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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well I think they seem quite knowledgeable if they seem to know even more than a channel which is based right out of Qom. They can't be lying because some of you confirmed parts of their video as being true. They're not just a group of wahaabis, they come from a range of different Sunni backgrounds, it was mentioned on their forum. I think some of you on this website purely call people wahaabis simply for them being antagonistic towards shiaism, that's not very intellectual. Well just because something isn't true, it doesn't mean people can't criticise or make videos against it. Muslims make videos refuting atheism all the time in the same manner. Whilst Shia scholars may not be running youtube channels, they certainly seem to be saying plenty of bad things about Sunnis in their speeches and in their books. I mean this whole thread is based on Khomeini saying some pretty evil things about certain sahaba (رضي الله عنه) and Aisha (رضي الله عنه). The last sentence is certainly not true. The only reason Pulse is able to run that channel is because he does attract a good chunk of Shia who watch his videos for arguments & knowledge.
  2. Well in Iraq they formed from already present factions such as Al Qaeda and many ex-baathists also filled their ranks. Plenty of their equipment was literally taken from fleeing Iraqi soldiers there and it's not exactly like weapons were scarce in Iraq even before then. I'm not sure what your point is though? I feel as if you're going to blame Israel and America for funding them and try and have some sort "gotcha" moment against my post. I also remember reading ISIS may have received money from lone Arab individuals (not states) etc... But anyway whatever funding ISIS or support ISIS received from foreigners, it pales in comparison to the support that was provided to Assad by Iran, Russia & Hezbollah. I don't mean this in a bad way but Shias who happily support Iran's involvement in this war have literally no moral ground to stand on. ISIS is evil but so is Assad and so are your militias. Assad is the worst of the bunch with the most number of murder & rapes on his hands and that's unfortunately the man who Khameini meets happily like some long lost brother and who most Shias on this website and in the world back. Do you think Imam Hussain (رضي الله عنه) would support Khameini's decision to involve Shias in this war? Do you think he would supporter a murderer and rapist?
  3. Well to me it seems, they want someone charismatic and that someone doesn't have to be knowledgeable because TSD already has many knowledgeable members. It's like being a TV host or a news reporter, you don't have to be knowledgeable about all topics as long as you're good on screen and attracting viewers. That way the message can be delivered further. For example, there is some bald guy on youtube who a lot of channels hire for information videos purely because he has a talent for the camera and he talks about all manner of topics. I don't know his name but you've probably seen him. Why do some of you find this concept funny? It happens regularly in industries/set ups where people provide content for public consumption. Well they made a video with some claims about Shiaism and Iran, this Pulse person replied and basically said it was false but you guys literally refuted Pulse. So they ended up being pretty truthful, how can truth be propaganda?
  4. Do you think Sunnis are taught to kill and genocide the Prophet's ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) family and their followers? Well realistically genocide or no genocide, I don't think you would number any greater. I don't mean this in a rude way but you aren't a low number because people have killed you, you're a low number because shiaism isn't really a good belief system. Sure I'm a Sunni and I would say that and you're going to obviously disagree which is fine. Well I doubt Bahrain has been killing you off in massive numbers (10,000s), it's more likely that they implemented either a policy where more Sunni Muslims moved in or caused Shia to leave. Well I don't know the specifics about Egypt since but in Pakistan, it's likely you are actually between 10-20%. You've gone into a random tirade about the specific percentages and numbers. My point was this, we are the vast majority, why should we unite with a smaller group who do not think we are 'real Muslims'? It makes no sense. Well I can agree with you on that, we are better left far away from each other. Well I am not afraid of your belief system, I never said I was.
  5. How many Israelis has Hezbollah helped kill/or killed since it's inception? How many Sunni Muslims has Hezbollah helped kill/or killed in just the syrian war? Probably far more Sunni Muslims than israelis easily. What group is the majority of Assad's personal ground forces? Probably conscripted Sunni Muslims, yh. Overall though, I wouldn't be surprised if the Shia militias and alawites and russians make up the majority of the ground forces. If Assad wasn't helped by Iran and Russia, then he probably would've ended up like Qaddaffi. Put him against the opposition and take away the opposition backers and the opposition would still probably destroy him in a few years time. Also Assad got lucky that ISIS showed up and attacked the rebels too. A lot of these things went to his way. If the west truly supported the rebels like they do with the kurds, Assad wouldn't be alive. Throwing names like Israel and the US into the mix is just a way to deflect attention, sure once upon the Arab rulers and the US favour the rebels but that's long gone out of the window. And they never supported the rebels heavily in the way that Russia and Iran consistently do to Assad. Not all Shia support him but the majority I've met surely do. Of course all Shia alive went to Syria because that's just common sense? No one even said that. But what is also true is that 10,000s of Shia militia were recruited by Iran and sent to Syria. Hezbollah likewise sent thousands to fight on behalf of Assad.
