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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have severe ptsd. My psychiatrist suggested drinking and can't prescribe any thing else strong enough, but thats obviously out of the question. what do you suggest?
  2. What are the main differences between each movement and how do you feel about each. I'm a moderate conservative and I don't know much about the other movements I've considered some mild reform in the past but don't think its a good idea to change Islam unless there is evidence that it is permissible to do so and my understanding is that inovation is haram.
  3. I'm considering becoming a reformist. what do you think? I'm interested primarily in Islamic feminism which I personally support. One of the problems I have with the general public is that people think Islam is sexist. Most people have a problem with requiring women to wear hijab and that it's stated that a woman's testimony is half that of a mans. While I agree that hijab is required I also feel that a woman has a right to her own beliefs about the issue and should be aloud to to take it off. I don't understand how a womans testimony is less than a mans and I've read in Islamic states like Saudi arabia women are treated like minors needing permission from a man to open a bank account and leave the country. I've seen a Saudi woman on youtube get asylum in Canada because she was worried her family might kill her for leaving Islam.
  4. Im sorry I only speak english Is there any way to get english translation, I've recently moved far away from body modifacation and decided to remove my tattoos and piercings
  5. the artist made big mistakes on purpose because I told him im Muslim. the worst a lazer will do is leave a scar.
  6. I've lost a woman I had a mutah with that was suppose to turn into a permanent marraige. I hurt all day. I live on disability for severe ptsd thats due to some things that happened when I first converted and all I want is my wife back that basically vanished almost immediately after she agreed to enter a mutah with me. I'm all thats left of the people I converted with and I miss them. My family has ask me to leave Islam repeatedly and sometimes I think about it hard. I want out of the situation completely and am planning to move somewhere new theres a mosque soon but there's a good chance I'll become homeless when I do.
  7. I believe ear piercings are halal for men. Men have worn them alongside women since there invention And I don't consider them a womans adornment. How ever guaging or stretching ears looks marook at best. The piercing is stretched to accept a plug or tunnel. The lob is damaged by my standard and it is practiced by tribal peoples as a pagan tradition, so it damages the body and is imitating the kafir here are some examples at https://duckduckgo.com/?q=guaged+ears&t=canonical&iax=images&ia=images.
  8. It's just a crecent moon and star, it's not the Qur'an or hadith. I'm going to get a lazer online for $180 to remove it myself.
  9. I actually did I was engaged to a Christian woman when I got them but she backed out of marrying me. I don't really want to remove them I just don't want to be mistreated because of it. A woman that has a problem with it is wrong for me. I'm worried I won't find the wright the right one. will It be difficult to find a woman that at is least is neutral to tattoos the Qur'an teaches not to make impermissible what Allah has made permissible.
  10. I'm a conservative and interested in finding a devout conservative wife. The problem is I have tattoos. How will I be treated by other conservatives, and will I have a difficult time finding a woman for marriage? I'm a revert and in an area where I don't have any kind of Muslim community or presence; so I have no idea how people are going to react when I do eventually move and find a mosque. I'm devout and am afraid of being rejected by other Muslims. My tattoos are religious (they indicate that I'm Muslim) and political How hard will be to find a woman that accepts me with tattoos? I know there permissible in Shia Islam but that doesn't mean that people like it. getting one full sleeve is enough to put people off or irritate them. Even among non Muslim its looked down on and it violates my parents religious beliefs. I want covered hijab wearing Muslim and am worried that me getting tattoo is similar to having a double standard for women even though I'm about to replace my clothes with a wardrobe that's more modest and humble.
  11. If there is no actual gold in it is it permissible. I'm talking about stainless steal and silver painted yellow.
  12. it's my understanding that men are encouraged to pierce there that it's actually mustahabb, but what about gauged (stretched) piercings. gauged ears have been stretched to accept a tunnel ring that allows you to look the the center of the piercing. This is practiced by some tribal people in Africa I'm concerned ti may be immitating the kafir. mine are small enough to shrink to normal size
  13. I'm a conservative with visible tattoos and pierced ears. How will I be treated by the rest of the conservative population? Im planning on lazering my tattoos but I also may get more depending on how people feel about it. I'm concerned I'll have a problem finding a conservative wife or that my appearance will be a problem for her family.
  14. you can buy your own lazer cheap but its more painful than getting the tattoo to start with
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