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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was wondering if someone could provide insight on this supposed execution that occurred within Iran and how it was justifiable. Imam Tawhidi has their images on his twitter pages and seems to have taken their deaths as an opportunity to push his narrative against Iran. https://iranwire.com/en/special-features/7231 @Ashvazdanghe
  2. Me conceal carrying a gun in case a criminal decides to endanger the lives of innocent civilians or keeping a gun stored in my home in case a burglar wishes to invade the sanctity of my household is considered an obsolete matter?
  3. Beautifully said brother, may we seek to be more tactful and critical in our assessments.
  4. WS, brother I highly advise seeking to overcome this addiction I know it is difficult, but time and time again it’s been shown that even marriage has failed in satiating the inclination to fornicate with one’s hand when it comes to individuals that have been addicted. This can be a great moment for you to grow as a person by building mental toughness and resilience, through controlling your human inclinations. Since you are seventy days down the line I think you’re doing great! However, since you still perceive the temptation to engage in such an act present you are yet to beat the addiction. I recommend watching NoPMO/FAP videos, researching the benefits of semen retention for motivation, implementing stoic philosophy to combating this disease and above all be master over your mind. Your brain is currently rebooting itself, due to the intense and unnatural dopamine spikes it has been going through and it is most likely still healing since the act has been going on for years so be patient. I highly recommend disengaging from social media as much as you can because there are undoubtedly videos that can trigger you and there is no need to continue using such avenues. Deactivate from social media until you are certain that when the threat presents itself you will maintain a tenacious grip and you won’t fall into the trap of looking and looking until you fail. And as for marrying Mutah I highly discourage doing it with an older woman, and that is my personal opinion. I believe that although it is Halal there are still many repercussions that may follow, especially certain aspects of maturity that may differ and really an unhealthy relationship so to speak. People who come together solely for sex with such differing ages aren't very healthy individuals mentally in my opinion, and should instead work on themselves more and go beyond their addictions and temptations. It would be great if after working on yourself and beating your addiction which is a priority, marriage will not beat your addiction you will beat your addiction with the help of Allah. Marriage will act as a shield for you. Inshallah once you have reached a healthy mental state and still seek to pursue the avenue of a temporary marriage, not because you want to devour a woman sexually, but for the reason and purpose of building a halal bond with another human being, I would recommend entering a mutah relationship with a sister who is near your age and maturity. You need to seek growth not complacency.
  5. Thank you for your valued input sister and I hope that everyone can forgive me for opening such a sensitive topic, it’s just that I’ve been labeled a misogynist for even stating that there should be some decorum when it comes to addressing these matters. May Allah bless you inshallah.
  6. Oftentimes I have stumbled upon social media posts that seek to glamorize the monthly process of menstruation that woman go through and in a way taking pride of this cycle, which advances their reproductive abilities. An example is a post I recently saw where a hijabi influencer was describing through one of her social media posts the correlation her menstrual cycles have with the phases of the moon and she went on further to describe the type of menstrual pads she uses, stating that she preferred to use those which are biodegrade-able and eco-friendly, so after she is done using them she can dispose of them within the ground and fuse her naturally occurring cycle which correlated with the phases of the moon within the earth — along those lines. Now I do believe that woman throughout history have been shamed and ridiculed by a biological trait which is God given and should without a doubt hold no shame, however, the matter of modesty remains to this day a topic of controversy. I must say that I find the post of the hijabi influencer very distasteful, as in my opinion it lacked modesty. I respect an academic approach to this matter when it comes to for example topics which address the issues our sisters may perhaps face during Ramadan when fasting, however, being that descriptive over a sensitive organ and the type of pads you use publicly was a bit unpalatable and in my opinion immodest. I think that such posts should be shared in a private chat or post between sisters when menstrual discussions or posts become a bit personal. Another example is I have experienced firsthand that certain sisters I have talked to have become very open in saying that they are on their period. Now I grew up in a Iraqi household and the majority of my teenage years I was raised in Iraq. I must say that I as an individual do not want to make my own assumptions and conclusions over my own whims and desires, however, within my culture it is very immodest to speak about one’s own private organs so openly, unless done through an academic manner in the correct setting. Women in our household to this day even in Ramadan, tend to hide the fact that they’re on their monthly cycle not out of fear of backlash, but a genuine sense of modesty. I am genuinely interested in what the Islamic opinion is about women who openly speak about their monthly cycles through social media posts or through talks with non-mahram men, is there a point where Islam requires censorship when it comes to these matters or is it all cultural? The reason I have made this post is because I don’t want to allow my own ideas of modesty and etiquette be the judge of what I perceive to be a right and wrong way to discuss or share certain matters, rather I seek to see what Islam has to say.
