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  1. Well, if you don't say then, it's alright. I thought that you believe that when we say "Ya Ali Madad", we believe "Ali as deity" that's not the case we say it with intention of "intercession". Well, you win here. But I wasn't wrong that they said it with the intention that Prophet may make dua to console their hearts, so either way taking names as intercession is not wrong. I hope we agree now. There is no need to fight. I think.
  2. With intent ever the punishment of murder changes sideways. That's why Prophet says actions depends on intents.
  3. Well, considering that you don't need an intercession, is an ungrateful and arrogant act. Relevance is that "You assumed saying Ya Ali Madad is irrelevant because whoever says it makes him equal to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) God-forbid!" But you made an analogy while we say "Ya Ali Madad like Sahaba said "Wa Muhammada" both are cries in agony or stress and both mean that they pray for our ease for which Quran allows. So, you thought you know our intent but you are wrong brother. I corrected you.
  4. Well, you are arrogant brother, I won't console your heart by saying you lie. Since you think that you know Niyah of the people when they say ya Ali Madad, while Allah says the secrets of heart are known to me. Sidelining importance of intercession without which you never know Islam. I didn't say God doesn't listen prayer of an ordinary person when he solely calls upon him. But God definitely distaste one who tries to say he knows what people have in heart and don't call by intercession.
  5. Am I hating? I am giving you food for thought. Besides, some extremely handsome pious men did hide themselves. Hazrat Yusuf (عليه السلام) for instance in prison and Hazrat Musa Burqiya, one of beautiful brother of our Imams concealed his face.
  6. The problem is you come up with issues with "Ya Ali Madad", then blame me to choose this or that! Amazing answer. The words of Aimah are more beautiful but saying dua with different words not opposed by Islam and with good intention is acceptable. I choose both if I dont remember dua of a prophet or by Imam.
  7. All things such as even nails and hair. This also applies to the fact that if we have excessive wealth, we must give due portions to our brothers, and it will cut our greed like we cut bad nails.
  8. It is misinterpreted. The reason of it are as follows: 1. Word "Zarabo" means divide into two besides striking. So, it means separation and break the unity made through marriage. 2. If it means to beat wife, did Prophet beat any of his wife? Since Qur'an's interpretation is proved through hadith. Since, prophet never beat his any wife but believed in divorce. So, it's meaning is divorce not beating.
  9. If men were sensitive and less stronger than woman and their mostaches and beard had Pearls to attract woman so much that they can't resist temptations. Men would have surely worn hijabs with niqabs.
  10. 1. The one purpose which I think for the occurrence of life less rocks is that on the day of judgement, there will be trillions and trillions of humans and animals, earth will be very small for all of them. So, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) will recreate the earth having capacity for all his creation for accountability. 2. They are smart. Some of them are sweepers such as insects and crows, some eat insects in fields, some are source of food and some are source of recreation such as horses. Everyone of them teaches us wisdom in their own way. 3. Plants gives us oxygen, source of medicine and food such as fruits and honey. Some give us fragrance and protect us from losing balance of our brain through fragrance. 4. Diseases and viruses teach us two things: Be thankful for a healthy life and eradication of sins. 5. Through this God shows us sometimes we lose something but it's for good. So, accept your losses, they will benefit you someday.
  11. Imam al-Baqir (‘a) and Imam al-Sadiq (‘a) were asked about the permissibility of praying optional prayers in congregation during the nights of Ramadan. They both narrated a tradition of the Prophet (s) where he said: • “Verily, the offering of nafila (recommended prayers) in congregation during the nights of Ramadan is an innovation… O people! do not say nafila prayers of Ramadan in congregation…. Without doubt, performing a minor act of worship which is according to the sunna is better than performing a major act of worship which is an innovation.” This is about Tarawih. And, about Tawasul whom you deny, there is mention of it in Quran. And verses of Quran says seek the most pious among you to pray for you. Which is both agreed by Sahaba, Imams and Quran. There is no where in Quran or in Ahadith that Imams stops you to say Ya Ali Madad with the Niyah of intercession. So, I consider your remarks to be invalid with regards to Quran and Sunnah. They did not stop you from saying Ya Ali Madad or Ya Muhammad Madad, did they? Or did they say that prayers have fixed words. Show me where they say it? A dua has only one condition that is intent, it's not like salah that you can only say in Arabic not in urdu or add your complaints and ask for solutions. You can check Quran and hadith about that. So, you mean you are not indebted to Ibrahim (عليه السلام), for their sincerity and devotion for which even Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wants them to be commemorated through Hajj. Allah (عزّ وجلّ) reminds you Ibrahim (عليه السلام) to take help from his lessons and you say I don't know, I dont know. At least be thankful to Hazrat Ibrahim's good traits who is teaching you how to be patient. Did not Prophet (PBUHHP) said to Hazrat Abu Bakar: "Zikr of Ali is ibadah". And, you are feeling strange if someone says Ya Ali Madad. While intercession is openly mentioned and you can under the direction of Quran ask Imam Ali's Madad to pray for you like children of Yaqoob asked their help for prayer. Even after these things, you have issue then perhaps we belong to two different schools of thought. You keep hiding behind the veil of Ahlebait, I keep saying what Quran says. Wasallam
  12. You do Hajj which is Tawassul of Ibrahim, but you say Allah dislikes if someone says Ya Ibrahim Madad. Make dua bro and say to Allah, I dislike cirmumbulating kaba, it's like saying Ya Ibrahim Madad. You are in tawassul everytime, Quran is given by means of Muhammad deny it. Imam Ali's narrations on jurisprudence and judicial and political narrations are tawassul. Deny them, make you own Deen and seek Allah directly if you are so sure about your piety.
  13. I'm not doing things differently that's your misunderstanding. I already gave you plenty of evidence, just bring one hadith which says Sahaba who took name "Wa Muhammada" so that Prophet Mubammad ask Allah to reduce their grief and console them-is wrong, I will gradually accept your point. But if you can't, and know that intercession is part of our religion and that Prophet and Aimah are Shaheed and you call them as a living person, you show back to these verses then please. Don't give twist and turns and come back with same argument. Quran does not limit intercession to Prophet till he is alive show me any verse which says don't go to Prophet after death and seek wasilah. You seek wasilah of stones of Hazrat Ibrahim but disregard prophets. How wonderful of you. Why do Sae and tawaf? Of stone made buildings and kiss Hajr-e-Aswad just deny it. And, God will show you respect when you die. Know that to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) Ibrahim's sincerity is more previous then Kaaba. So, God will show you respect while you accept intercession of Kaba but not those who protected it.
  14. Well, as I already told you. Dua is not limited to one method but conditions are limited. So, if you do not patience like our Imams to make a dua as they did such that in their duas whole nights were passed, even then God accepts your little duas. Allah (عزّ وجلّ) built them on His love and we have our Nafs that tires us. So, if you cannot recite dua-e-Kumail, every five prayers then even one sentence is enough. But, intercession is also part of our Deen to whom these names refers to, and since one can take name of Prophet Muhammad in grief for he may intercede for them, name of every prophet or Aimah can be taken. Don't adopt way of shaitan bro, I'm superior, I talk to boss directly. Boss listens to intercession. Don't call Ya Muhammad Adrikni on Judgement day but say to Allah (عزّ وجلّ), may I talk to you directly about which Allah says:"Allah will not speak to sinners on judgement day". So, if you pure as Prophet Muhammad bro then you can do anything. I'm a sinner and I seek intercession as directed by Allah.
  15. Brother, no where in Quran Allah says don't pray in Farsi, urdu or other languages but teaches the conditions of prayers. So, this is illogical point.
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