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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. oh right lol, not in the sense of the IRGC if that's what you mean but maybe in other ways :) salaams

  2. no bro, we don't know each other, but you're not really a revolutionary guard, are you? i mean no disrespect tho, salaams

  3. Ahh sorry about that, didn't realise it's blocked in the US. Alternative clip you can watch (although I have to admit, not as good ! ): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOVJMbhg9NQ
  4. kidding you about what bro? do i know you?

  5. you've gotta be kidding me.

  6. Salaam, I saw this on TV today and found the clip on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx_4yyucagw Truly amazing how many western women are now embracing Islam ...
  7. Salaam, So sad to hear this...it's nothing short of murder. Almost every year hundreds of Iranians die because we cannot renew our old planes with new ones (can't buy planes from Boeing, and Airbus planes incorporate parts made by American companies) and are denied vital spare parts for the planes we do have. The sanctions on civilian aircraft demonstrates quite clearly that the sanctions Iran has been under the last 30 years or so aren't to stop Iran's missile/ nuclear program it's an attempt to keep the country backward. Alhamdulillah in most areas the sanctions have been overcome in one way or another, but for civil aviation they really need to have a clear plan of action. The planes Iran had from the 70s are almost 40 years old now. They can't fly for ever. And buying tupolov planes is not a solution...
  8. Salaam, Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading it. Whether or not Israel can defeat Hezbollah depends on their objectives. If their objectives are to kill more Lebanese than Israelis die, yes they will almost definitely win. But bloodthirsty though they undoubtedly are, they usually always have some kind of strategic interest in their wars. In the case of Hezbollah it's probably destroying them as a credible military force, and they've been defeated in that regard for almost 30 years now. Any conflict against Hezbollah is really a conflict against the people of Lebanon, especially the peoplle of the south. If the Israelis cannot break their spirit, resolve and determination to live in freedom then they will be defeated time and time again...
  9. salam bro. man arash hastam. kheili khoshal misham age az doostanetoun basham

  10. salaam, The Syrian government is worthy of as much criticism, if not more so, than any other European country which enforces such a ban. Just to respond to the point made earlier; their is no contradiction at all in supporting the Islamic dress code in a country such as Iran whilst also being against this ban in both western and muslim countries. The difference between Iran and France/Belgium/Spain/any other western european country is that Iran preaches Islamic Republic and practises Islamic law, European countries preach freedom (of expression and all of the other ones) but practise something else. They claim to be free and tolerant but they are anything but. This is the key difference. Just as how it was a popular referendum in Iran which chose the Islamic Republic and thus the Islamic laws which come with it, European people too can choose to ban the Niqab and Burkha and any other Islamic garment they see fit, after all it's the views of the majority which matter. But if they do decide to go ahead with these bans, they then don't have any right to stick their freedom garbage down our throats. Go ahead and ban Islam, but make sure you throw away your false pretences to universal freedom too.
  11. Salaam, I have very little knowledge in economics, but in my opinion from what I know this is a good idea. When the state controls these companies they become inefficient due to the lack of competition. When a company knows any losses it incurs will be covered by the government, then there is no incentive on preventing inefficiences if they do occur. Unless there is direct competition between companies, with the prospect of you going out of business unless you prevent your losses and maximise your profit and provide the best products for the consumer, progress will not be as quick as it can be. For now the survival of these state companies and indeed all of the subsidies Iran provides is tied down to oil. Oil will not last forever. We need to have a system where companies in Iran are competitive not just nationally but internationally, which do not need bailouts from the government and which can maximise efficiencies.
  12. Salaam, What people personally think about the Burqa in this situation is irrelevant. Some may see it as a 'hideous contraption', others as a modest form of dress. The fact of the matter is that Belgium, and indeed most of Western Europe, portray themselves as flag bearers for freedom of expression, freedom of speech...etc. To ban the Burqa would be trampling all over these supposed freedoms. If the Belgian people, or their representatives in government, want this ban enforced, there is little that can be done. After all it is their country, and the views of the majority there dictates whether or not a ban is imposed. However let's be clear here, a country which enforces such laws, which forbids its citizens from wearing a form of dress that they choose, no longer has the right to call itself a 'free', 'tolerant' and 'open' society where all people are 'accepted' . These countries are gradually eroding the freedoms which they so proudly proclaim to the world, under the guise of preserving 'security' , 'secularism', 'women's rights' or some other excuse. Just as France forfeited its status as a 'free' country when it started ripping headscarves from the heads of girls outside its schools so too Switzerland and now Belgium are moving along similar paths. Their blatant hypocrisy and double standards are gradually being exposed. Let them destroy their 'freedoms'. In the end they will have nothing left, we will preserve our religion and they will have destroyed everything they once stood for.
  13. Salaam, First of all welcome to the forum! I think you will find it difficult to find unbiased sources on the issue of Hezbollah, mainly because the issue is so decisive. Here's my opinion anyway... In a nutshell Hezbollah is an Islamic resistance group formed after the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon. The very basis of the existence of Hezbollah is to fight against occupation and oppression. If you believe in the idea of struggle (jihad) and the idea of resistance to oppression as you mentioned, then the cause of Hezbollah is one you will respect and understand. It was through the continuing resistance of Hezbollah over a period of 18 years that forced the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from most of Lebanon in 2000, though by that point thousands of Lebanese (and of course Palestinian) prisoners were held in Israeli dungeons. So long as these prisoners continued to be held by Israel and so long as Israel continued its occupation of the Shebaa Farms of Lebanon Hezbollah had a right and a duty to continue its resistance. In the 2006 war, which was planned months in advance by Israel (making it in a way, inevitable http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6431637.stm)) Hezbollah stood and resisted for 33 days against one of the most advanced armies in the world. They killed almost three times as many Israeli soldiers as Israeli civilians, whilst Israel managed the exact opposite and probably worse. It was only through the firing of rockets that Hezbollah was able to eventually stop the Israeli massacre. From its birth to this very day, Hezbollah remains a symbol and a true example of those who would rather die on their feet than live on their knees, of those who would rather struggle and fight against oppression than live under tyranny.To this day they have been immensely successful in their goals and in adhering to their fundamental principles. You might also find the following information useful: Answering the Israeli Debate Salaams
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