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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. That's Nadeem Sarwar's son Ali Shanawar reading with Shabab..
  2. G.A

    Online Videos

    thanks i'll try..by the way, I'm a sis :blush:
  3. G.A

    Online Videos

    (salam) I've downloaded some online videos clips through realplayer and I want to join them all coz all of them are of very less duration. Is there some software with which I can do this? Feamaannillah!
  4. (wasalam) "Mobily" offers cheaper call rates. Feamaannillah!
  5. (salam) Thanks a lot! Jazakallah! Feamaannillah!
  6. Yes please, if its not a lot to ask.. :blush: Feamaannillah!
  7. I think he sounds better than others who DONT show any change in their voices :dry: on a misra thats more sad than the other misras of a nauha. They recite the nauha as if they are just reading something without really feeling the "dard" in the kalam. Nadeem Sarwar's voice reflects the emotion of a particular misra. If a misra is "tableeghi", he recites it in an addressing sort of way and if its "sad", his voice is toned down. "Concept".."Topic", I dont see a big difference in the two..but obviously the nauhakhuwans tell him what they want and he writes the poetry for them. No hard feelings
  8. I saw that on matamdari too..Im sure the kid isnt shia. His naats are there on youtube aswell. Khudanakhuasta :squeez: , are they're trying to introduce another style of reading nauhas without matam!! :o no no noo :angry: and what if people start liking him :Hijabi: these QTV people want to take part in everything :wacko:
  9. (salam) A friend of mine wants this nauha "afsoos nabi(saw) zadioun(sa) ka sham mein jana". But doesnt have a clue about the year or the original recitor of it.. :( Hope some one can help. :unsure: Feamaannillah!
  10. (salam) MashaALLAH(swt), Rehan Azmi writes hundreds of kalamz every year. He cant write everything on his own. Basically what happens is that the nauhakhuwans go to him and tell him the concept and he turns it into poetry. Rehan Azmi is an amazing poet! But the nauhakhwuans MUST be given credit for the "CONEPTS". Nauha--->funny??how come?? :huh: Feamaannillah!
  11. Amreeka is an urdu word. While writing in urdu, you cant write America, it has to be Amreeka. Just like Falusteen for Palestine! Even in arabic, these two countries are pronounced in the same way so you cant call it a pronounciation mistake. :) Feamaannillah!
  12. Nadeem Sarwar went to Syria in 2005 and 2006 on chehlum. A friend of mine went to Syria in 2005 and told me that NS was there too. My chachu went in 2006 and had an amazing time mashaALLAH(swt) with so many good nauhakhuans present. Feamaannillah!
  13. No hez not! Infact i think in the past couple of years, Nadeem Sarwar's nauhas and tunes have improved a great deal as compared to early years of the new millennium! I TOTALLY agree with you!! :!!!: I cant really be counted as "young children" coz im 19 now :blush: ..but i bought those things for the same reason!! My opinion:- Its simple..If any nauha that you think is similar to some song tune and is insulting the nauha, then you should avoid listening to it. I've heard that he some times uses tunes of old sad songs but since i dont know a lot of songs, if i listen to those nauhas and get t
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