  6. Can you tell me what you like about the video or what points you think he refuted well? I watched it a few days and it wasn't very good. He made two points about translations but then he followed it up with 20 minutes of mostly emotional jargon eventually ending up with him giving his support to Shia militias... I'm sorry but some of you can say that I'm bias/partial in this matter but I cannot watch that Islamic pulse video without facepalming at it? All he does is try to use humour to make up for lack of any clear cut refutation (about from the two translations).
  7. Don't you see the problem with always talking about unity and brotherhood and then going on to say things like "well we may not consider you real Muslims" and then expect Sunnis to not think of you really negatively. For me personally, that behaviour comes across as really deceptive and I would really question working together with a group of people whose ideology has deceptiveness in it. Don't even ask us Sunnis how we feel about that - ask yourselves, imagine that scenario in your mind and someone talked about unity and brotherhood to your face but behind your back he didn't think think you to be real Muslim. The guardian is a respectable newspaper. The buzz and scandal newspapers are ones like The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror etc... Okay so you make the argument that your fighters came because your minority felt threatened. That's logical. But in doing that, you ended up allying with a man who's regime raped 10,000s of Sunni women & killed nearly 100,000 alone in torture camps and not to mention the barrel bombs and all the other war crimes. Oppressing the majority so mercilessly is not going to win you many fans in the wider Muslim world. How do you expect religious Sunnis who look at this to think we can in any way ally ourselves with Shia? Would Imam Hussain (رضي الله عنه) send Shia militas to go help the shaytaan of Syria? Secular arabs and Arab nationalists came to fight alongside you. That doesn't help your case. Those guys hate Islam and practising Muslims. I've seen many Pakistanis who are deep into the secular nationalist hole and they are horrible people with horrible views towards Islam and Muslims. But let's be honest, whatever their number - they pale in comparison to the number of Shias who went to fight for Assad. His soldiers were mostly Sunni because Syria as a whole is a majority Sunni nation. His army drew recruits from the Sunni population but it had the policy of the officers being mostly alawites. At the start of the war, many of these soldiers deserted and formed various rebel groups, unfortunately other zalims stayed with Assad. Without Russian and Iranian support, his army would've been long destroyed by the Sunni opposition forces. As I mentioned before, secular "Sunnis" supporting Assad works against you because those people are normally irreligious, they do not represent most Sunni Muslims. This whole argument of "but Assad has xyz Sunni..." is like when a person says something racist racist and follows it up with "I'm not racist, I have black friends...".
  8. Iran doesn't support Palestine because it cares about Palestinians, it supports them because it's a great political tool. You say something pro-Palestine and the masses automatically think you're a good guy. Erdogan does something very similar, he's very pro-Palestine in his speeches but the reality is that Turkish trade with Israel has grown during the years. Iran's funding to Hamas went really low after the start of the Syrian war due to Hamas's objections to what Assad was doing in Syria. So there's not much support going on anymore. Anyway, how many Israelis has Iran killed in the past 10 years? Then compare that to how many Sunnis have died at the hands of Iranian allies or Iranian funded sectarian militias. It is dishonest of you to say the other 89% of Sunnis close their eyes, the vast majority of Palestine supporters are Sunnis. The Arab rulers may have abandoned Palestine but the masses certainly haven't. There's nothing wrong with watching a western Muslim youtuber, your problem with him is that he shared a video that was very critical of shiasiam and Iran. Amirio & Ashvazdange have both liked your post but literally above your post they both are enthusiastically welcoming a video response made by a Shia guy. That Shia guy, albeit living in Middle East, has a western accent. He's probably just as western as Mohammed Hijab.
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