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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    ^ I agree, old nauhas had really difficult to understand poetry they were difficult to read too.....and i think this is one of the reasons why nadeem sarwar got so famous coz he came up with really easy to understand AND easy to read nauhas.
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    With all due respect, please dont post "hate mesasges" about the nauha khuwans here. I want this topic to be discussed very generally. Feamannillah!
  3. (salam) I want to carry out a sort of a survey about nauhas. I want every one to post in, -the improvements that you want in the nauhas that are released these days -the things about the nauhas these days that you dont like -the reasons why old nauhas were better -point out a few nauhas that you think are the best -anything new that could be included in the nauhas Feamannillah!
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    Printer Drivers

    Thanks a lot, Jazakallah!
  5. G.A

    Printer Drivers

    (salam) Does anyone know any website where i could find the driver for hp photosmart 7660. Feamannillah!
  6. (salam) I'm searching for this nauha: Uss waqt jab k zainab(sa) darbar mein gait hi Sari namazioun say mehfil saji hui thi Zalim yeh pochta tha ghazi tayra kahan hai Baloun say moun chupaey zainab yeh kehrahi thi Haey Abbas(as) Abbas(as) Abbas(as) Taqdeer k sataey teray dar pey sir jhukaey Nauhaoun ki iltijaen ghazi tumjey sunaey Bemar-e-karbala k zakhmoun ka wasta hai Jitney bhi khasta dil hein moula shifa wouh paein Haey Abbas(as) Abbas(as) Abbas(as) Feamannillah!
  7. (salam) meri Sakina(sa) iss terhan na rouna (nadeem sarwar 2007) yaad aai na tumhein Fatima Sughra(sa) baba(as) (farhan ali 2007) hum houngay kahein tum kahein jao gi Sakina(sa) (nadeem sarwar 2006) aey meray ghazi alamdar(as) rida la k urha day (irfan haider 2006) haey Sughra(sa) bata kia likhoun (nadeem sarwar 2006) nouk-e-nayza pay theherta nahin Abbas(as) ka sir (irfan haider 2005) Shabbir(as) ka zakir houn mein Shabbir(as) ka zakir (irfan haider 2004) achi nahi yeh baat na rouya kero bibi(sa) (nadeem sarwar 1999) haey sham ka bazar (nadeem sarwar (1994) aa daykh meray Ghazi(as) ouncha hai alam tayra (nadeem sarwar 1993) neend aey gi jab aap ki bou paoungi baba(as) (nadeem sarwar 2004) acha kia baba jou mujh ko bhula dia baba(as) (nadeem sarwar 2001) aah alamdar(as) haey alamdar(as) (nadeem sarwar 2000) aao alam k saey mein aao (nadeem sarwar 2000) khanjer qareeb zanou-e-qatil qareeb hai (nadeem sarwar 2006) qaid khanay mein talatum hai k hind aati hai (nadeem sarwar 2007) haan tha mera baba meray liyeh zinda (nadeem sarwar1984) na rukh ab chadar bazoun pay (nadeem sarwar1993) (and a lot more...) Feamannillah!
  8. (salam) :cry: MashaALLAH(swt)! Aah Alamdar(as) Haey Alamdar(as).... :cry: Feamannillah.
  9. (salam) yaqeen na aaey tu kufa-o-sham ki fizaoun say pooch layna yazediyat kay naqoosh saray mita gai hai ALI(as) ki Bayti(sa) abad talak ab na sir utha kay chalay ga koi yazeed zada ghuroor-e-shahi ko khak mein youn mila gai hai ALI(as) ki Bayti(sa) guzer kay chup chap lash-e-Akbar say pa barehna rasan pehen ker khud apnay baytoun kay qatiloun ko rula gai hai ALI(as) ki Bayti(sa) mein uss kay dar kay gadageroun ka ghulam bun ker chala tha Mohsin issi liyeh mujh ko ranj-o-gham say bacha gai hai ALI(as) ki Bayti(sa) Iltemas-e-Dua, Feamannillah.
  10. "...unless its nadeem sarwar lol" isnt this bad mouthing someone behind their back?? :huh: Seriously in this thread some people are after Nadeem Sarwar "haath dhou ker" :dry:.
  11. hey relax.. :huh: not all sound like songs....you should've used the word "few" instead of "almost all"....Be Fair!
