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  1. Ya Allah, we should look at what the world has come to. May God let Imam Mahdi (aj) and Nabi Isa (عليه السلام) return soon.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dihyah_al-Kalbi so I stumbled upon this Hadith and got me thinking. How can one respond about claims about those hadiths? Like these ”Dihyah Al-Kalbi is the author of the Qur'an since he was also the one who preached Islam to the romans. That could've gave him the chance to copy the torah or Bible in the Roman empire" Or "Dihyah Al-Kalbi posed as an angel to deceive people"
  3. Times of the end of times @Noor Taleband I are going through the same thoughts and so aren’t others.
  4. As long as we have faith in God, it’s his will what is in the afterlife not ours
  5. Is the Hadith true or have any truth to it?
  6. I mean one time I did see you sight some things of why you don’t agree with the Qu’ran, but I also do think stuff does get lost in translation. And sometimes it’s not meant to be taken literally. I also find that Muslims sometimes do the same with the Bible
  7. Okay, Can you read Assyrian? The original language of the Bible? No. Back then they translated it and imagine how bad the translation could’ve been. Google translate it bad now, so imagine 300 ad, the translation, must’ve not been good. Also, one thing I don’t understand that is Pail wrote a lot of things to do In the Bible, that doesn’t have anything relating to what Jesus preached. Jesus was Jewish and preached the same Law Of Moses that Moses had preached.
  8. If shiachat is dead do we have do to Janaza (funeral)?
  9. Being Pakistani myself I don’t know how anyone can believe some weird Indian Man to be “Jesus” and “Imam Mahdi” Besides the Messiah is suppose to come when the world ends, so it’s been 200 hundred years. I don’t know what the Ahmadi’s think
  10. So they still believe he will return?
  11. Do Ahmadyyias believe that Ghulam Ahmed is the reincarnation of Jesus ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and The Mahdi at the same time?? That makes no sense. Because Jesus is suppose to come at end Time and if Ghulam came 200 years ago, then doesn’t that prove he isn’t a Prophet?
  12. I had a dream a couple of nights ago, that I went to Umrah and I started praying at the Kaaba and it felt so amazing and then, people (atheists) came and destroyed the Kaaba. Does this mean anything?
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