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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks a lot guyz..... Feamannillah.
  2. (salam) I need a nauha of Hadrat Muslim Bin Aqeel(as). Please post the links. Feamannillah.
  3. (salam) Thanks a lot brother Ali. I was searching for Farhan Ali's noha "Yad aai na tumhein" but i couldnt get the full of it anywhere. And so i just half heartedly downloaded the link u had provided here and alhumdolillah it had the whole of it. May you live long. Ameen Iltemas-e-Dua, Feamannillah.
  4. (salam) I wouldnt go... out of saddness and respect. Last year one of our sunni family friends had a wedding in their family on the day of chehlum of Imam Hussain (as). They invited us too, even though they know that we r shia. My parents got really angry and ofcourse we didnt attend. Good thing is, when they asked my parents y they hadnt come, they frankly told them that it was Imam Hussain (as) 's chehlum. The reason they gave my parents was that they forgot that it was going to be chehlum that day...how ignorant! :dry: ...and then they call themselves good, practising muslims :huh: . Feamaannillah.
  5. (salam) Nadeem Sarwar'z----waqt-e-rukhsat baap ko, hum hongay kahein, neend aaey gi jab aap ki bou paoungi baba, maa bulati hay aa aey hussain(as), haey sughra(as) bata kia likhoun, mein yeh nahi kehty k amari mein bitha dou, jao k ab dair kero, musafiran-e-musibat, aah alamdar(as) haey alamdar(as), aao alam k saey mien aao, achi nahi yeh baat na roya kero bibi(as), sadat(as)-e-kerbala, kon qail tha, jo bhi masroof-e-salam-e-shuhada(as) rehta hai..........and a lot more. Others'----nok-e-nayza pay theherta nahi abbas(as) ka sir, rida la kay urha day, haey abbas(as) uthho, abbas(as) aey shair-e-nayastan-e-haider(as), qafila jaraha hai watan k liyeh, bazar kay manzer ko aur apnay khulay sir ko bholi nahi mein, mein panjoun pay chalti rahi baba, zainab(sa) nay ki yeh faryad nana....and ofcourse a lot more. Feamannillah.
  6. (salam) Can male and female friends promise each other to get married, like....after a couple of years?...(staying in the islamic limits till the nikah)....need an answer from a Marja'a. Feamannillah.
  7. (salam) Well i think having control over your nafs helps a lot in being successful. I'm talking about things like, at fajr when im in my warm bed, sleeping...i have to force my self out of it and pray. This can be called the mini jihad-e-nafs. (well..sometimes i do miss fajr :Hijabi: ). Feamannillah.
  8. G.A


    (salam) Imam Ali Naqi (as) :wub: (alhumdolillah)
  9. G.A

    Your Inspiration..

    (salam) I love reciting and listening to nauhas & my inspiration for this particular interest of mine is Nadeem Sarwar.
  10. G.A

    Your Inspiration..

    (salam) Thanks a lot for going into the depth of this matter and sharing your views. I got inspired by your firm faith in The Great Lord, Allah, mashaAllah. Feamannillah.
  11. (salam) InshaAllah i'll be reading nauhas this year :wub: . I read nauhas made by different nauhakhuwans :blush: , but i will inshaAllah make my own nauhas in future :angel: . In the first 4 dayz, i usually recite the nauhas of Imam Hussain(as)'z departure from madina. These are the nauhas i've palnned to recite inshaAllah, mein yeh nahi kehti k amari mein bitha dou, acha kia baba jo mujh ko bhula dia, salam nana k rozay salam ma k mazar, aah alamdar(as) haey alamdar(as), aao alam k saey mein aao, waqt-e-rukhsat baap ko baytay ka murh ker daikhna, jhoola tu nazer aaeyga asghar(as) na millay ga...and i'm looking forward to the new nauhas too, inshaAllah. Feamannillah.
  12. G.A

    Your Inspiration..

