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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know how to pray both the Sunni and Shia way, I reverted a more than a year ago not months or weeks, but I do understand your point.
  2. I'm a revert born the Christian parents, so it would be difficult for them to find me someone Muslim. There is no mosque and few Muslims available so I don't know how to find someone, maybe a dating site.
  3. the djinn offer things without me asking anything
  4. I'm not asking anything from anyone. They're making offers my souls not for sale.
  5. whatever I ask for. money, power, women are whats offered
  6. They're friendly until I say no.
  7. they wan't to buy my soul, there fairly friendly about it.
  8. I have dreams about djnn and the astral plane. Sometimes the dream is a little disturbing. what does it mean and what should I do?
  9. It is recommended to get one for a few reasons. Hajj – Only Muslims are allowed to enter Mecca. They require visitors to the city to provide documentation that identifies their faith when entering. Marriage – Muslim men are permitted to marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish women. Women are only permitted to marry another Muslim, so if you are a male, you will need to provide proof that you converted before you will be allowed to marry a Muslim woman. It is strictly forbidden for both men and women to marry Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Jains, Agnostics, Pagans, and others. Death – If you die, you need to be buried according to the Islamic burial process, and have the funeral rights given to you, such as the proper preparation of your body for burial, the janazah prayer offered by the Muslim community over your body, then to be buried according to Islamic guidelines that are not fulfilled by non-Muslims. It is important for a few people in your family, local Muslim community, friends, and the local Imam to have a copy of your certificate in case such a need arises. Non-Muslim family members may not know where to go or what to do, and may just bury you as a non-Muslim would be buried, or worse, cremated which is forbidden." The nearest mosque is in another town and I don't own a vehicle. I think I'm going to have to wait . I need a passport so I have a passport number to add to the certificate, that takes 3 months to get In the United States.
  10. I read hear https://www.dawahmaterials.com/new-Muslim-support/58-how-to-obtain-a-shahada-certificate that you can type your own certificate of conversion and have it notarized. I want it for my personal records and would like it to function as an official document for marriage and Hajj. There is no mousqe in the area if I can't write one myself can I get one online somewhere?
  11. smoking increases metabolism to, when you quit it slows back down. I went from 140 lbs to 201 lbs at 5'6'' the first time I quit. It took forever to get the extra weight off.
  12. any know what to do about the weight gain from quiting smoking. obviously diet and exercise but does anyone have any other advise?
  13. Most scholars say yes it is. You may come across a small minority that disagrees.
  14. I've lied and said I'm Christian to avoid being hurt before.
  15. Salam, what's the difference between them and what are the most basic requirements to become them? Can you do it with out going to school?
  16. In your opinion whats the most useful dialect of Arabic and why? I'm not sure if it matters but I live in the us.
  17. I'm trying to decide whether I believe the hijab is required or just sunnah. What is actually written in the hadith about it.
  18. Many faiths like shikism and native American traditions believe that long hair helps you spiritually, some to point of requiring it (for males to). What does Islam say about it. Is it innovation to believe that it does. I have short and only ever had medium length hair and don't really intend to grow it out but I was curious about it.
  19. I've seen some female Sunni Imams on youtube so its already happened. I haven't heard of any female Shia Imams though.
  20. I"m male I just wanted to know if shiism allows female Imams or women to lead men in prayer.
  21. I took shahada a year ago with people I've lost contact with. There is no mosque to attend. I've studied Islam online and prayed by myself. The closest masjid is in a neighboring city I can't travel to due to the lack of a car or other transportation. I'm trying to get what I need financially to move but am failing to be to save any money. I've tried to find Muslims to have a prayer group with but they don't exist in the area.
  22. they sell them on ebay to I just happen to have some extra free wood
  23. its been pressure treated but still wood
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