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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've read that you write your own certificate and have it notarized to allow you to preform Hajj or get married. What information must be included to go to mecca and would a name change make so I don't need a certificate. My legal first name means one who worships Jesus and is supposed to be changed anyway. Would taking an Arabic last and first name mean that I wouldn't need a certificate. I want one for my personal records just to commemorate my conversion and don't intend to visit mecca anytime soon so I'm considering leaving the passport number off until I can get a passport witch takes ab
  2. For a misyar to be valid is it required that you become legally married or is just signing a contract that isn't legally binding good enough. Can I write and sign my own nikha that isn't recognized by the government and what other requirements are there? Is it any different for a standard marriage agreement?
  3. no one reached out to me. I'm going to wait until I can move somewhere with a Muslim community to pursue a relationship
  4. There more similar to Sunnis than Shia and they believe that Yukob created white people in a scientific lab past that I don't much. some are racist some just want to support black people.
  5. The only community in the area is Nation Of Islam and I'm mostly white. they only accept black members. so I'm usually alone. Sometimes born Muslims think most reverts leave and go back to there old religion or to something new so there is a small amount of suspicion or reluctance to accept.
  6. Any theological reasons like Ali should have been the first kalif?
  7. I hear 85% of Muslims are Sunni. Why did you choose shiism?
  8. I know how to pray both the Sunni and Shia way, I reverted a more than a year ago not months or weeks, but I do understand your point.
  9. I'm a revert born the Christian parents, so it would be difficult for them to find me someone Muslim. There is no mosque and few Muslims available so I don't know how to find someone, maybe a dating site.
  10. the djinn offer things without me asking anything
  11. I'm not asking anything from anyone. They're making offers my souls not for sale.
  12. whatever I ask for. money, power, women are whats offered
  13. they wan't to buy my soul, there fairly friendly about it.
  14. I have dreams about djnn and the astral plane. Sometimes the dream is a little disturbing. what does it mean and what should I do?
  15. It is recommended to get one for a few reasons. Hajj – Only Muslims are allowed to enter Mecca. They require visitors to the city to provide documentation that identifies their faith when entering. Marriage – Muslim men are permitted to marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish women. Women are only permitted to marry another Muslim, so if you are a male, you will need to provide proof that you converted before you will be allowed to marry a Muslim woman. It is strictly forbidden for both men and women to marry Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Jains, Agnostics, Pagans, and others. Dea
  16. I read hear https://www.dawahmaterials.com/new-Muslim-support/58-how-to-obtain-a-shahada-certificate that you can type your own certificate of conversion and have it notarized. I want it for my personal records and would like it to function as an official document for marriage and Hajj. There is no mousqe in the area if I can't write one myself can I get one online somewhere?
  17. smoking increases metabolism to, when you quit it slows back down. I went from 140 lbs to 201 lbs at 5'6'' the first time I quit. It took forever to get the extra weight off.
  18. any know what to do about the weight gain from quiting smoking. obviously diet and exercise but does anyone have any other advise?
  19. Most scholars say yes it is. You may come across a small minority that disagrees.
  20. I've lied and said I'm Christian to avoid being hurt before.
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