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  1. Any Arabian gulf countries, you are Sunni after all so there will be no harm to you. Try and do some researches if u want.
  2. Is there any other duas I can use or thing I can do so that allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) will bless me with a job? I can’t find a job since a month.
  3. Today for lunch I made Alfredo pasta, my siblings were craving it for weeks, I had it with diet cola. For dinner I had the leftovers.
  4. Oh, I’m glad I found another brother who is not into football
  5. First Russia and Ukraine, and we all saw what USA are doing to Taiwan, I think they are preparing them for war against China. Same thing for South Korea against North Korea. Now protest in Iran. Look like USA are planning for the 3rd world war.
  6. What is this bro? This is a snacks for kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love pop pop but that’s not filling.
  7. Yesterday for lunch I ate from subway since I was hungry and I was in the university. After my first lecture was done, I left and had a break in subway, it was my very first time trying it. I ordered steak with cheese, it was ok. I didn’t know what else I should add so I kept it only steak with few slices of cheese and few pieces of onion, green peppers and mushroom. For dinner I had kofta bil sanieh.
  8. Many are thinking about 72 hoors while I’m thinking about how to eat without getting fat in heaven
  9. Most of them do not live in Iran. Maybe only brother ashv.
  10. I’m lost and don’t know what to believe. My father said the exact same things like brother ashv, zainuu, Abu hadi etc but he is the only one who said that, the rest said she got attacked by the moral police till death. My Iranian friend said he is supporting the protesters, and the moral police and bullies should be stopped. He even told me once he was with his cousin taking pics, his cousin always cover but she doesn’t wear hijab properly, so few ladies and a man came and started cursing her, telling her to cover up or else she will be like American women. She started crying, then he came and started defending her, then someone told him he is a cuckold for not ordering his cousin to cover up. Here comes the problem, he told me either a police officer or a morale police came and didn’t do anything to the bullies, the officer just told them to leave, then the officer told to his cousin that she should cover up and left, he didn’t ask if she was fine or if she needs something. I always hear these kind of stories from Iranian people or people who visit Iran. Anyway I will stop following this thread, only when an official announcement is made then someone tag me so that I can read it.
  11. I see, is that filling for you sister? Here in Middle East we eat soup only as a side or if someone is sick. You skipped lunch as well.
  12. Well all tv channels are owned by someone so there is no prefect tv channel. It’s better if you follow more than one. I saw you post from al mayadeen English in the other tread, they are pro Iran so maybe you can check over there? But they are not focused only on Iran.
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