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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Both my parents share lineages to Imams, my mother is Al-Yasiri and my father is Al-Sharifi. I never really looked at any family tree and formally traced back my lineage, I believe I descend from the line of Imam Hussein ((عليه السلام).) Regardless of whether we share such lineages or not it is important to keep in mind that it is our God-consciousness that matters.
  2. I don't know why anybody is taking this Randle character seriously, he is undermining the severe sin of same-sex relations and the fact that it can lead to capital punishment under an Islamic system of governance. I recall a post of his on another lgbt related thread where he states: 'As such, for me homosexuality isn't really that big of a sin anymore. The more dogmatic religious people here, who believe in following the religion in it's original medieval form will disagree with me.' There is no use to even exchange remarks with this individual, homosexuality will always be a grave
  3. I am by no means a legal authority I would definitely consult a representative of a Marj3 (not saying you’re looking to get into such a relationship, just generally speaking) but yes that sounds about right. Civil marriages to my limited knowledge do not constitute a recognizable union between man and women, like the covenant made by us as Muslims under Allah not under a (secular) state.
  4. Walaykom Alsalam, I am interested in this great initiative, I hope to be able to contribute to the best of my ability and would love to be a part of the study group. JazakAllah
  5. اخي العزيز هاذا المثال هو بعيد عن صيغة الجملة الأولى و غير مطابقة معها. بالعكس هاذا المثال هو دليل على خطأ الجملة الأولى لان هنالك أشكال في المتن، انا لا اعلم لماذا أنت تنافي ذالك الشئ الواضح.
  6. One of the prerequisites of Mu'tah is that the woman you are marrying does not engage with sexual relations with anyone other then you, otherwise you cannot go through with the marriage. Therefore, if a kitabi woman is married it is highly unlikely to pursue a marriage with her theoretically for obvious reasons.
  7. مفهوم قصدك ولاكن أيضا خاطأ، هل لديك مثال من قصيدة شعرية حتى تتبين المسألة بوضوح، واعتذر على الإطالة ولاكناها فرصة ثمينة للتعلم و جزاك الله خيراً
  8. المشكلة في صيغة الجملة، احذف حرف ال "ل" من الجملة و ضيف "ء" في النهاية وتكون الكتابة صحيحة، ويجب وضع "من" قبل "اخطاء" استخدام غير هاذا النموذج خطأ العاقل من يتعلم من اخطاء الآخرون
  9. اخطاء تعني اكثر من خطأ واحد و الخطأ يعني خطأ واحد ولا اكثر صيغت الجملة هيه غير صحيحة، لان تشير إلى التعلم من اكثر من خطأ واحد لذالك - استخدام "خطأ" في هاذه الجملة هو خاطأ أنا لا ادقق في كتابات الآخرين، ولاكن أنت قلت بأنك حاصل على الدكتوراه في اللغة العربية و هاذا الخطأ الإملائي البصيط لا يناسب ذالك الإدعاء، مع احترامي
  10. كنت اعتقد الكتابة صحيحة (التي وضعتها انا) ولاكن حسب فهمي القاصر للعربية توقعت ان هنالك بعد اخر في المعنى الان تقل ان الكتابة الصحيحة هيه التي وضعتها انا ف ما بال تلك الجملة الأولى؟
  11. هل يوجد خطأ ‏إملائي؟ العاقل من يتعلم من اخطاء الآخرون ^ أليس كذالك الكتابة الصحيحة
  12. Much of this look to be out of your control, why exert so much unnecessary energy on an already unstable relationship? You can use such energy on more beneficial avenues, such as looking for a spouse that is more reasonable and agreeable with you and your circumstances.
  13. This sounds a bit far-fetched with respect to what the article mentions
  14. Salam, I stumbled on this interesting article and it states that: Origin of Humans Tusi believed that humans were derived from advanced animals. He wrote about the different transition forms between the human and animal world, saying: "Such humans [probably anthropoid apes] live in the Western Sudan and other distant corners of the world. They are close to animals by their habits, deeds and behavior." Tusi said that humans are related to all living and inanimate creatures of Nature: "The human has features that distinguish him from other creatures, but he has other features that
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