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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are there any other mystic traditions. Can you be a mystic on your own.
  2. If someone has practiced black magic and wants forgiveness is there a special way to do it. Prior to my conversion I was involved in the occult. I born an evangelical christian but I've only ever been a serious practitioner of the occult and later Islam. I never could accept Jesus as being god incarnate I've always believed that the most Jesus could be was a prophet or possibly something divine but still a subordinate creation of god similar to an angle. I've left my old beliefs for sunni Islam and sometimes play with the Idea of Islamic mysticism. Is There any thing I can do to better repent
  3. Most shias are 12vers but there are other forms of shi'ism do I need to pick one or can I just be a general shia without being a 12ver, Ismali, or zaidi. Can I mix and match jurisprudence and make my own decision about what I believe is true?
  4. I believe the ruling is incorrect witch causes me to question the entire sect.
  5. not allowing illegitimate children to lead prayer appears to be a flaw in the religion witch makes me question the entire sect. I have a hard time believing that anyone including prophets are infalible. saying that because I was born out of wedlock I can't lead is calling me a second class citizen with diminished rights over sin my parents committed. I find it insulting and offensive to be treated that way.
  6. I left shi'is because of the ruling that disqualifies illegitimate born people from leading prayer. I may come back to it if I'm allowed to disagree and become an imam and head a mosque and function as a community leader. I want a leadership position with the intention of contributing to the muslim community. I want to give to you not get. I mentioned in other post that I'm pursuing a carrier in the arts world but I want both .
  7. There are both sunni and shia sufi orders in existance but is it necessary to belong to a sect to sufi. Can you be a sufi without being sunni or shia?
  8. Most Christians believe what you do. there is a biblical verse in Mathew where jesus is ask about who a woman who had multiple husbands each died before her so she was aloud to remarry so who would she belong to in heaven. His answer was that she would become as the angels are (non-sexual) and not have a husband. He was quoted saying that the angels don't marry nor are given to marriage. The idea that angels can be female of feminine is a new one in Christian culture. In Christianity angels are all non-sexual males. They retain male gender identity but only become sexual if they are fallen and
  9. I started out a southern evangelical Babtist christian and was taught there is no evidence that they exist in christianity so they don't exist. But what about in Islam? I've read there isn't any evidence to support it in Islam but that it's still possible. what are your opinions?
  10. I was asking what your definition of a moderate and reformers is and how they differ.
  11. I’m becoming les conservative. I no longer believe that hijab is a requirement And probably won’t require my spouse to wear one. I do believe my beard is a requirement.I wear Western clothes which are traditional for me considering I’m a western revert.
  12. I have an opportunity to become a tattoo artist but I’m considering going into Or finding a new art form Because of my faith. I’m very much interested becoming an artist of some kind but tattooing may not be it. I’ve struggled to except that tattooing may be Haram and don’t know what to do now. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna leave it and make the sacrifice even though I want it badly and study some other form of art.
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