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  1. ayyyy God bless you! 1. We are not understanding 2. We are not money hungry 3. We aren't low in knowledge 4. Not all of us throw tantrums
  2. Salam Everyone, It is so embarassing as a Shia to ask this but I want hadith that provide the full names of all our Imams from Shia sources. I would appreciate the help as I don't really have access to variety of books if some one can help me May Allah bless your soul @Gaius I. Caesar @aaaz1618 @Simon the Canaanite Others can help also , I just tagged my fwends.
  3. @Moalfas preach brother Totally agree with you women are becoming idiotic Feminist ohhhg feminists come at me im a woman
  4. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES May Allah bless you you spoke the truth !!!
  5. This thread made me spit water on my new dress thanks a lot op
  6. For the sake of Allah you all plz pray for me day by day my health is getting worse and worse 


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    2. Noor Taleb

      Noor Taleb

      @hasani would like to keep that a secret 

    3. hasanhh


      Salam Uhty,

      Inshallah you'll get through this bad spell (American idiom: for a short, unpleasant time).

      l had a happy thought today. I was working on a fence and as l finished and went towards the house l sensed it was close to Asr (which it was and l do not keep timepieces on me). As l went on into the house, l thought, "Remembering the time for salah (each time) is like remembering the Last Day."

      Like it?

    4. Noor Taleb
  7. Death is a sweet reality don’t be scared of it but don’t just kill yourself
  8. Breakfast literally chicken nuggets and chips
  9. May Allah make it easy for her and you. Have patience and keep praying InshAllah all will be good
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