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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So you mean it say it’s that shaitaan becomes like a best friend to destroy you and can quote the hadiths
  2. https://www.learnreligions.com/satanic-rules-of-the-Earth-95969 what I am unable to understand is that IK that they follow the devil then why do they have rules like don’t harm humans or don’t kill children or others just read them
  3. I agree with Muslim 2010 it is allowed in Shia Islam but if you feel uncomfortable about it then talk to your Mom or maybe encourage Nikkah instead of Mutah. This type of a situation needs talking to do. I wish you happiness. Salam
  4. This seems like a mental disorder and a serious one because how come you feel happy thinking like this its a very good sign for you to deny and say it is bad but .... You can consult a Dr.. I wish you all the best PM me if you want
  5. Allah tests those who he loves the most You are blessed ! Allah wants you to have knowledge of your Deen so he puts you in this type of a situation to make you stronger and a better Muslim Remember that He said in the Qur'an that he will test you with Good and Bad and with Hardship their is ease. Imagine getting a reward for all of this at the end. Trust his wisdom if he put you in a situation like this their must be some divine wisdom behind this. I question myself this all the time too but then I remember he is The merciful so I trust him. Do you know what the best part is he wants you to be knowledgeable what a beautiful gift is this point of note: is that Allah 's plan seems hard but their is truth and beauty in it but satan will make things seem easy but its all a deceit That means this all seems really hard but its a test you have to win it and you can do it!
  6. I just get confused is that when I read about them they some rules and sins to avoid which seem like a religion would have Why is that possible? Shouldn't they be teaching all evil Is it like they are trying to devalue God and become like SATAN but keep certain good things in their so called religion in order to attract people into believing they are nice but are opposing God.
  7. The hair very well done might get a job in a horror film
  8. Cause I’m a dumb idiot human with no brain whatsoever but Alhamdulliah there are people who have who can tell me to stop
  9. Hey guys I am terrified to tell you all this but if I don’t I won’t get a solution I have been reading online things about satanism they portray as if he is not the satan of Qur'an or bible it’s a nice one and they worship him and assume that he is like Allah I have never been so scared in my life but I feel is as if they are fooling people because In their beliefs there is some things which are like found in God religion like don’t murder don’t lie like how’s that possible ? And also plz don’t be mad at me I’m just scared beyond belief like they seem so modernized to the point it’s like they say we are not devil worshippers at all we don’t worship Satan the bad one he is nice he is not what you think I’m like I donno
  10. Lol I was taking about chemistry I got no issues with bread
  11. ik how you feel been their n felt hurt it hurts when you get backstabbed ill pray that Allah makes it easy for you n try to talk to someone. Seek help.
  12. Somebody replied to me this so I am forwarding
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