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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I bought an expensive refurbished hp printer and ink for making art prints. I feel guilty about buying from a company that supports the Israeli economy but it's all that I could find in my price range. Should I return it? I donate to bds and they've listed hp as a company to boycott.
  2. Are there any Halal credit cards or business loans? Where do I go to find shariah compliant business loans and credit cards? I want to job that requires me to supply my own equipment and need a credit line to pay for it. I’m looking for A few hundred dollars. I may back out I may back out of pursuing the job but I’m still interested In finding out what it will take to get started. I have a poor credit score And I’ve only been able to qualify for a secured card. My understanding is that if I pay it off before there is any interest on it that it’s halal. is that true?
  3. I get confused for 17 to 21. I think I might look 21. Some people say my 21 year old sister looks older than me.
  4. I’m almost 30 and look 21 at the most. I get confused for a teenager constantly. Anyone else have this problem. I’m sure it will be great when i’m 40 and look 10 to 15 years younger but right now it sucks having people think I’m a kid. I guess it’s a minor problem pun intended. I think I should be grateful and enjoy being young but I’d really like to look more adult. I’ve tried changing my clothes but it only helps a little. I think I’m just going to have to give myself some extra time to age and just be happy with what I have now.
  5. I can’t grow a full beard at almost 30. Is there minimum length? I’m growing it out long but what I have is about six months growth so it may take years. I’m curious what the minimum is.
  6. If the dating is actually halal meaning that it is shaperoned preferably by family on both sides then it would be better to date in my opinion. I would say that both families should be aware of the relationship and that there is some type of shaperon so that you’re never alone.
  7. There needs to be a good candidate that’s not connected to oboma
  8. Shia chat is the only muslim community i have. I originally converted at work when a muslim convert and nation of islam supporter showed me a copy of the Quran and taught me the shahadda. I took shahadda in front of to muslim males one was born muslim and the other was a convert. there's no mosque in the area and i'm being told I'm not a real muslim because I've never been to mosque and that the christian and secular community in the area will never respect my conversion due to me not being born to islam (they don't respect converts as actual muslims). My dad seems to think I need to speak the
  9. The only community in the are is the noi and I've been told buy people connected to them that its not safe to contact them as a white passing person. I've lead prayer for a group of converts before but they have eighter left or are preforming taqiya and practice alone without keeping contact with me. I've been saying I'm going to move for a while but I don't know it that will be possible.
  10. I worship in my home due to there not being a mosque in my area. When I'm able to move how important is it that i attend an actual mosque. Can I continue to worship in my home?
  11. When does music become haram? Is it all haram or is there permissible forms of it.
  12. I believe hijab is a requirement in islam, but not all muslims agree. Should I accept a woman that doesn't cover properly or should I respect her right to her own interpretation. I'm tolerant of other muslims beliefs even when I disagree and believe that weather a woman wears it or not is her decision, but should I accept a woman as a wife that disagrees and chooses not to wear it?
  13. I'm on disability for ptsd I have due to severe harassment and physical attacks both on my self as well as seeing others hurt severely due to our conversion to Islam. But I'm planning to go back to work and pursue a career as a tattoo artist. My family and some acquaintances are unsupportive. I'm devout and have functioned as a make shift imam in the past for the community I converted with. I was the eldest by far and since there is no muslim community in the area I was voted to lead my friends in prayer and give counsel with the understanding that I have no formal training only independent st
  14. I'm sorry. I didn't know it was so beaten down.
  15. Salam, so you have a negative view of them?
  16. How do you feel about Muslims that reject the hadith all together?
  17. yea, I've flip flopped more than once about what sect I want to belong to. I practice by my self. There is no mosque and the the few muslims in the area are closed of to outsiders. But I've made a firm decision to stay shia. I'm intending on moving somewhere with a shia community and mosque once I have a community and mosque it will be easier to stay shia. Sunnis make 85% of the muslim population and many don't except shia as even being muslim. Even though I know shia Islam is correct I bothers me that so many muslims won't accept me witch makes joing the majority sect appealing. I'm embarrass
  18. I've seen images of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) with the face left blank and a beard. The eyes nose and mouth are missing while keeping the beard. Is it permissible in Shia Islam?
  19. I've heard he was way to aggressive in the middle east killing many civilians but I can't find any information about specific events. If you don't/didn't support his regime what did he do to cause you to feel that way.
  20. None of us practice tribal religion. There is no requirement to take part in any rituals at all.
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