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  1. Who is that sheikh and what is he saying? Video is not working for me.
  2. So now the shooter will be free until october 2024?
  3. region has something to do with the lagging?
  4. Allahumma salli `ala muhammadin wa ali muhammadin
  5. Same here, couldn’t check the website for almost 5 days just now it worked.
  6. I did behave well to all the teachers but no my classmates did not behave well at all, some of them got suspended on their last year of highschool which was issued by our class teacher who was a female. What do you mean by this?
  7. Salam everyone, the reason why I asked this question is because I studies in mixed school and currently studying in university that allows the student to choose either mixed classes or segregated. Since the first time I joined, I chose to study only in segregated classes because I was not comfortable around female students, I'm not sure why tho, either because majority of them are tough or they just don't have a good moral. Ofc not all of them but you can say we always end up with a female karen in our class. Plus each time a new semester start, we get a new students. All of my professors (male or female) prefer male student more than female. I prefer segregated educated while my sisters specially my eldest sister prefer mixed because during work time we must engage with our co workers whether we like it or no, we all know during work gender are mostly mixed depend on the field you work. When I use to work as a telesales, my co-workers were mostly men but my team leader was female. I personally never has issues talking with female, like when I want to know something or when they talk with me to know or ask for help, I can do that but I noticed some people especially men who never talked with non mahram women, can't even function when a female talk with them.
  8. Alhamdulillah I know how to cook and clean, my room is always cleaner more than my sister's xD even my aunts compliments my cleaning skills. Salam brother, was it difficult to focus on school because of female students? If I'm not wrong, currently you are living in australia so that means you have female co-workers am I right? I agree with this completely, here in arab countries like saudi arabia, uae, kuwait etc, there are a lot of homosexual activities that has been reported in segregated school or at least in the place where I live. Wa alaikum al salam brother, I agree regarding male behaviours, I studies in mixed school and my female teachers where more strict than male, they had the power to control us.
  9. I understand what you are trying to say sister, but don’t you think it’s compulsory for both men and women to know how to clean, cook, plant, fix their tyres etc? Here in Middle East school for arab segregated school, they teach girls how to cook, clean, tailor clothes etc while men they teach them how to play sport only. Since we live in new generation, I believe both men and women should learn many things instead of waiting the opposite gender to do it.
  10. Salam everyone, I hope you are all fine. I would like to know what do you guys prefer and why? I will tell my reasons once I get more information.
  11. what about sayid sistani? Did he say anything regarding this?
  12. Thank you brother for informing me, unfortunately you replied really late and I forgot today was arbaeen because I did other stuff since morning.
  13. No sister I’m talking about if we should do it on arbaeen or after? Because it says we should do it after but some said on the same day
  14. Yes same for us here in Middle East, depend on the followers tho. we should do this on arbaeen or after?
  15. So if I’m not wrong, it’s permissible to handshake with a non mahram women if she is wearing a gloves right?
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