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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/countingthecost/2019/07/big-brands-buying-Muslim-fashion-190720112602238.html How do the sisters on ShiaChat feel about this, would you go for designer wear or stick to the Islamic brands? Do Muslim vloggers/influencers really hold the same influence? You can see some influencer's ahem... influence on Muslim women's fashion still, but some people say that influencers aren't sincere anymore, that they have just become walking talking brand advertisers. Do influencers even represent the everyday Muslim woman anymore? I seem to remember hijabs being sold for ridiculous prices by certain influencers. To the brothers, what are your views on designers getting into this market? If Dolce & Gabbana started their own brand of men's Islamic wear... Turbans let's say, how would you feel? Odd topic I suppose.
  2. Mosquito please meet rolled up newspaper, rolled up newspaper please meet mosquito.

  3. It really could only be one of two people in a marriage
  4. aaaz1618

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    Alexa... Where can I find Yoda-English Collins Gem Dictionary?
  5. November Tango, bring in the sesame snaps, it's time for operation de-escalate. Over.
  6. Ah then it's an enigma on top of an enigma then. Well, the jist is there's some good guys with brown cloaks and blue and green light swords and some bad guys with black cloaks and red light swords and the bad guys do some bad stuff and the good guys get a possé of googly eyed things, furry things and a very camp sounding golden android... Oh and Harrison Ford. Then some other stuff happened when Disney bought the franchise and I don't know what happened then. Probably the same except Mickey Mouse does some stuff in a spaceship.
  7. Mawlana ya mawlana, mawlana ya mawlana...
  8. I mean... I knew the bits from Star Wars, the bits from Star Wars were quite well presented... (sigh)
  9. I can't take Hinduism seriously, I swear I saw someone 'feed' their avatar a sesame snap in the temple... You know... They sell those sesame snaps in my local Polski Sklep!
  10. Aaaahhhh... Yeah, that makes sense. Writing in chive probably takes some practice.
  11. It obviously says: It's Islandsandsimon's! If you can't tell I haven't written in chive in a while (It's been 10 years) So, going on vacay... And I'm getting sick! Sending myself heating energy.
  12. There was a member who was good at explaining Hinduism last time, I can't remember who it was. Was it @HakimPtsid Nobody is judging, is your family from a Hindu background originally?
  13. Is Jaun an alternative spelling of the Farsi/Urdu word Jaan?
  14. Very interesting responses so far, curious to know more if anyone else has anything to add! Thanks.
  15. Might be off topic, but once when watching television when I was a little kid there was a report with Princess Diana on and I turned to my mum and asked "isn't she dead yet?"
  16. Booooo, get off the stage you aren't playing the game properly! I'm telling my mum on you.
  17. I hope another thread about this doesn't exist, so my apologies if I didn't find one in the search. I saw some time ago when looking into the Ahlul Bayt that most of the Imams were poisoned. I know that poisoning was probably quite a popular way to get rid of powerful figures back in the day, without physically touching them, but I find it quite shocking that so many were killed that way. I don't understand, did they know this would happen? Did they definitely die from poisoning or is that an assumption? Did they not start to become suspicious after so many of their family before them died that way? I mean no disrespect to them, it's just something I've wondered for a while.
  18. I do not believe he was poisoned by a Jewish woman, seems odd how it took four years to end his life but other people died straight away. Isn't logical from a toxicological point of view. To go from teasing him about his breath to poisoning him is quite a jump for Aisha and Hafsa to make, do you honestly think it got that bad? I don't know if they did it. Are we certain he was poisoned and what evidence do people present for that?
  19. What happened to widows getting married permanently? The Prophet married a few widows and did not see the need for mutah. The guest doesn't agree with mutah as a personal choice and the Prophet never married a widow temporarily out of personal choice, so what's the big deal?
  20. Is this a hypothetical question or a rhetorical question? What else do you expect most of us to do, all do hijra to the perfect Islamic country? ...Oh wait... It doesn't exist. We cannot not pay tax in our countries, we end up in jail and therefore put our family in ruin. Not all of us 'cannot be bothered' and are more concerned with our 'materialistic' lives, many of us care very deeply and make a conscious effort to give more in zakat, in sadaqah etc to countries that are suffering than we would give in tax which goes towards wars. We just don't all stand on a rooftop asking hypothetical questions about who does and who doesn't. Do you have a solution, do you yourself know where your taxes go? Do you think the people you are lecturing (people you have no idea about) are all oblivious? ...And please don't say you do... We know, okay. We know. When a solution comes, trust us, we'll jump for it, but so far nobody who shouts that they care has come up with an answer
  21. The guest takes issue with concepts of sects, not of religion. They have not said 'I don't want to label myself as a Muslim or a non-Muslim', they have said 'I don't want to label myself as a Shi'a or a Sunni'. So your comparison really isn't helpful, but it is actually quite condescending to suggest the guest hasn't researched their religion and that somehow young age is the problem here.
  22. https://www.mirror.co.United Kingdom/news/politics/boris-johnson-said-Islam-kept-18322838 He makes a point about there not being a printing press in the Ottoman Empire until the 19th century etc. I don't agree Islam has anything to do with it, but I do believe people's interpretation of Islam has held the Muslim world back somewhat, in terms of philosophical discussions especially. I seem to remember hearing about how the decline of the Mu'tazilites added to this. What are your thoughts?
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