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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, what's the difference between them and what are the most basic requirements to become them? Can you do it with out going to school?
  2. In your opinion whats the most useful dialect of Arabic and why? I'm not sure if it matters but I live in the us.
  3. I'm trying to decide whether I believe the hijab is required or just sunnah. What is actually written in the hadith about it.
  4. Many faiths like shikism and native American traditions believe that long hair helps you spiritually, some to point of requiring it (for males to). What does Islam say about it. Is it innovation to believe that it does. I have short and only ever had medium length hair and don't really intend to grow it out but I was curious about it.
  5. I've seen some female Sunni Imams on youtube so its already happened. I haven't heard of any female Shia Imams though.
  6. I"m male I just wanted to know if shiism allows female Imams or women to lead men in prayer.
  7. I took shahada a year ago with people I've lost contact with. There is no mosque to attend. I've studied Islam online and prayed by myself. The closest masjid is in a neighboring city I can't travel to due to the lack of a car or other transportation. I'm trying to get what I need financially to move but am failing to be to save any money. I've tried to find Muslims to have a prayer group with but they don't exist in the area.
  8. they sell them on ebay to I just happen to have some extra free wood
  9. its been pressure treated but still wood
  10. I've been using paper. can I use treated wood for a turbah? I know its supposed to be pure organic material the wood I have is treated with chemicals.
  11. I don't know enough to make a decision I'm new, do you have any suggestions as to who I should follow and why?
  12. I know but I still like them I haven't made a firm decision on a design maybe ill choose something else or nothing at all
  13. salam, I don't follow a specific marja but thank you. your answer was still helpful
  14. I'm a white/native American revert can I have tribal tats and can I wear traditional native clothes without imitating the kafr?
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