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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. AstaghfirAllah, And this would be bad for all groups involved because in one corner we would have our Hero whose reputation would be tarnished leading to lost opportunities and social rejection by his Shia community while participating in bidah. Then in the other corner we have the Shia community who would be responsible for backbiting and having to stand account on Yauma Qiyamah. Not a good scenario to be in. Then in the other corner we still have our lost sheep still performing bidah prayers at warp speeds with no signs of the last days to slow them down, with their hands up on the roller coaster.
  2. Alhamdulilah, Why are we rehashing and beating a dead horse here? The brother has already been told by many qualified brothers on this thread about his mistake and how he should be more confident next time shun such invitation. So why do you want to rehash and beat up on him some more? Everything you said has been established in this thread already aside from the Sistani’s ruling. Brother Haider this is why you keep your slip ups between you and Allah. Humans are not more merciful than Allah. Wait for Answers from your more knowledgeable scholars don’t pay too much attention to this thread. Insha’Allah stay away from bidah and move on with Your Ramadhan. Allah is more merciful than Humans. This is also Ramadhan the most merciful month. Take advantage of it.
  3. Alhamdulilah, Brother exactly what answer are you looking for from the examples of the Musa and Harun and the two Imams? You seem to want to understand if there could be two approaches or ideologies from Prophets and Imams as to how to deal with the people. I have a story for you that could tie this together. It’s hard to use Musa as an example because he was a kinda of rough around the edges Prophet along with Hud and Yunus. Supposedly there is an narration of Musa even swinging at the angel of death. All the Prophets, even though they were from the same light possessed different qualities and personalities. This means they could have handled situations differently but at the same time, there were certain situations where Allah wanted things to be handled how he wanted to. Some Prophets were a little bit more staunch or tough in stance with the people, but I think this because the people they were dealing with were staunch and needed to be dealt with that way. And some Prophets were crying Prophets like Nuh (عليه السلام) and a few others and we also know that some of the Imams shed tears a lot. Lets say hypothetically Imam Hussein felt a need to deal with the usurpers a different way. The Imams are from the same light but they are meant for different times. Hassan (عليه السلام). was the Imam of the age so his approach with the treaty was the right approach meant for that time and the correct one for that time. Remember both Imams would have fought but unfortunately the Ummah was compromised and irresponsible. Mahdi (عليه السلام) will not be a crying Imam, he will be a war time Imam. His personality will be meant for the time. It will be the right approach meant for the age, from the Imam of the age, there is even a narration that says he will have his feet on the back of the Arabs neck. A lot of how Prophets and Imams deal with the people depends on the people they are going against. The outcomes can be altered by the people.
  4. Alhamdulilah, This whole analogy above is why Muslims and polytheistic Christians will always differ. You are not a monotheistic Christian based on this entire analogy. You are contradicting yourself by this entire analogy. You are trying to appeal to Muslims by saying you are monotheistic while believing in your analogy above. And you still haven’t responded to the link below about the Christian trinity originating from Babylonian pagan religion thousands of years before Christ. You are responding to everything except this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/romecorruptedchristianity.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/nimrods-family-created-God-the-father-and-God-the-son/amp/
  5. Alhamdulilah, In the end or shall we say in the beginning also, what were numbers? If Allah says be and it is! What was the need for any numbers? Numbers aren't even infinite since there was only Allah before everything.
  6. What numbers? What are numbers? Infinite Numbers are a misrepresentation of the unknown or what we can’t understand. Before judgement day every living creation will die leaving only Allah who has always existed. Things like time, space, infinite numbers etc, are only relative to humans who are not infinite. Allah’s wisdom goes beyond science and math. He is the creator of science, math, time, space, and everything in between space.
  7. Alhamdulilah, Ah Ok my fault, Alhamdulilah, perhaps I did misunderstand you. Well anyhow whatever the answer is Insha’Allah you will come out more knowledgeable Muslim because of the experience and seeking all out knowledge of the situation. Insha’Allah have a blessed Ramadhan.
