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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You can list as many quotes as you wish and perhaps add how such a quote has impacted you and what you were able to derive from it.
  2. I have come across varying narrations wherein the Ahlul Bayt are depicted as slave masters and individuals who had servants under them. I read a hadith the other day that says Imam Hassan ((عليه السلام)) had a servant who dropped a hot bowl of soup on our Imam. She was very scared because she thought that the Imam would be very angry and punish her. She immediately recited the verse: ''Those who control (their) anger: [3:134] Imam Hassan then smiled and said he was not angry. Then she recited the next part of the verse: ''And are forgiving towards people'' Imam Hassan said he had forgiven her. She then finished the verse ''Allah loves those who do good'' Imam Hassan told her she was free. 1. Why didn't Imam Hassan or other members of the Ahlul Bayt free their servants or slaves from the very beginning, why did they have servants who were kept against their will, since they couldn't leave without them needing to be freed. I understand that there are certain cases where our Imams have done that, but in this Hadith and many others it shows otherwise. 2. Its reasonable to say that any lover of the Ahlul Bayt would be honored to be a servant within the household of divine revelation, but in the end anything that encompasses compulsion is indeed non Islamic and immoral. Although one may say that even if such slaves or servants were freed they would with love and compassion remain duteous towards their beloved and our dearest beacons of light which they have been granted the greatest honor of servicing, the factor of it being compulsory for them to stay and serve whether they like it or not remains. And within that is the essence of my question, the compulsory factor of servitude, taking ones freedom of choice and service is a great oppression even if within it is mercy, compulsion spoils it. 3.I believe this Hadith and others to its similitude are more demeaning rather then uplifting to the essential depiction of our infalliable Imams. Under the guise of virtue and forgiveness it claims that the Imams were slave masters or those who kept servants under them, negating the humility and humbleness which indeed they were the embodiment of.
  3. Respected brothers and sisters if you had the opportunity to ask Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) any question whatsoever possessing any scientific, jurisprudential, ethical, moral significance what would you ask. it can be as many questions as you want and mainly those ones you truly wish to be answered, and no matter the caliber of the question the commander of the faithful will indeed have an answer. perhaps some of the brothers or sisters could also aid in answering any of those questions which you pose and if not those questions can allow us to furthermore ponder and postulate over their significance.
  4. I was wondering if marrying Mut’ah from Ahlul kitab was an act which was recommended or otherwise not, due to marriage being such a glorified and honorable union in the eyes of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) many people resort to Mut’ah due to various reasons be it to aid in abstaining from certain deviant acts such as self pleasure, or guarding oneself from falling into zina and what may otherwise pertain. however if one is able to not fall into sin without needing to resort to Mut’ah is it then an act which is recommended for those who have not reached the financial capability for an actual marriage or is it in turn better to abstain from it if one can do so while remaining zealous on the path of righteousness without fear of falling into sin.
  5. Respected brothers thank you so much for your responses and I will Inshallah take heed to all of them, but just to clarify when I said “angry” I don’t mean yelling or act in an abusive way whatsoever I guess it was a poor choice of words what I mean by angry is that I show my dismay at the act, either in just staying quiet or telling her that I disagree and explain in a calm and collected manner of course; I also explained to her that never once would I want her to change anything of herself for me but rather because it would be changing for what is better in which she wholeheartedly agreed. As for giving examples towards Mary I meant in a metaphorical way that such a divine lady cannot be imagined wearing such attire, but rather in that similar to modern day nuns. And for example the notion that I get that Mary in the Bible did wear a dress similar to our hijab is in 1 Corinthians 11:4-5 ESV Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. It shows that a form of head covering for the women is needed to be established when giving the prayer; so in turn I postulated the question that in all times as devout worshippers of God irrespective of what our faith may be, we all seek to be in a constant state of worship no matter what we are doing or we are. I explained to her the rationing of the idea of the hijab for she agrees that within the sanctity of the church it should be preserved, but that is only within as therein they pray and glorify God I told her that we must all seek to be in a constant state of worship be it within the church or out, although we may be doing things that we deem far away from praising God such as washing clothes, cleaning the dishes, or whatever daily activities one may occupy themselves with, that in itself can be a state of worship wherein ones intention when cleaning or washing is to gain cleanliness in order to gain nearness to God; therefore the head covering follows and is not subject to only the vicinity of the church for if one can apply the logic of being in a constant state and form of worship they may in turn be required to cast a veil over themselves not only within the church. *again dear brothers I highly appreciate your concern, but never did I once raise my voice at her, but what when I say angry I mean showing my dismay to an act but stating my counter argument towards it but I will certainly be much more patient and also try my best to be an exemplar of good morals so as to drive her towards the religion and not away and I will be sure to post any questions and concerns when they arise for without the help of Allah and such honorable people as yourselves I may not be able to guide myself and with the grace of God this young girl
  6. Salam respected brothers and sisters in Islam I earnestly plead that I may receive the advice of your respective personages, for your opinions and ideas will most evidently illuminate my heart and strengthen my mind in aiding this young girl in following the religion of the Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام)) the catholic girl is very receptive to any religious advice and conversations I have been having with her, but it is very difficult for me to convince her due to the nature of her family and culture (Mexican). She completely agrees with me in most of the topics that I have raised for her in regards to alcohol she is 100% on board with me as for nightclubs she will never enter such despicable places in her life, and as for modesty she has been improving gradually when it comes to clothing. Sometimes I can become a bit uneasy and show a form of anger if I see her dressing in a way that is not deemed modest, for example the other day I saw her wearing a shirt that showed her shoulders and although she agreed that she will cover up and not show her shoulders she couldn’t understand exactly why it was immodest if in her perception “they’re just shoulders”, or for example my dismay of her