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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What is the etiquette for approaching a muslim woman for possible marriage.
  2. How do i need to change psychology and emotional resistance do you think I need to toughen up?
  3. I'm happy for you but it's different for me.
  4. I live in the deep south. i have no children.
  5. I have moderate to severe ptsd due to harassment after converting. I being harassed to the point I'm considering getting the permit to carry legally almost everyone qualifies for one where i live.I've seen muslims hurt so badly i don't know if they survived I'm in real danger. The people i converted with vanished and i don't know where they went. How do you feel about private gun ownership for personal defense?
  6. Is it real and is it permissible, what is the astral plane and is it safe to go there if we're aloud to go there. I have dreams about it so vivid i can feel being touched and attacked by something. If it's not just a dream how do I stop it. If its something else what is it and how do I deal with it.
  7. I was a socialist before I revereted. I've heard of islamic socialism and and am interested if it works. whats the difference between islamic socialism standard socialism and a traditional islamic system. I don't know much about how islamic government works but I want to. I may leave supporting socialism for a more traditional islamic system.
  8. There are only 2 major parties with enough power to get any thing done and it concerns me that I have such a limited choice. America is suppose to be a democracy were is the voice of the minority that do not fit 2 big parties. How do things work in your country are you happy with it and if you an american or living in a America what do you think of the democrats and republicans? How does an islamic government differ?
  9. its both but I would be just as happy about finding some one who at least has a simular percentage as me from any tribe/band
  10. How is tribal conflict in a foriegn country white peoples problem to deal with. It's not you job to get in someone else business with out there consent. we didn't ask for help in fact white people had to be taught how to properly insulate there homes by natives they would have frozen to death without us. Telling me to live on a reservation where I'll be in poverty (most on reservations are) is the equvilent of telling a black man to go home to Africa It's racist and rude. reservations are hard to join if your not registered as a tribal member as a child and you children don't qualify automaticly for citizenship if at least one parent is a member at the time of your birth. Not all natives can realisticly get on one.
  11. my great grandparents were born on reservations my great grandfather was killed for having long "native american" hair he refused to cut.
  12. I'm 1/4 cherokee. my white ancestors genocided my native ancestors and and modern white people (in my area) discriminate against me heavily. being native american is something that makes my hole family viewed as different by everyone including the rest of my family and is a major part in how I identify them. IF white people treated me better i would probably Identify with them more.
  13. I'm a white/native american and Identify with my Cherokee ancestry mostly. I've dated as a non religious person prior to reverting and have never been with a native american. So every relationship I've been in was interracial. The Only Natives I know are distant relatives (cousins). Because I'm white passing meaning I look more white than native white women are the easiest thing for me to get. As a revert I'm probably not going to be with someone with any common racial ancestry. How do you feel about it, Most people in my area disagree that its acceptible to the point that they have tried to force me to marry a white "christian" girl to breed out the native in my ancestry and prevent me from easily raising my children as muslim witch while I don't have a problem with marrying a white person I really resent some one try to destroy something that defines me. I feel that my children will be different from me racially if i don't find a native woman and that's okay with me but I don't like someone trying to force me into a shotgun wedding to breed out my race/faith.
  14. I previously ask a question about tribal tattoos and didn't get a direct answer. I'm 1/4 cherokee and i want to take part in some of my peoples cultural practices how far in general can i go for instance I wanted to carve a new sacred pipe (peace pipe) thats suppose to be blessed with sage for the non federally recognized tribe I belong to and be a pipe bearer (one how keeps a sacred pipe in there home). as for the tattoo it would be haida style tribal witch is traditional native american art I was wishy washy about keeping my tattoos but it seems there to difficult to remove so the poorly done ones will get covered
  15. Other than Dearborn MI. where are the best places to live for an american muslim. I'm considering Seattle WA., Portland OR., and Denver CO as well as neighboring towns.
  16. I have severe ptsd. My psychiatrist suggested drinking and can't prescribe any thing else strong enough, but thats obviously out of the question. what do you suggest?
  17. What are the main differences between each movement and how do you feel about each. I'm a moderate conservative and I don't know much about the other movements I've considered some mild reform in the past but don't think its a good idea to change Islam unless there is evidence that it is permissible to do so and my understanding is that inovation is haram.
  18. I'm considering becoming a reformist. what do you think? I'm interested primarily in Islamic feminism which I personally support. One of the problems I have with the general public is that people think Islam is sexist. Most people have a problem with requiring women to wear hijab and that it's stated that a woman's testimony is half that of a mans. While I agree that hijab is required I also feel that a woman has a right to her own beliefs about the issue and should be aloud to to take it off. I don't understand how a womans testimony is less than a mans and I've read in Islamic states like Saudi arabia women are treated like minors needing permission from a man to open a bank account and leave the country. I've seen a Saudi woman on youtube get asylum in Canada because she was worried her family might kill her for leaving Islam.
  19. Im sorry I only speak english Is there any way to get english translation, I've recently moved far away from body modifacation and decided to remove my tattoos and piercings
  20. the artist made big mistakes on purpose because I told him im Muslim. the worst a lazer will do is leave a scar.
  21. I've lost a woman I had a mutah with that was suppose to turn into a permanent marraige. I hurt all day. I live on disability for severe ptsd thats due to some things that happened when I first converted and all I want is my wife back that basically vanished almost immediately after she agreed to enter a mutah with me. I'm all thats left of the people I converted with and I miss them. My family has ask me to leave Islam repeatedly and sometimes I think about it hard. I want out of the situation completely and am planning to move somewhere new theres a mosque soon but there's a good chance I'll become homeless when I do.
  22. I believe ear piercings are halal for men. Men have worn them alongside women since there invention And I don't consider them a womans adornment. How ever guaging or stretching ears looks marook at best. The piercing is stretched to accept a plug or tunnel. The lob is damaged by my standard and it is practiced by tribal peoples as a pagan tradition, so it damages the body and is imitating the kafir here are some examples at https://duckduckgo.com/?q=guaged+ears&t=canonical&iax=images&ia=images.
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