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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm an adult revert, I'm interested in both books that aren't specific to Shia Islam as well as Shia specific books. I've read the Qur'an (English translation) and will finish a manual of hadith by Maulana Muhammad Ali within the next few days what should I read next. I'm not firmly Shia or Sunni and want to study in depth before I make a final decision. I only speak English but have started studying the Arabic alphabet yesterday I need books with English translation along with the Arabic or no Arabic at all.

  2. 1 hour ago, Haji 2003 said:

    The minimum payment does not mean that the bill is being paid off in full every month and that means you will be charged interest, which you'd likely want to avoid. I don't think there are any credit cards that will NOT charge you interest if you have an outstanding balance at the end of the month.

    There are Islamic cards that charge a flat fee rather than interest.

  3. 7 hours ago, Haji 2003 said:

    Here seem to be the options:

    1. A debit card I.e. it takes money you already have rather than giving you credit?
    2. Using any credit card and paying off the balance in full every month, so that you don't get into debt and therefore end up paying interest.

    There is one other option that may work, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable could comment on how halal it is.

    1. Get a credit card and start using it as described in item 2 above.
    2. Establish a good credit history
    3. Get another card that offers you a balance transfer and transfer $x,000 into your primary card. Now the way that balance transfers work in the United Kingdom (I don't know about the U.S.), is that you are not technically charged 'an interest rate', rather a transfer fee currently 3% and the offer lasts for x months (typically 12-24 months) and way way below current bank overdraft interest rates and credit card interest rates
    4. Banks work on the basis that debtors will not be disciplined enough to pay off the debt and will end up paying the much higher interest rates that the card will revert to when the deal period is over.

    This could be one way of getting credit, without technically paying interest, but as I said best to have this cleared with someone who knows their laws.


    I need to be able to make the minimum payment for months. 

  4. Many people are born to religious parents and  don't have a faith of there own or belong to a different faith than there parents. Your still making a decision even if you practice your parents faith devoutly. Who you born to only dictates what your taught to believe not what you actually believe born Muslims are making a decision to have faith the same way I am as a revert. 

  5. I'm especially interested in what Persians/Iranians consider themselves. Some have blue or green eyes and light colored hair which a white traits. No matter your race or ethnicity I have respect for everyone and other Muslims are my brothers and sisters irregardless of there ancestry. I'm guessing they consider themselves to be there own race, and feel that there just Persian or what ever other ethnic group they belong to considering Iran has multiple ethnic groups in it. Does any one consider them a type of white and how do actual Iranians feel about it?

  6. 5 hours ago, Ashvazdanghe said:

    Salam ,it's not altering Gods creation but because it's solvent is Alcohol you must wash the area of skin that you used it before prayer & then make Wudu 

    Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth, Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair, 


    salam, thanks I found the topic about trimming the beard with clippers to a zero useful.


  7. I'm 27 and still can't even grow a patchy beard. I only have some stubble here and there so I'm curious if it would be permissible to use rogaine witch is a chemical treatment applied to the skin to treat baldness. Some people use it to thicken facial hair to. Is it altering gods creation to use it or other similar products?

  8. I've read that you write your own certificate and have it notarized to allow you to preform Hajj or get married. What information must be included to go to mecca and would a name change make so I don't need a certificate. My legal first name means one who worships Jesus and is supposed to be changed anyway. Would taking an Arabic last and first name mean that I wouldn't need a certificate.  I want one for my personal records just to commemorate my conversion and don't intend to visit mecca anytime soon so I'm considering leaving the passport number off until I can get a passport witch takes about three months but longer for me because my legal name is going to change it may take a 6 to 8 months before I'll be able to get one. I want the certificate now. should I get one and just replace with an updated version later?

  9. 7 minutes ago, Ashvazdanghe said:

    Salam only Mutah & permanent marriage are valid in Islam also Sunnis agree that misyar is Zina (prostitution) & a great sin but it advertises by countries like as KSA & it's backed wahhabi/Salafi scholars as a representative of Mutah but who do misyar is doing Zina even under Sunni ruling , the objection of Sunnis with Muta just comes by forbidding it by second caliph although he verified it's from tradition of Prophet Muhammad (pbu)  but he banned it on his behalf that later Sunnis fabricated a hadith from Imam Ali (عليه السلام)  that Prophet Muhammad (pbu) make it forbidden in battle of Khaybar  although Imam Ali (عليه السلام) was the first person that objected against forbidding of Mutah with second caliph but they fabricated this hadith to remove label of innovator from second caliph & make an excuse for forbidding Mutah as a famous excuses but now they fall in trap of Misyar (Zina)

    salam, and thank you, that was very helpful.

  10. 1 hour ago, IbnSina said:

    Did any of the numerous brothers that reside in United States and are apart of this forum reading of your situation try to reach out to you brother?

    Did they try to connect you with matchmakers of their own communities or make any effort at all in order to help you in any way?


    Or did they just tell you what you should and shouldnt do, but when it came to actually helping you they all backed off while giving themselves excuses as to why they shouldnt get involved?

    no one reached out to me. I'm going to wait until I can move somewhere with a Muslim community to pursue a relationship

  11. 3 hours ago, Silas said:

    For the reverts: did you find it difficult to find a Shia community in your area? Was there any suspicion or reluctance from that community to accept you into their ranks?


    The only community in the area is Nation Of Islam and I'm mostly white. they only accept black members. so I'm usually alone. Sometimes born Muslims think most reverts leave and go back to there old religion or to something new so there is a small amount of suspicion or reluctance to accept.

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