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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 13 minutes ago, Tamammulam said:

    Having the preference is fine. But your second reason being that you worry having two revert parents would give a child more chances of leaving Islam is quite frankly ridiculous and insulting. As a revert, I wouldn't mind if the other person wanted a born Muslim so long as they didn't even pursue a conversation with me if this was a clear preference because that's wasting my time. 

    Out of the dozens of families I know with both reverts as parents, one revert as the parent or two born Muslims, the only children (now adults) that have swayed far from Islam or how they were raised are the ones from two born Muslim parents. Naturally that doesn't represent everyone and is a clear reasoning why assumption do us no good. 


    I see and apologize for any insult to you I'm very sorry If you're offended that was not my intention.

  2. I'm a revert I want a born muslim wife with a muslim family so that I can integrate into muslim culture and people as well as to give any children we have a larger muslim family. I believe giving my children a larger muslim extended family will give them a greater connection to the muslim people something I want for myself as well. I wan't my children to stay muslim and having too revert parents may affect how they view themselves possibly as more seperate from other born muslims and make them fell less muslim than other born muslims and cause them to want to leave islam. Is it okay for me to intentionally choose a natural born muslim women over another revert. I currently think it's wrong to reject another revert because of who she was born to but a born muslim would be preferable if she is a good match for me. I feel guilty about this preference and think I should not take it into consideration when choosing a wife. when born muslims suggest i stay with another revert it offends me. I feel that you're not accepting me as one of you and that is something I want even though my connection to Allah is much more important than the religious community i belong to. How do you feel about it.

  3.     If someone has practiced black magic and wants forgiveness is there a special way to do it. Prior to my conversion I was involved in the occult. I born an evangelical christian but I've only ever been a serious practitioner of the occult and later Islam. I never could accept Jesus as being god incarnate I've always believed that the most Jesus could be was a prophet or possibly something divine but still a subordinate creation of god similar to an angle. I've left my old beliefs for sunni Islam and sometimes play with the Idea of Islamic mysticism. Is There any thing I can do to better repent and find forgiveness.

  4. 28 minutes ago, Muhammad Al-Hurr said:

    You can not just switch between beliefs, religions or religious sects merely because of certain rulings. Seek the truth, with the help of Allah, and stick by what you genuinely believe to be the truth, even if you disagree with the rulings.

    I believe the ruling is incorrect witch causes me to question the entire sect.


  5. 7 minutes ago, Mahdavist said:

    Firstly, the aqeedah of Shiism is not based on a jurisprudential detail. Either you believe in tawheed, nubuwwah and imamah or you don't. I can't see why a jurisprudential ruling would impact your belief on these essentials. 

    If someone claimed that an illegitimate child can lead prayers, would you suddenly believe in the wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام)? And if that same person changed their position, would you then disbelieve? This is something you need to evaluate.

    Secondly there are other criteria that determine whether one can lead prayers or not. Legitimate birth alone is not sufficient. Would you consider yourself 'aadil (just) in the sense that you refrain from the kabaa'ir (major sins) and are also not frequent or repetitive in the saghaair (minor sins)? 

    Thirdly, nothing prevents you from serving and helping the community today. Leading prayers alone is not the only way to serve. 

    not allowing illegitimate children to lead prayer appears to be a flaw in the religion witch makes me question the entire sect. I have a hard time believing that anyone including prophets are infalible. saying that because I was born out of wedlock I can't lead is calling me a second class citizen with diminished rights over sin my parents committed. I find it insulting and offensive to be treated that way.

  6. I left shi'is because of the ruling that disqualifies illegitimate born people from leading prayer. I may come back to it if I'm allowed to disagree and become an imam and head a mosque and function as a community leader. I want a leadership position with the intention of contributing to the muslim community. I want to give to you not get. I mentioned in other post that I'm pursuing a carrier in the arts world but I want both


  7. 3 hours ago, Guest GuestTester said:

    Gender’s purpose is for reproduction and sex , that’s it’s purpose even we won’t be held by gender in afterlife , angels don’t reproduce have sex or even eat or sleep hence sex is not something that pertains to them and such ideas are jeudio Christian ideas especially in their artwork 

    Most Christians believe what you do. there is a biblical verse in Mathew where jesus is ask about who a woman who had multiple husbands each died before her so she was aloud to remarry so who would she belong to in heaven. His answer was that she would become as the angels are (non-sexual) and not have a husband. He was quoted saying that the angels don't marry nor are given to marriage. The idea that angels can be female of feminine is a new one in Christian culture. In Christianity angels are all non-sexual males. They retain male gender identity but only become sexual if they are fallen and that for them to have a sexual relationship with a human causes them to be considered fallen. There is a theory that the the main reason as well as secondary reasons for flood was meant to kill the offspring of angels and human women but none have fallen and entered a sexual relationship since then.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Muhammad Al-Hurr said:

    Majority of Sunni scholars consider tattooing forbidden as well as being a tattoo artist.

    Majority of Shia scholars consider tattooing as permissible (as long as the design of the tattoo is permissible).

    I would suggest you do not become a tattoo artist and study something else.

    I have excepted Sunni islam

  9. I have an opportunity to become a tattoo artist but I’m considering going into Or finding a new art form Because of my faith. I’m very much interested becoming an artist of some kind but tattooing may not be it. I’ve struggled to except that tattooing may be Haram and don’t know what to do now. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna leave it and make the sacrifice even though I want it badly and study some other form of art.

  10. 4 minutes ago, theEndIsNear said:

    There is a hadeeth from the prophet which says not to disclose a past to people and to keep some things secret

    think about it when Islam prevailed the Arab regions there was people who did horrible things like burying their female children  etc which was common and even the caliphs one of them or two practised this and they asked the prophet about this and he told them not to disclose their past to people who don’t know 

    I was unaware of that. Maybe I'll keep it to myself.

  11.     I'm a different person than I was before reverting. I left being a criminal gangster and got sober. I have a spotless  criminal record only because I never got caught. I have tattoos and agree with the ruling that there only haram if they're disfiguring, sexual or promoting something haram and intend to get more. I have ptsd and I'm very alone wanting a wife and baby. I just want some one to love take care of and share my faith with. I want a devout woman and know I'm in for a lot of rejection. I think it's wrong to withhold information or wait to long to tell a woman or her family what I come from. She should know what she's getting, so I won't lie or wait long to explain myself witch is what I would expect if you were interested in getting my blessing to be with my sister. I understand having a shady background when you changed and are honest, lie to me and I'll reject you. But I doubt other people will be as forgiving.

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