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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother. We are living in a worst times. I know it is super hard and can understand what you are going through right now. Just do one thing with sincerity. Seek closeness to Imam e Zamana(ajtf) Try recite his Ziyarat and talk to him. Make your life purpose that you will now follow his cause. You will study for him, you will work for him etc .. Remember life is hard but this is just one life no is coming back here again and since we are very close to Imam re appearance try to find one purpose for him and start working on it. Just try....
  2. I have been suffering from this lately. Very badly that I cannot even share it here properly. I live alone in a studio apartment and for months I have had a feeling that this apartment is possessed with some demonic power. I then felt like someone has casted a witchcraft on me and there is some reason behind it as well. I live in a country which has a long rooted history of paganism and witchcraft and without knowing many people practice demonic rituals but these are even common in muslim countries too. I can share some advice if it helps anyone then remember me in your prayers:
  3. What is your opinion on this war? Although It is linked with history but there are some facts I don't like about Azerbaijan 1) Their Government is pro Israel, I am not sure about the people. 2) Erdogan Involvement! If anyone knows the history of syrian war then they might know what kind of role turkey has played and still playing I hope this war ends and peace may be restored!
  4. I agree with you. But this is getting so hard on me! First of all I wanted to find out the truth and asked Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to show me but I had to do it my own way of finding it and now I cannot accept what has happened to me. I am thankful to Allah for whatever HE has provided me but I don't feel good at all with this. For some moments I feel good but then suddenly I start to feeling extremely down and anxious. I am smiling with everyone around me like friends and co workers but inside I am dead. May Allah for the sake of Muhammad and his family helps and fulfil your good
  5. Salam, I am facing very critical problem right now in my my personal life. I have always referred to sahib e Zaman (ajtf) during this problem I wrote more than 10 letters to Imam(ajtf). Prayed different salahs and Ziyarats. Prayed from Bibi Fatima(s.a) but I feel like I don't matter anymore. I am not getting any response! What is happening? Are they angry from me? I got anger recently and my heart is totally broken now. I always thought I will work on Imam mission and try to help momineen. I will put my work and do something out of it for Imam(عليه السلام) and Islam. I will present
  6. Great answers brethrens. I am quite satisfied with @Mahdavist answer and the links below. I guess it is very important to give it rather than not at all. But ofc we all need to verify everything. Hopefully we all can come up with solid system to make it more secure and accessible for everyone in the age of information technology. I desire it goes directly to Ayatollah Sistani or Ayatollah Khamenai . Anyway I am in IT with vast of experience in this industry while living in Europe. I am ready to provide my services for free in the path of Imam Zamana (ajtf) so if anyone has any idea
  7. I have checked it already but my question was do they really send money to desired hands. Secondly I have read Ayatollah sistani fatwa to provide original receipt of Khums. I dont know if that has to be from Iraq office? And anyone can create the fake one to isn't it? I am sorry I am not trying confuse anyone. We have to give Khums no doubt and those who deny this duty for whatever reason may Allah curse them. My point is to find way to give it to right hands and then Allah accept it.
  8. That's really good to be true. Atleast I wouldn't trust the system here to be 100% loyal to Khums. But I again I have to give it anyway but I hope I can find someway to send it to desired hands.
  9. Salam to everyone, I am living in Europe and now i am in position that I feel it is necessary for me to give Khums I have done quite some research on it. But I am falling into some doubts. First and foremost my intentions are pure to give Khums at all but since I live in the West and I don't have direct access to naib of Ayatollah sistani here. I have found some trusts and organizations which accepts online Khums and they have permission letter from several mujtahids. But here are my few doubts. 1) most of those trusts are in UK/USA/CA/EU my doubt these are same countries whic
  10. I have exactly similar questions. What are Shi'as stance on this matter?
  11. Very beautiful words. I appreciate your effort to write all this. Exactly that's what I think it leads towards more confusion but what made me wander was, how it is possible that one video on YouTube can be so accurate.
  12. Salaam, Lately I came to know about tarot card reading. I know it's haram and no one knows what is the truth except Allah. But what really amazed me was most of my reading even on YouTube were quite surprisingly true. But I still don't believe it. People are con Anyway is there any Islamic way to get to know about what someone is feeling about you? There intentions. I guess in this era it's really necessary to know someone intentions. I know about doing istikhira but that's more about doing something practically in my case I want to know someone desire for me what are they thi
  13. Wasalam, Thank you ever so much. Imam e zamana ajtf bless you. Possible can you tell me for the second one as well??
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