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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 300,000 Homeless in a 6.9 Million Population
  2. The nearby sea played a major factor in minimizing the catastrophe that could have been caused by the explosion.
  3. What has been said and shown is enough, I think the eight points I raised were very clear and consistent, now what’s left is to agree to disagree and wait for the issue to unravel - if it does.
  4. This is all the more reason why an Israeli attack makes more sense
  5. Of course there is no consensus, not everyone is going to stab Israel in the back like trump did. I believe the evidence is tantamount, I don’t know if you have seen the video I can DM it to you if you have Instagram, the moment the second missile strikes the explosion bursts. If the main argument is it’s questionable because trump said it, I don’t know what else to say. Also consider the eight points I raised earlier, there has been lots of tension and it would make all the more sense for Israel to attack instead of wait, and then create an outlet for Hezbollah under the guise of, “it was their fault”, however, their plans seem to have been foiled. It hasn’t even been a day!
  6. This is a near impossibility brother, do you really think the government or Hezbollah would store such destructive equipment in such a critical location? And if they were to do so then it wouldn't be handled by some ordinary people who don't know how to deal with such hazardous material. Drawing examples from the unfortunate plane shooting is like comparing apples and oranges, first of all I don't think the plane that was shot down was an accident, rather a treasonous act by one of the soldiers, and even if it was an accident this was during the night in the most tense times since the Iran-Iraq war. To reiterate the most critical points, 1. The U.S admitted it was a bomb 2. Experts said it was a bomb 3. War was seemingly inevitable, why not be the first to drop a bomb
  7. Points to consider in favor of this being an attack by Israel @iCenozoic @hasanhh 1. Israel has suffered a great embarrassment when their own soldiers fired at each other thinking they were Hezbollah fighters. 2. Iran/Hezbollah have threatened to attack Israel. 3. Israel prepared a heavy defense for a potential attack four days prior to striking Beirut today. 4. Donald Trump's input was critical and undermining what he said because of his claims towards COVID is inconsistent, because this is Israel's biggest ally saying that they did it, basically throwing them under the bus. A commentator for Israel stated that this was 'a stab in the back' 5. Is Hezbollah really that foolish to put such explosive material in one of the most important areas in the country, considering that any potential explosion would devastate the nation completely. 6. Israel presumed that the attack which was soon to come from Hezbollah would lead to war, therefore instead of sitting there and waiting for their response, they opted to attack a critical area in Lebanon which is not too fond of Hezbollah as well, to weaken the morale of the people and draw greater instability within the nation. 7. Israel has now offered its hand to the lebanese people after attacking them so as to present a way out from war to the battered country. 8. Scientific jargon has oftentimes been proven to be miscalculated, and experts have already stated that this explosion was the doing of a bomb similar to a mini-nuke
  8. It wasn’t a black bird, in the video you can see the missile descending and once it falls the explosion goes berserk
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