  7. I recommend looking into Stoicism and developing a habit of mental toughness and gratitude.
  8. Looks like subpar indoctrination under the guise of supplication.
  9. @Gaius I. Caesar, @Abdul-Hadi My dear brothers thank you for your admonishing remarks and concerns, however, what I was merely stating is that the second amendment was established to protect the people against the rise of a dictator or totalitarian government. Simply reiterating one of its purposes without necessarily giving my view point on how one should address an oppressive state or dictatorship. A cause and effect scenario so to speak, we have seen a glimpse of this in the recent protests, especially when the protestors overtook Seattle.
  10. Identity politics can only go so far and in the end it’s all about which ideology suits which faction the best, the white population is beginning to diminish and minorities are increasing and becoming the majority, however, this wouldn’t really make much of a difference in my opinion, because it will shift from a race struggle to a class struggle. Those in economically better demographics as opposed to those in more impoverished areas.
  11. I believe that the only viable method is to work with the Mexico in building their economy and strengthening the government in fighting the many drug cartels, gangs, and mafias. By doing so both countries will improve economically and immigration will be heavily reduced, due to the prosperity of Mexico. Above all else, as opportunistic the U.S may seem to be, on average people long for their native born countries. In order to improve the Mexican government and economy the U.S needs to fully cooperate with the Mexican government in providing support when it comes to cracking down on drugs and trafficking, as well as increasing trade and production between both nations. As for immigrants that are currently residing within the U.S illegally, or are continuing to come illegally, it’s best to first distinguish between the new and old immigrants, by giving opportunities for veteran immigrants to be nationalized, with certain prerequisite requirements, such as having a legal child in college or high school, etc This way even an illegal immigrant will have the motive to contribute positively to the U.S by raising a naturally born citizen who will gain an education with the U.S and contribute to American society, as for illegal immigrants who aren’t do not meet prerequisite requirements I believe that there should be certain penalties employed which heavily mitigate the likelihood of entering the U.S illegally. For example, an illegal immigrant who has committed a crime should serve the maximum sentence of that crime within a certain correctional facility, however, the main focus of that facility is to not only rehabilitate the individual, but also prime them to be better contributors to their own respective society. As for those who have been discovered by either a tip or traffic stop, should either enter a developmental course through the profession they seek to learn and sent to certain corporations within their own country, and after being identified if the person return back illegally to the U.S a much stricter and harsher punishment should follow. But in the end every penalty should help serve both nations economically, with heavy consideration of their rights not being violated or exploited as we see with the corrupt prison systems. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and many areas that need to be covered of course. That is why if the U.S really wants to crackdown on illegal immigration it should also fix its affairs domestically when it comes to poverty and the prison, and then extend its hand towards Mexico.
  12. What do you think is a more viable solution?
  13. Thank you for your valued contribution sir, your proposition is that the best way to deal with border security and illegal immigration is to build a wall with those utilities? I must say that it sounds very impractical, as you would have many human rights activists stating such measures are very cruel and will undoubtedly lead to uproar domestically and internationally. I am seeking a pragmatic solution to a clear problem.
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