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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Liberal as in more permissive in the way you personally practice your own faith.
  2. The few white Muslim countries tend to be secular and white reverts are usually from the west. Islam exist in eastern Europe I'm guessing there secular because of the old soviet union and the Iron curtain. I don't have a problem with it if they are more reform or progressive I'm just curious as to how they are. I'm a primarily white revert sometimes I consider being a reformist but currently reject it for moderate conservative sunni Islam.
  3. You actually just changed my mind about it, I guess no more Christmas for me.
  4. I just exchange gifts with my Christian family.
  5. U.s. immigrants are discriminated against at least as much as in Canada. I don't know enough about Europe to say though.
  6. Christmas is celebrating the birth of a prophet so I don't see anything wrong with it as long as I'm not worshiping Jesus ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). What are your opinions about it.
  7. I only want to vote for someone I think can win If the candidate is only on the ballot in a few states voting for them is pointless. Biden is the only one I think can beat trump.
  8. He's stated that "Islam hates us" increasing Islamiphobia. The presidents position on us is relevant to how the rest of the country views and treats us even if he doesn't directly do anything, and there's the travel ban. He's suggested a that Muslims should all be registered so they can be monitored like a jew in nazi Germany.
  9. Wouldn't allowing the lesser candidate (trump) to win be the greater of 2 evils. I don't fully trust Biden but he's not as aggressive with muslims.
  10. There are only to parties running to choose from currently.
  11. Irregardless of were you live or are from what American political party do you like the most or dislike the least. How should I decide on a candidate to vote for In the upcoming presidential election? I don't like either candidate but still want to vote. I'm also interested in what you think of the smaller parties like the libertarian party and/or others.
  12. My family on my dads side of the including myself belong to a non federally recognized tribe that we formed when I was about 8. You have to descended from a specific person to join. Not every one on my dads side is a member but I am. It's not recognized by anyone but us and I'm considered a founding member. Can I belong to a non-islamic tribe. We're not traditional most of us a very americanized knowing very little about our original culture. All you get by joining is that your considered a member by the rest of us If you weren't there when we formed or and are not born to someone that's alrea
  13. They won't even let pray with them because I'm not black or mixed with it. I'm planning on leaving as soon as I'm can.
  14. I'm an american revert there isn't a muslim population other than a small group of nation islam members in the area. I would stick way out. I may get some middle eastern cloths when I have the money but I don't know when it would be appropriate for me to where them. I want to look normal and be modest at the same time. I am 3/4 european. Western cloths are what is traditional and appropriate for me as long as there modest. If i stick out to far it will be a problem for my family that I live with.
  15. I haven't really looked at the women's clothing a lot
  16. the clothes on shukronline look like muslim version of western clothes to me and I like that look I just can't find in my pricerange. I may not be able to get them for a while.
  17. I wanted to put some long kurtas with dress pants (I already have the pants). I also wanted a couple of thobes a coat and and at least one suit from www.shukronline.com. only the suit will come from shukronline everything else needs to be cheap
  18. There's no muslim community outside the nation of islam and they don't have a mosque in the area just the respect for life book club.
  19. I'm looking for cheap Islamic clothing. All the websites I know of like www.shukronline.com are extremely expensive by my standards.
  20. If you're on meds that make you normal or if your not currently phsycotic I would think you you shahada would be valid. Just take it again when you know your in your right mind
  21. I want them for the same reasons I don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe it's okay to think about yourself like this. Everyone has doubts your children will to. Just teach them the best you can.
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