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  1. That's lousy mathematics, yet they say it's a mystery of the church. The doctrine of the incarnation is exactly one of the reasons why I left Christianity in the first place. Now I'm here with you guys in Shia Islam.
  2. Not just Hinduism, but also from polytheistic religions of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.
  3. Assalamu Alaikum, My birth name is [edit], but my Muslim name is Ali Alcazar. I was born in Jacksonville, FL. I'm an American of mainly British, German, and Spanish descent, and a small percentage of Native American. I was originally brought up as a nondenominational Christian, then I switched over and became a Roman Catholic at age 18 in the year 2014. Since then, I grew increasingly interested in learning about Judaism and Islam. After feeling strong sympathy for the Shia due to the importance of Ahlul Bayt and the endless persecution they go through, and after finally realizing that the doctrines of the trinity and the incarnation didn't make any sense, I decided to convert to Shia Islam. I took my Shahada at a Shia mosque last year at Chinese New Year night in the year 2018. Unfortunately, I currently live far away from a Shia mosque, but at least I've learned how to pray from apps and YouTube videos with instructions for Salah. Please keep me in your prayers as I'll be keeping our community in my prayers. Thank you.
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