    (salam) Hope all hussainiez are doing good by the grace of Allah :wub: . My question is, has anyone ever inspired you ^_^ ? I mean someone because of whom your life totally changed. Someone who brought you out of the dark. Someone whose "thought" also gives you strength. If yes, who and how does that person inspire you? I request people not to comment on other's answers in a way that would hurt them :Hijabi: . Feamannillah.
  13. (bismillah) (salam) I want to know whether wearing tawiz and necklaces with lockets of ayat-al-kursi and nad-e-ali(as) etc have any real effects, like are we really safe from all kinds of evil if we wear them? I need proofs from ayaat or ahadith. Feamaannillah.
  14. (bismillah) (salam) I live in saudiarabia. The marajae websites dont open here. I am a muqallid of Ayatullah Ali Sistani. Q: Can we follow the saudi government for moon sighting announcements? OR should we follow the local reperesentatives of aur marajae Ayatullah Ali Sistani? Q: In the eastern area of saudiarabia, we have more than one representative of Ayatullah Ali Sistani, sometimes they announce different dates of moonsighting, whom should we follow? Q: Whom should we follow, the government, the 1st reperesentative or the 2nd representative?Because for 1st ramadan 1427, we have three dates now. Please confirm this from a marajae. Feamaannillah.
  15. (salam) Alhumdolillah i dont have the acne problem. Yeh i am a desi :)(from pak). I 'm against those fairness creamz too. Thanks a lot for your concerns. Feamaannillah.
  16. (bismillah) (salam) Till the age of ten, my colour was fair and i was not at all fat. But then when i reached maturity, my weight started to increase and my colour darkened. Now i'm almost 18, i've controlled my weight but my colour hasnt improved much! This is a problem which arrises due to hormonal changes at the age of maturity. Has this happened to any other sister?I need help. Is there anyway i can improve my colour? Feamaannillah!
  17. (bismillah) (salam) hey its sooo obvious! :huh: talib-e-dua.
  18. (salam) Yeah well thats what i've been thinking since i read the 6th book :( ...i guess v ~potter fanz~ will just have the new HP moviez to look forward to after the 7th book! I think harry will kill voldemort first and then by the end of the book harry will die too due to a fact he never thought of before killing voldemort! ( just guessin :Hijabi: ) and besides...rowling wouldnt want others to continue her harry potter series.... so surely, something really aweful & wierd has to happen, if not harry's death, at the end of the seventh book...if the continuation of these series is to be prevented! Lets just hope that the last Harry Potter book has a very happy ending..rowling said that two of her characters got their lives back(coz she rewrote some part of the book) while one main character will die...i dont even want to think about whoz gonna die :squeez: ...I'll really miss the Harry Potter world! :wub: :cry:
  19. (bismillah) (salam) If you are sure that you want to marry a particular person, you have the rights to know that individual. You can do that legally by chatting(writing) with that person. This is ofcourse a good & legal alternative if your intentions are just to know the person well before marriage, which from my point of view is not irrelevant. Let me know what you people think of this stand-in for dating. Feamaannillah.
  20. salaam, Yes the hormones do get in the way but i reckon one can control them. Our religion is a blessing & a true follower can definitley control the nafs. Males and females can be friends if they hold themselves with in the boundries of their religion. So my answer definitely is that this matter varies from person to person. I just wanted to know about the majority'z views. Feamaannillah.
  21. (bismillah) (salam) Can males and females be friends? Explain your answers... Feamaannillah.
  22. was this a joke? i know i'm not that bad at urdu..itz doob alright! :huh:
  23. (bismillah) Neyat - e - dost jo mehsoos hui tu aankhain Dard say behtay huey ansuon mein doob gaein :cry: I wrote this when a person who I thought had become my friend and a sort of a teacher...well...proposed me :dry: , and offcourse i didnt want that to happen! :angry: Now, I truly believe that poetry is deeply related to the inner emotions...feelings become wordz and come out in the form of poetry. Feamaannillah.
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