your inclination to give a plea to himself that your belief is right but events testify against his belief.
  15. History isn't about interpretations, it's about accounts. What I know that both Sunni and Shia accounts, agree to Shia stand. Aqaid and Kalam are also easily verified through history, Qur'an and Hadith. However, fiqh have interpretations due one issues being reported differently. That's my opinion.
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