  8. Alhamdulilah, Brother, at this point what you are doing is almost worst than the unintentional attending the bidah prayer. After asking Allah for forgiveness move on. You are almost indirectly seeking forgiveness through the answer from scholars and Sistani. It is Allah who hears prayers and it is Allah who answers prayers and Allah is most merciful. Remember the two verses in Surah Hamd. He alone do we worship and he alone do we ask for help. Whatever answer the scholars send back is not better than asking Allah for forgiveness and having faith in your lord as the most merciful to forgive you. This system some times reminds me of Catholicism where there is an intermediary in between you and God and that’s not Islam. You can seek understanding from scholars but you don’t have to wait for their ruling to feel forgiven. Allah says if all your sins were filled to the sky he would forgive them instantly if you sincerely asked for forgiveness. Insha’Allah move on brother. Have a blessed Ramadhan and continue to do good works while striving to get closer to Allah SubhanAllahu wa Ta’ala.
  9. Alhamdulilah, Only Allah knows who His believers are, and its not up to anyone to judge but Allah! His excellency, the exalted, Lord and creator of the Of all worlds and the Tremendous Throne. Treat every one fairly and be just and fight those disbelievers who fight you until they stop but do not transgress as Allah does not like those Who transgress. It’s just that simple really.
  10. Alhamdulilah, I’m actually not opposed to Africans countries sharing in accountability of righting wrongs for roles that they might have played in help selling slaves. The one big point however is how the slaves were treated once they were forced on those ships and how they were treated on those ships and how they were treated when the arrived on American shores for generations to come. People talk about Israel losing 6 million people in WW2 1945. There is an estimated 60 million African slaves who died in Slave trade. And this is supposedly soft estimate. Some figure it to even be up to 150 million over all. These numbers also include reaching the new world. None of these numbers are including the racist oppression faced after slavery when slaves didn’t have education and property to even pick themselves up while still be identified as not human or half human. Generations and generations of oppression for 400 years. But somehow Israel is still receiving reparations from the United States and the world from 1945? And you think the African nations should be responsible only? Smh Hell we not even talking about the role that Arab nations played in slavery? Late President Kadhafi at least apologized on his behalf and tried to get the other Arab nations to apologize for their roles and they all declined! Smh
  11. Alhamdulilah, Allah knows who his believers are. No one can can make a percentage as to how many of who is going to Jannah. There are pure believing Tawhid Christians and pure believing Tawhid Hebrews. There was a Christian monk by the name of Bahira who noticed the presence of the future to be Messenger Muhammad SAW from an incoming caravan. He noticed all the signs and identified the markings and told Abu Talib who he was to be and he also informed Abu Talib about his future son to be the Imam of the Ummah. Bahira was extremely happy about meeting the young Prophet and said had he not been of old age he would pick up a sword and fight for the future to be Messenger Muhammad SAW. These type of Christians are who the Qur'an talks about enjoying gardens of bliss.
  12. Alhamdulilah, Very well said, no where is perfect nor will it ever be. It’s the nature of being human and Muslim. Insha’Allah We look forward to the hereafter free from worldly problems and struggle.
  13. Alhamdulilah, Yeah I would imagine to a modest true believing Muslim sister it is very odd, especially with there being Muslim sisters who cover, but their cloths are just as tight and revealing as non Muslim. This also happens to be one of the signs of the last days however. Muhammad SAW narrated that Women will cover but it will be like they have no cloths on. Alhamdulilah, I don’t judge though. Women have their own struggles and some of those women that are in scad clothing and mixing and participating in pre marital sexual relationships don’t necessarily want that lifestyle but are pressured by society to be that way. These are usually the believers that end up finding their way to Islam.
  14. Alhamdulilah, Masha’Allah brother! keep that same passion! It’s good that you have this passion. But you are even stronger and formidable when you can control your anger. You have an audience, but you lose your audience and the debate automatically when you lose your cool. Give a chance for the audience to decide who’s making better points. We can tell whose points are better. Shaitan is locked up so don’t make his work easy by blowing your whole Ramadhan over a religious discussion on the internet that no one else in the world cares about. You seem like a cool brother. Keep doing good work. Ramadhan Mubarak brother!
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