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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I had something pull me by my leg out of bed the other night. I have nightmares about jinn. sometimes I believe in ghost. someone was shot to death on my property before I moved on it and sometimes i think it's haunted. What do you think of these kind of experiences and is there any evidence in Islam against it or ghost.
  2. I feel that my faith is weakening how do i reaffirm it.
  3. Salam, It doesn't receive inheritance from it's own parents or mine? If It doesn't receive any inheritance from me can I still choose to leave it something?
  4. Right before converting I had a girlfriend miscarry a baby. I wanted it. I loved it the same as a born child and was hurt badly by loosing it. What rights would I have had Islamically if it had survived. I would have happily married the mother I barely new.
  5. I'm looking for a detailed description. Where can i find a prayer guide for Quranist?
  6. I want a puppy and don't understand why I can't have one. Are they really haram.
  7. I'm going to grow a full beard if I'm physically able to. Anyone Have advice for getting a job or types of jobs I can get without education. right now its a little more than stubble and patchy, thin and not neat. I'm going to use a rogaine off brand to thicken it but it takes months to see results.
  8. I see and apologize for any insult to you I'm very sorry If you're offended that was not my intention.
  9. I'm a revert I want a born muslim wife with a muslim family so that I can integrate into muslim culture and people as well as to give any children we have a larger muslim family. I believe giving my children a larger muslim extended family will give them a greater connection to the muslim people something I want for myself as well. I wan't my children to stay muslim and having too revert parents may affect how they view themselves possibly as more seperate from other born muslims and make them fell less muslim than other born muslims and cause them to want to leave islam. Is it okay for me to
  10. Are there any other mystic traditions. Can you be a mystic on your own.
  11. If someone has practiced black magic and wants forgiveness is there a special way to do it. Prior to my conversion I was involved in the occult. I born an evangelical christian but I've only ever been a serious practitioner of the occult and later Islam. I never could accept Jesus as being god incarnate I've always believed that the most Jesus could be was a prophet or possibly something divine but still a subordinate creation of god similar to an angle. I've left my old beliefs for sunni Islam and sometimes play with the Idea of Islamic mysticism. Is There any thing I can do to better repent
  12. Most shias are 12vers but there are other forms of shi'ism do I need to pick one or can I just be a general shia without being a 12ver, Ismali, or zaidi. Can I mix and match jurisprudence and make my own decision about what I believe is true?
  13. I believe the ruling is incorrect witch causes me to question the entire sect.
  14. not allowing illegitimate children to lead prayer appears to be a flaw in the religion witch makes me question the entire sect. I have a hard time believing that anyone including prophets are infalible. saying that because I was born out of wedlock I can't lead is calling me a second class citizen with diminished rights over sin my parents committed. I find it insulting and offensive to be treated that way.
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