  12. (salam) If hez ill, I hope Hassan Sadiq gets well soon inshaALLAH. I think Nadeem Sarwar does deserve criticism but some times people go beyond the limits in criticising him :Hijabi: . I wrote this in another thread also that he has a particular formula for his album.(the people who 've been listening to him will agree). Being a human being he cant be perfect so not all of his nauhas can be really good. But the criticiserz will have to admit that every year he makes 3 or 4 nahuas that are heart touching :cry: . And please dont call a Zakir-e-Ahlulbait(as) "terrible" :dry: or anything bad. In the past 27 years just think of the number of good nauhas Nadeem Sarwar has made mashaALLAH :cry: . Hassan Sadiq's all nauhas sound the same. And as compared to Nadeem Sarwar his urdu nauhas are not very impressive, same is the case with Nadeem Sarwar's punjabi onez. So the thing is BE FAIR, no one'z perfect. Look at the brighter sidez....Allah(swt) will take care of their darker onez. Feamannillah!
  13. (salam) My uncle had a telephone conversation with Allama Talib Jauhary yesterday. Allama sahab said that he was suffering from high blood pressure and high blood sugar level. Please pray for his full & early recovery inshaALLAH. Feamannillah.
  14. (salam) I get shivers from the start of the majlis till the end, specially when i have to read a nauha at the end. I dont know what it is. I really dont think its JUST nervousness. Coz this happens sometimes, in some majalis, not in all. My whole body trembles. I told my mom about it, she said that i'll have to go through some thyroid tests. But I truly believe that these shivers have a lot to do with the greatness that's there in these holy & pure names. Feamannillah.
  15. Salam, Show some respect please...atleast dont call a nauha "SICK" :dry: .
  16. (salam) I urgently need the nauha, Pamal hua Qasim(as) dulha khaimoun mein bapa kuhraam hua, by Farhan Ali Waris. Its of the year 1999. Please help! Feamannillah.
  17. By good nauhas i meant the ones which do not sound at all like songs. Every year he readz two or three nauhas which are criticised & 5 or 6 nauhas which are liked by many. I've been listening to his nauhas for many years now & so i am aware of his album formula. Fortunately last year almost all of his nauhas were amazing and so this year people were expecting a lot from him but he went back to his usual pattern. May Allah keep us all on sirat al mustaqeem, Ilahiaameen.
  18. salam, MashaALLAH his son Syed Mohammad Ali Shanawar is reciting it. Feamannillah.
  19. salam, relax people....I agree that they are'nt as good as they were last year...last year he read some really awesome nohas. But even this year some of them are pretty good. Like; qaid khanay mein talatum hey k Hind aati hay, meri Sakina(sa) iss terhan na rouna, mein nouk-e-sina per houn, Sajjad(as) sajjad(as) & the one his son'z read piyaray Nabi(saww) ki Piyari Nawasi(sa). He should be criticised for his "wierd" nohas & he should be appreciated for the good onez he made! Feamannillah.
  20. Yes this nauha is very good indeed :cry: . Can u record video or audio and take pictures of him brother and upload them here? Feamannillah.
  21. Last year both nadeem and irfan had made some really good nohas. This yr, i think they got back to normal :wacko: Nadeem got back to his normal pattern, out of 8, 4 very good, 2 good, 1 wierd and 1 on a song. By the way, his son did a pretty good job. That noha itself is really good. But well Nadeem wasnt THAT bad i guess :unsure: i mean his nohas of this yr, mera wada hua pora nana, qaid khanay mein talatum hay kay Hind aati hay, meri Sakina(as) iss terhan na roona, Piyaray Nabi(saww) ki piyari Nawasi(sa), are very good :cry: . What do you guyz think? (by the way, he left the anjuman gulzar-e-haidery, and the guy who replaced him copied him Big Time :o . His vocie is a a bit like Nadeem but Nadeem's is better i think :dry: . His name is Hadier(urf munna ^_^ ). I saw his video, he copied Nadeem's gestures too :wacko:).
  22. May Allah(swt) help you. Best Of Luck!
  23. I think Nadeem Sarwar made a good come back last year. Last year, almost all of his nauhas were good. I listen to his nauhas a lot and this is what i felt. I've been "Praying" for his nauhas to be very good inshaAllah! I'm not a crazy fan....i just respect him coz i learnt to read nauhas from his nauhas. Feamannillah.
  24. (salam) I'm waiting for Nadeem Sarwar's and Irfan Haider's nauhas :wub: . Feamannillah.
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