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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If there is no actual gold in it is it permissible. I'm talking about stainless steal and silver painted yellow.
  2. it's my understanding that men are encouraged to pierce there that it's actually mustahabb, but what about gauged (stretched) piercings. gauged ears have been stretched to accept a tunnel ring that allows you to look the the center of the piercing. This is practiced by some tribal people in Africa I'm concerned ti may be immitating the kafir. mine are small enough to shrink to normal size
  3. I'm a conservative with visible tattoos and pierced ears. How will I be treated by the rest of the conservative population? Im planning on lazering my tattoos but I also may get more depending on how people feel about it. I'm concerned I'll have a problem finding a conservative wife or that my appearance will be a problem for her family.
  4. you can buy your own lazer cheap but its more painful than getting the tattoo to start with
  5. I have tattoos and have actually tried to get an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist I own tattoo equipment but I'm becoming more devout and am considering becoming an Imam. what do you think about removal I have a medium and a large tattoo on my arm. I know there halal but how are they viewed by the majority of Shia I don't have a mosque to attend and am not connected to anyone directly in the Muslim community this website is my only connection to the Muslim community in general.
  6. I've become more conservative and need some new clothes. Shukr Islamic clothing at www.shukronline.com offers a lot but is expensive. where can I get some modest clothing in the us. Im looking for a suit and some casual wear.
  7. angels have limited free will in Shia Islam so can they fall. If so have any ever fallen and what would happen to them if they do fall?
  8. It's wajib to choose a marja. who are the most popular and why?
  9. sorry I forgot about that tread, but no one told me how to get in contact with anyone in my area. which is what I'm trying to get here.
  10. I've only meet a handful of Muslims and I'm not in contact with them anymore. There is no mosque in the town I live in and very few if any Muslims. I want to hold prayer service at my home on Friday. How do I find willing Muslims?
  11. whats the difference between receiving interest from a bank and a person? I mean the bank is owned by people.
  12. Here some info on Sufi meditation here. You don't have to be a Sufi to do it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muraqabah
  13. I live in the us all the banks in the are pay interest on a savings account. I'm pretty sure the answer is no. I already have a free checking account with no fees or interest. But I want to separate my money a little. any other options
  14. I don't speak a word of Arabic or Farsi the translation is whats important thanks.
  15. I'm an adult revert, I'm interested in both books that aren't specific to Shia Islam as well as Shia specific books. I've read the Qur'an (English translation) and will finish a manual of hadith by Maulana Muhammad Ali within the next few days what should I read next. I'm not firmly Shia or Sunni and want to study in depth before I make a final decision. I only speak English but have started studying the Arabic alphabet yesterday I need books with English translation along with the Arabic or no Arabic at all.
  16. Sometimes I feel the same I haven't been able to attend mosque since reverting due to there not being one in the area so I feel isolated from both communities either way you're still a Muslim. That's what's important.
  17. There are Islamic cards that charge a flat fee rather than interest.
  18. I need to be able to make the minimum payment for months.
  19. I live in the us and I need a credit card, where can I find one that's halal?
  20. Many people are born to religious parents and don't have a faith of there own or belong to a different faith than there parents. Your still making a decision even if you practice your parents faith devoutly. Who you born to only dictates what your taught to believe not what you actually believe born Muslims are making a decision to have faith the same way I am as a revert.
  21. I'm especially interested in what Persians/Iranians consider themselves. Some have blue or green eyes and light colored hair which a white traits. No matter your race or ethnicity I have respect for everyone and other Muslims are my brothers and sisters irregardless of there ancestry. I'm guessing they consider themselves to be there own race, and feel that there just Persian or what ever other ethnic group they belong to considering Iran has multiple ethnic groups in it. Does any one consider them a type of white and how do actual Iranians feel about it?
  22. I'm 27 and still can't even grow a patchy beard. I only have some stubble here and there so I'm curious if it would be permissible to use rogaine witch is a chemical treatment applied to the skin to treat baldness. Some people use it to thicken facial hair to. Is it altering gods creation to use it or other similar products?
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