wearing ripped jeans which she agrees with, but doesn’t understand why I disagree with her wearing jeans that only have holes in the knee area, as she sees it quiet confusing why showing ones knees is immodest. Now the likes of me and other individuals of our faith and community understand completely the logic of these things but how can I explain to her a girl who lives in a very open society and culture that showing your shoulders, knees, and hair is not modest. In some cases that we do debate or converse in regards to religion if she finds that she does not have an answer or is left a bit perplexed she instantly reverts back to the notion that there must be an explanation to her certain belief or idea that she is arguing and in order to rebuttal my arguments she needs to look more which in a way is a portrayal of a form of cognitive dissonance. I know the difficulties that may surround her in regards to not only the vast cultural changes that she may need to undergo, but also taking into consideration the impact changing her religion or her lifestyle may perhaps be . I try my best to be understanding with her and not rush things or overwhelm her. My current methodology is that I am trying to first bring her closer to her own religion in order to not make it seem as if I am just forcing my own beliefs on her, For example in regards to modesty or what may otherwise pertain I give her examples of Mary the mother of Jesus as well as scriptural and textual evidences from the Bible in order to be a form of authority upon her to follow in which she complied completely after seeing such evidences in regards to certain clothing that she will not wear anymore. I believe that after I get her in tune with the essential primordial messages of our holy Prophet Esa ((عليه السلام)) and the pure fundamental messages that he brought forth through the undistorted portions of the Bible it will be a much easier transition when I begin to introduce Islamic doctrine and also provide a dichotomy between the two; And in the end she said that if I am able to truly prove to her that Jesus is not the son of God then she will accept Islam inshallah. It is a tumultuous wave that I am riding and I don’t think there is a very good chance of her reverting due to that essential clinging to culture and the reality that is already established with her in regards to her own personal outlook on life, but as Allah says in the Qur'an we cannot guide those whom we please, but rather Allah guides those whom he pleases, and I will hope to inshallah not only portray to her the best message I can of Islam but also tell her to sincerely pray for the truth for through that sincere prayer Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) can open and illuminate her heart towards the path of the Prophet and his holy progeny. Respected brothers and sisters I was hoping if you can perhaps give me advice in regards to my difficult situation as well as perhaps provide me with an argument that would be deemed fit to an individual who cannot conceptualize why showing ones shoulders, knees, and so on is immodest taking into consideration their cultural background and worldview understanding. There are so many factors that play when it comes to her conversion therefore I need to solidify her foundation so she becomes unwavering to the many strong winds or tumultuous waves that she will evidently encounter if she does decide to convert which I see as highly unlikely but in the end all we can do is provide the hujjat and hope for the best inshallah through the grace of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)
  7. Salam respected brothers and sisters, is it permissible for one to dance with their husband or wife. Dances such as the salsa or what may else pertain if there is no haram music or non mahram occupying the area.
  8. Salam respected brothers and sisters, as a Shia Muslim who currently resides in the west there are certain restaurants that provide food that accommodates the regulations in permissibility to consumption. Such restaurants are of other cultures such as Hispanic, Asian, and the list goes on; is it permissible to eat at such restaurants if one consumes only food which is permissible to eat of course; taking into consideration that such restaurants sell alcoholic beverages to those whom desire to consume such intoxicants in bottled or canned form.
  9. Salam, dear brothers and sisters in Islam I have recently contracted a temporary marriage with a girl from Ahlul-Kitab (Catholic) she is a virgin girl and I was seeking to inquire if the marriage contract that I have done with her is valid, I hope to not God forbid have this be an invalid contract in which would lead me to disobeying Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) the permission to "date" was granted ( I was told that would be considered عرف) I explained to the girl that there will be a fixed term and I chose one year and also for the dowry I said it was like a gift and instead of providing a specified gift I just gave $20 I am not sure if she remembers that the term was for one year but I did state it clearly to her through text and as for the oath I also explained what it meant in English on text and then in person I told her to repeat after me the words in Arabic in which she complied the words were a bit broken, but understandable. The father of the girl has passed therefore the permission to “date” was given by the mother the girl knows that this is a form of marriage contract in which I stated briefly would protect her rights and honor her If this is not a valid Mutah contract how may I make it as such (the more thorough and concise answer the better) And if this is a valid Mutah contract thank you for clearing my conscience may Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) grant you all the intercession of the Prophets holy progeny I really love this girl and I hope to one day marry her if she is guided to the path of the Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام)) she has shown great willingness to debate and discuss religion and has told me if she is shown the truth she would adhere to it therefore I am trying fervently by the grace of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to provide the evidences needed in substantiating Shia Islam and in rebuking any deviated beliefs posed by the Catholics and their traditions respectively Side note: the mother allows us to date and perhaps is knowledgeable over certain intimate acts that may occur in which are known to be evident between “dating teenagers” but by no means would accept or agree to any act of copulation and or most likely oral gratification and the use of the other partners hands to aid the other in reaching ecstatic relief would the use of such means of intimate acts between one another; other then the means of osculation be prohibited for the acts listed above such as oral gratification and the use of the other partners hands, aid in demolishing any deviated acts of self-gratification as the role of a Mutah contract does so evidently and respectfully through the protection of the rights of the female counterpart If this marriage is a valid one would such intimate acts be prohibited and would copulation be allowed or not We are both virgins I am 19 and she is 18 if such acts are prohibited how may I seek to make them permissible and in what way is it deemed fit to do so May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless you all and grant you all the intercession of the Ahlul Bayt thank you for reading and aiding this lost soul in maintaining his faith clinging on to the rope of Allah through the aid of such pious and forbearing lovers of the truth
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