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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I can't this is just what i was taught so I ask a question. your comment has been the most helpful so far thank you.
  2. Abu Bakir was voted for how could god allow him to take power if it wasn't right.
  3. Most non-muslims in my area don't even know what the major sects are and only have info about sunni Islam if any.
  4. wa alaykum salam I learned to pray as a sunni first before i even new what shia islam was but almost immeditatly converted to shia islam after learning that Ali was appointed to lead by the prophet
  5. Sometimes I have a hard time staying shia. I'm occasionally wishy washy about going to be sunni. What are the main arguments that keep you from changing sect. I wasn't born muslim so I have to make a decision that affects everything including who to choose for a spouse and how to raise my children (what to teach them). If I change my sect after marrying that may not go over well with my wife or any children I have. I've done some research but am interested in going further where can I get more information about how to make a more final decision. I'm supportive of both the sunni and shia your a
  6. There is information here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redbone_(ethnicity)
  7. salam I actually have gone into some of my beliefs about dating with them when I was asked. I understand there not muslim and do things differently than me. I have ask to go out with them not as a chaperone but just to get to know him and have taken no for an answer. I just didn't like the fact that my sister being sexual was shoved in my face, especially in such a rude way. what happened was intentionally rude at least on his part buy christian and non-religious standards. It's not normal to get that sexual in front of family.
  8. The Muslim Doula https://www.youtube.com/user/mjab6709
  9. I'm a revert my little sisters non-religious and dates in the western way. I respect her right as a grown woman to live differently than me by dating, but her boyfriend is a little off putting. He completely ignores me when I speak directly to him. I came in the living room once and found her sitting in his lap (we both live with our parents), he actually told me he had an erection I just walked away. I'm not sure what his problem is I haven't tried to stand in the way of there relationship and am polite and respectful. I think getting angry will back fire and damage my relationship with my si
  10. What is the etiquette for approaching a muslim woman for possible marriage.
  11. How do i need to change psychology and emotional resistance do you think I need to toughen up?
  12. I'm happy for you but it's different for me.
  13. I live in the deep south. i have no children.
  14. I have moderate to severe ptsd due to harassment after converting. I being harassed to the point I'm considering getting the permit to carry legally almost everyone qualifies for one where i live.I've seen muslims hurt so badly i don't know if they survived I'm in real danger. The people i converted with vanished and i don't know where they went. How do you feel about private gun ownership for personal defense?
  15. Is it real and is it permissible, what is the astral plane and is it safe to go there if we're aloud to go there. I have dreams about it so vivid i can feel being touched and attacked by something. If it's not just a dream how do I stop it. If its something else what is it and how do I deal with it.
  16. I was a socialist before I revereted. I've heard of islamic socialism and and am interested if it works. whats the difference between islamic socialism standard socialism and a traditional islamic system. I don't know much about how islamic government works but I want to. I may leave supporting socialism for a more traditional islamic system.
  17. There are only 2 major parties with enough power to get any thing done and it concerns me that I have such a limited choice. America is suppose to be a democracy were is the voice of the minority that do not fit 2 big parties. How do things work in your country are you happy with it and if you an american or living in a America what do you think of the democrats and republicans? How does an islamic government differ?
  18. its both but I would be just as happy about finding some one who at least has a simular percentage as me from any tribe/band
  19. How is tribal conflict in a foriegn country white peoples problem to deal with. It's not you job to get in someone else business with out there consent. we didn't ask for help in fact white people had to be taught how to properly insulate there homes by natives they would have frozen to death without us. Telling me to live on a reservation where I'll be in poverty (most on reservations are) is the equvilent of telling a black man to go home to Africa It's racist and rude. reservations are hard to join if your not registered as a tribal member as a child and you children don't qualify automati
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