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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Memememe


    Is ludo considered a game of chance?
  2. No, as in watching movies or whatever (paid content) online for free.
  3. Is streaming videos online, which is considered illegal, haram?
  4. I REALLY LOVE listening to Asma ul husna on a daily basis and for the longest time I've noticed in the videos I've listened to, they always skip no. 67 Al Ahad and apparently no one notices or say anything and I'm confused on that, why? Is it to sound better or something else?
  5. I want to know the views of stoning in islam, I know it's a pre-Islamic thing as well but how is it regarded in Islam? Is it supported? Banned? Or just not recommended? Countries that follow sharia law ( which I'm unfortunately not very familiar with) always have stoning as punishment but is it supported in Islam?
  6. My thoughts indeed I'm really eager to discover all those sites, really a blessing that we can still visit them despite all these years subhanallah. This is really interesting now, the site may where I learned that we can visit the cave but I'm really interested like the cave in Turkey too, aaaa so much to wonder, thank you.
  7. So dew months ago I researched on the cave mentioned in surah al Kahf and found out that apparently it's located but didn't find out the exact place just that it's in Jordan. Now I just saw a post citing it's exact location and I'd really love to visit it some day In'sha'Allah but I saw some comments on the post saying that our beloved prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) had warned us not to enter the cave, is that statement true or is it made up?
  8. So I'm really trying to read tafseer but I reading tafseer doesn't really motivate me but I know that a podcast would definitely motivate me In'sha'Allah. Is there a good tafseer podcast out there with all surahs? If it's on Spotify it'd be great but I don't mind other places too.
  9. So I've been making up my qadha prayers after any of my obligated prayers and sometimes even in between them. But I was recently told that I can only make up the prayer anytime of the day when it is a qadha of that same day, otherwise I have to make it up the next day or whenever as the prayer's designated time. Now I'm really concerned cause I've been doing it for a while now, some of my qadha prayers were done at their designated times and most weren't, I can easily just do them at their prescribed time but I'm concerned about the prayers I've already made up, are they valid or n
  10. In'sha'Allah I shall try it someday after the lock down
  11. Any but I'd like maybe something Arabic or European. Easy to make
  12. Do you have any easy dessert recipe? I'd like to make something for eid even if it's spent at home . I originally wanted to make a milk cake/ tres leches but welps idk how to, and using a box cake I think the cake will be too soggy.
  13. So I know that you should read/listen to surah Al-Kahf every Friday which I've been doing but I recently came upon a statement that says that it should be read between Thursday sunset and Friday sunset, it said that that's when Friday starts and ends, respectively. But I'm confused like will I still get the reward for reading it on Friday even if I read Friday night or no? Or must it be during those times only?
  14. Woahh omg that's really fast MashAllah Thank you so much
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