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  1. Thank you that kind of answer I was looking for. It has cleared my doubts ❤️
  2. Salam, I live in the west and trans / LGBTQ issues are arising like a wildfire. I have a question what is the ruling on eating food made by trans person? Or even if they provide you fruits like watermelon ( they use their hands)? I was in very uncomfortable situation and I managed to refuse to eat. Are they najis? I know Hindu and Buddhist are but what about them? P.S here they change their gender because of propaganda and identify themselves with whatever they like.
  3. Good point. I just read the news and I kind of felt weird about it. But all in all Putin is very diplomatic politician and always put Russia first in every case. I really hoped he would have restrained to do such things with Israel and nonetheless he had great opportunity to support Palestine openly especially when there are israeli mercenaries are fighting in ukraine. But I have heard from our great scholar only shias will defeat zionist.
  4. Salam, I am a young male who recently got approached by someone for their daughter / sister and been told she is good looking, does hijab and perform her wajibaat. Wallah it sounds good to me but I haven’t seen her or spoken to her even once! Now I have been told to take my family to their home for proposal and this is where I am highly confused and turned off ( please don’t judge me) My thinking is before we involve our families I want to talk to her once or see her (a picture?) as I am 100% sure she and her family has seen me at least on my WhatsApp profile picture! Now it is quite unfair for me I dont even know her just basic information. My family is quite happy about it but I am very confused as this is very serious decision of our life and to be honest it would be more rude if I see her and then refuse her as I don't want to hurt her feelings. I hate the culture of visiting someone house and then waste their time by rejecting/ghosting them later. So if I know / see her advance it would be much better. Now I am not saying I want to date her or talk to her for months or even weeks but atleast once so I know whom I am going to see and most importantly she gets knows me better as well What is the ruling in islam about this? According to our Rehbar sayyid Ali Khamenai?
  5. Salam, arabic is not my first language but I really liked this latimya so can anyone tell me what is this latmiya? Please Youtube / or any other source link:
  6. Let's arrange collective prayers! Tbh it is getting common in the east as well but IMO the biggest disease of the west is ignorance.
  7. I completely agree with you! These apps are full of lies and it come from both men and women! One of the reason is that these apps turn us into narcissist! Avoid it as much as possible
  8. I did and have heard about many success stories as well. I haven't tried it myself though Regarding muzmatch and similar apps they all are filled with weird people just like tiktok . And like someone mentioned above many guys dm girls like crazy and it's very hard to standout! And you know the rest... I seriously don't encourage anyone to download those apps. They are replica of tinder! I don't doubt the intentions of the developers but people are people and many people have brainwashed by tiktok and instagram media
  9. Thank you for your well wishes. Allah give you jaza for this. I can't speak about your situation like i have said we all are unique and have different paths but remember we have same goal which is to please Allah and his rasool (عليه السلام). We all must do everything to avoid haram as much as possible and try to vision about next ten years about how our current decisions will effect us then. Allah knows the best and may He keep us on the right path of Ahlulbayt and especially Imam e Zamana (ajtf)
  10. No doubt you have made many good points! In shia fiqh Allah is not bound to anything and his decisions can be different for each and everyone of us. For instance if a person A is in prison like situation then celibacy would be a great option for him since he has no other choice between this and a major sin ( masturbation). I am sharing my own knowledge but hey I am not a Marja As far I know celibacy is not allowed in Islam and islam encourages to get married. Reference : https://www.al-islam.org/marriage-and-morals-islam-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi/chapter-two-islamic-sexual-morality-1-its-foundation
  11. Wow I just posted about my 100 days streak! Brother if you can do 50 pat yourself. Always ask help from Allah and Imam e zamana (ajtf). Another good thing would be if you transmutate your energy into something meaningful. For example if you are student then focus on finishing your degree or chase your career and reach where you see yourself. Remind yourself this energy will take you there and you will loose all the gains if you masturbate. Go for gym if you they are open find some good outdoor activity Don't lie on bed idle and stare at phone until you feel really really tired and want to sleep. Don't peak / edge
  12. Salam everyone!This is my story! I am a young man (26) with a good career and position (ALHUMDULILAH). I am living in the europe for almost 5 years. I can't thank enough to Almighty Allah for his blessings. But deep down I feel very empty and lonely and especially after this pandemic! I am totally a stranger in this city I just moved into. My father passed away 10 years ago and all of my siblings are married and some of them have kids too but believe it or not siblings become different after they get married at least they don't understand your situation or your needs. I have had relationship in the past but they never worked out. Now it's been a while I am focusing on myself and becoming better person. Not showing off but I do lots of charities and donation to help my other brothers and sisters. I used to do gym but the gov have locked down all the places again. Let me tell you something which might sound weird but it's very important. I have been doing semen retention (no PMO today is my 100th day) and in our shia fiqh it is haram to masturbate! But I know celibacy is haram too and I don't want to end there. The reason I started was to get my self out of this matrix( if you guys need more help I can write more posts about this). My reason to find a partner is not because of my sexual frustration but because I need a supporting partner but I can't find a way I feel like I am stuck in a maze . I have almost given up! It's very hard to find someone these days and I am fighting everyday mentally! Please share some advice or dua W/s
  13. I am not sure if it is in arabic or farsi since the video is too short but it is very soothing? Can someone tell me who is this and what is the name of this nasheed. JazakAllah https://youtu.be/HOT2OI9kGjw
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