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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Looks great! The arrow in the hand, I assume is in reference to the water that Imam Abbas held and threw?
  2. You have a great passion sister, keep writing, I look forward to more of your work!
  3. Walaykom 'Asalam brother, are you looking for material that'll help you learn, or just in general?
  4. The Blood of a Martyr, The ink of a sacred pen, Divine writ in a series of hymns, A living spirit, Forever alive, A protective barrier for the kingdom of love - A repelling force against the evils of man. Nutrition to the soil, keep taking our lives. A burning core within the earth that seeks to burst, Kept patient by the blood that does not dry: The flames do not dare penetrate - The sanctity of a martyr’s blood. Slanderer is the one who says, The martyred no longer lives; More living than all of us, An eternal seat surely reserved, near the Everlasting One. From the beginning
  5. I think he is being considerate of the intellectual decline that came with post-modernism.
  6. I think it is because he is essentially trying to reach the younger audience, if he would use verbose terminology or critical philosophical argumentation, he would most likely lose the majority of his audience and in giving a moderate response to a dilemma everyone faces in their lives, he intended to place a source for them to propel themselves forward with.
  7. That's probably the worst thing you can say to him, or generally about that despicable action.
  8. Topic: Mutaa Religion: Sunni Islam
  9. I was going to give you a 'like' or 'completely agree' reaction, however, I find the matter to be debatable, considering the morally bankrupt things both have done.
  10. Walaykom Al-Salam, I would recommend just asking your questions here on the forum, the reason being is that you'll have a collective effort of sincere Muslims who will seek to answer your questions adequately and may even provide a multitude of reasons and explanations. You will also have a sort of safety net in the sense that any wrong response to your question would be quickly checked - most likely by a moderator or a member knowledgeable to what pertains to your inquiry - I can assure you that fiqhi (jurisprudential) matters are pretty straightforward and in reality you'll probably yearn fo
  11. Salam sister, I believe it will always be linked to a moral premise irrespective of the varying nuances at play. Therefore, to say I don't think it's the business of a secular government begs the question - the secular government gave you the tools to bar and shun this illegitimate institution that will be recognized as a representation of a society's collective moral code. Which means the only way one can rid themselves of being a part of their society's moral blunder is to shun this act - if they are legally able to do so - with (peaceful) protest, (peaceful) condemnation, and at least full
  12. The first issue I have with the author is that he is not building a credible case for me, he mentions hijr ibn 'adi's ((رضي الله عنه)) unburied body which was circulated over the internet after being dug up by extremists in Syria. The issue is that the man who was - still is - shown to supposedly be hijr is actually a victim of syrian airstrike/bomblast, and then goes to add more of his theories within the article, that right there is a major red flag and an indication of poor scholarship. I have scavenged the internet ever since that incident occurred and to this day I am yet to see an image
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