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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 12 minutes ago, notme said:

    That varies by state. The Libertarian Party and The Green Party are both running candidates, and there may also be independents on some states' ballots. 

    In my opinion, if you're in a swing state, choose the lesser evil of the two major party candidates. If your state is pretty much guaranteed to go either Republican or Democrat, free free to choose a smaller party candidate if you want to. 

    No matter what the election results, things are going to be very ugly for a while. What we need is to come together - I'm not talking about compromise, I'm talking about collaboration. We The People are many and those in power are few. We need to assert our collective strength of we ever hope to have a democracy. 

    I only want to vote for someone I think can win If the candidate is only on the ballot in a few states voting for them is pointless. Biden is the only one I think can beat trump.

  2. 1 minute ago, Cherub786 said:

    Good point, but what has Trump really done that hurts Muslims?

    He's stated that "Islam hates us" increasing Islamiphobia. The presidents position on us is relevant to how the rest of the country views and treats us even if he doesn't directly do anything, and there's the travel ban. He's suggested a that Muslims should all be registered so they can be monitored like a jew in nazi Germany.

  3. 43 minutes ago, Cherub786 said:

    From an Islamic perspective, I strongly discourage you to vote. Voting isn’t compulsory by law either. The best vote in my opinion is a vote for nobody. The “lesser of two evils” only applies when there is no third option, but abstention is clearly a third and beautiful option.

    We Muslims don’t believe in democracy and should not participate in it. Not participating in democracy is also something protected by the very principles of democracy. Only some stupid countries like Australia make voting compulsory, and not voting a criminal offense. In Australia, voting happens on Saturday and you are served sausages after casting your ballot. See how they disenfranchise most Jews and Muslims anyways, then fine you heavily if you don't vote.

    Wouldn't allowing the lesser candidate (trump) to win be the greater of 2 evils. I don't fully trust Biden but he's not as aggressive with muslims.

  4.     My family on my dads side of the including myself belong to a non federally recognized tribe that we formed when I was about 8. You have to descended from a specific person to join. Not every one on my dads side is a member but I am. It's not recognized by anyone but us and I'm considered a founding member. Can I belong to a non-islamic tribe. We're not traditional most of us a very americanized knowing very little about our original culture. All you get by joining is that your considered a member by the rest of us If you weren't there when we formed or and are not born to someone that's already a member you have to ask to join and usually get a no for the answer. Do I have to give up my tribal citizenship.

  5. 23 minutes ago, Cherub786 said:

    I understand, and you are pretty much a European/American so it doesn’t really apply to you. But I do recommend you consider eventually moving to where you will be in close proximity to a Muslim community and a mainstream Muslim Mosque. NOI are severely misguided, I'm not even sure we can call them Muslims, they believe W.D. Fard is God incarnate, that the adulterer Elijah Poole was a prophet, and that Black people are racially superior to everyone else. Plus they don't adhere to the Shari'ah or the Sunnah.

    They won't even let pray with them because I'm not black or mixed with it. I'm planning on leaving as soon as I'm can.

  6. 1 hour ago, Cherub786 said:

    To me it doesn’t make sense to wear European clothes in a way that they weren’t designed for. It reminds me of Dr. Zakir Naik wear a three piece business suit with the pants shortened to above the shins, although the pants are meant to be worn down to the ankles. It looks very comical to me. If one is so peculiar about dressing in accordance to the Shari’ah and Sunnah, why not simply wear Middle Eastern dress (thobe, galabiya)?

    Why is it necessary to wear European dress, especially considering the fact that we aren’t Europeans?

    I'm an american revert there isn't a muslim population other than a small group of nation islam members in the area. I would stick way out. I may get some middle eastern cloths when I have the money but I don't know when it would be appropriate for me to where them. I want to look normal and be modest at the same time. I am 3/4 european. Western cloths are what is traditional and appropriate for me as long as there modest.

    If i stick out to far it will be a problem for my family that I live with.

  7. 1 hour ago, Cherub786 said:

    Do you mean thobes? If yes, there’s lots of options for online shopping, especially on ebay. You could also check out alhannah.com. If you want to get an affordable kufi (they're pretty much all affordable) that’s even easier.

    I wanted to put some long kurtas with dress pants (I already have the pants). I also wanted a couple of thobes a coat and and at least one suit from www.shukronline.com. only the suit will come from shukronline everything else needs to be cheap

  8. 5 minutes ago, guest 2025 said:

    Wow that site is really expensive. I guess what I'd do is find an Arab community and check out their shops. Though I'm not sure if I recall seeing much men's clothing, they're ususally geared for women's. Maybe email a mosque since they'd know the community well?

    There's no muslim community outside the nation of islam and they don't have a mosque in the area just  the respect for life book club.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Lion of Shia said:

    i was told by a scholar that if i tool the shahada in insanity or with a severe mentall illness its invalad. i was developingscizoeffective order at the time i took it in high school and i was under shir, i was told that too'!!!

    If you're on meds that make you normal or if your not currently phsycotic I would think you you shahada would be valid. Just take it again when you know your in your right mind

  10. 7 hours ago, YoungSkiekh313 said:

    Can you please find a direct Surah, or hadith (authentic) that supports an elected official through a democracy before the Prophets time? 

    If you support that Allah chooses his leaders ( many Surah's in the Quran that support this), then you have validated Imam Ali's government after the Prophets death, or if you support the claim that a community can vote for an elected official then Uthman's government is illegitimate as he was selected by Abu Bakir. 

    I can't this is just what i was taught so I ask a question. your comment has been the most helpful so far thank you.

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