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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. From the beginning to the end revelation you took from the Prophet’s tongue as he’d recite, and with the words of guiding light, from the book preserved of corrupting hands and malevolent lies - its personification you did become. Striking the heart with your words, so wise, not a mountain could withstand the eloquence which shakes even its subducting plates. To this day not much has changed, save the few who like yesterday stood with you in troubles way. Once again the sword will extend and with the poison of hypocrisy that the blood of those who claim your love carry; they’ll strike aga
  2. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته It would depend on whether this fleeing was for a legitimate cause or not, i.e her family not allowing her to marry whatsoever, extreme abuse, etc. She could then have a scholar of the community she’s flees to have her married in place of the guardian. I completely understand, I gave that example because we (Zaidis) believe that mutah has been abrogated and we have traditions from Imam Ali and the sons of Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein indicating that this act has been forbidden at khaybar, and to persist in it would undoubtedly be Zina. There’
  3. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته It tends to get narrower and narrower Akhi, in respect to such an exceptional circumstance one would have to first worry about migrating to a country in which marriage is not so difficult and the only option is to commit Zina, respectively. When the angels seize the souls of those who have wronged themselves—scolding them, “What do you think you were doing?” They will reply, “We were oppressed in the land.” The Angels will respond, “Was Allah’s earth not spacious enough for you to emigrate?” It is they who will have Hell as their home— what an evil d
  4. In which proof for this “marriage” would be inquired about.
  5. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته But if any of you cannot afford to marry a free believing woman, then ˹let him marry˺ a believing bondwoman possessed by one of you. Allah knows best ˹the state of˺ your faith ˹and theirs˺. You are from one another.1 So marry them with the permission of their owners,2 giving them their dowry in fairness, if they are chaste, neither promiscuous nor having secret affairs. If they commit indecency after marriage, they receive half the punishment of free women.3 This is for those of you who fear falling into sin. But if you are patient, it is better for you. A
  6. No guardian and no witnesses, what would happen if a group of people were to accuse them of Zina?
  7. Refutations to what exactly? They wouldn’t disagree with any of the points that I made. This is turning into a red-herring, as the bulk of my response wasn’t addressing them. I also didn’t pass judgement on them, rather I said it is of everyone’s interest - those wanting to know about Zaidism - to start off with the foundation, such as reading the Clear Exposition which is a wonderful start!
  8. It will be sorted out, as soon as their clear on what exactly their teachings are. The onus is on them to first provide evidence for their claims and come to the traditional scholars and substantiate their grounds, not on us to police every clique/group that rises. Their school isn't a century old, think of it in contrast to Mulla Sadra in his time. Based on what I have seen they are fundamentally Zaydis, perhaps professing different perspectives here and there - which are unclear and will be addressed by those knowledgeable, when it comes to the legitimacy of said beliefs.
  9. This is incorrect, there are no Batris or Jarudis, they're extinct. Our Imams never adopted the views of Ziyad ibn al-mundhir and his companions. The majority of the Zaidiyyah follow the school of Al-Imam Al-Hadi i'lil al-haq [Yahya ibn Al-Hussein ibn Al-Qassim ibn Ibrahim ibn Ismael ibn Ibrahim ibn Al-Hassan (Al-muthana) ibn Al-Hassan (Al-Mujtaba) ibn Ali ibn Abi talib ((عليه السلام))]. However, this is certainly not like the broken groups we see in the history of the twelvers where we see the Akhbaris, the Usoolis, the Sheikhis, the Rasulis, etc. Those who follow the (fiqh) of Al-Imam Al-Qas
  10. The roads are many and the peak is one, each valley looking with a tantalizing glare, to conquer the sharp look and enter deep within - a sign of bravery and the test of strength. The feet traverse and suddenly slip. Hanging from the steepest cliff, all that's left is to simply let go, The shell that’s been carried for too long - at last will break. Without a cover to hide within, all that’s feeble will be exposed, against all measures shed and peeled, at the essence one must arrive. Three metamorphoses is what’s been described. To reac
  11. It means a great deal coming from you ❤️
  12. May Allah bless and reward you all Akhi, I am at your service, it is true that there is a scarcity of work in English, but an ocean of work in Arabic. I pray that I can help in bridging that gap so please brother @Abu Hadi and whoever is interested do not hesitate in asking anything at all, if I cannot answer I will make to it that I find a clear and coherent answer in English. My goal Insha'Allah is to be able to - with the help of brothers like @Ali bin Hussein - elucidate the Zaidi beliefs and in doing so benefit everyone and open a healthy ground for discussion/dialogue.
  13. Walaykom Alsalam Akhi, may Allah bless you. I am at your service Insha'Allah. That is exactly it! Mashallah, Zaidi Imamate is initially that, a common misconception is that we see our Imams after the infallibles as those who are up to par to them and this is not it, for example when Imam Khomeini did his uprising one of our scholars deliberately referred to him as 'Imam' because that is essentially what it is. A Marj3 level scholar (with Fatimi lineage) calling to himself, or doing an uprising.
  14. We don't stop at Imam Hussein, this is again a misunderstanding. We do not believe that Imammate stops, unlike our twelver brothers who believe that Imammate stops at the 12th Imam. We believe that anyone from the sons of Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein can be an Imam if he is a male, scholar, known for justice, virtue, and piety, and a Sayyid (descendant of Al-Hussein) or Shareef (descendant of Al-Hassan) a person with these qualities can be an Imam if they call the people to themselves for Jihad against an unjust/corrupt ruler. The reason why a person needs to at least call to themselves is by virt
  15. Salam Akhi I also was sort of upset when I saw the lack of emphasis on irfan, but in reality I saw that Zaidism was ripe with practicality and logic. It did not rely on the type of irfan that was philosophical wordplay and poetic prose, instead it was that pushes you towards the Quran and encourages you to derive from this great book the true understanding of irfan, having that ethereal relationship with Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) who knows all that we say, think, feel in our innermost chambers of secrecy. The irfan of Imam Al-Sajjad through his supplications, the irfan of Im
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