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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. aaaz1618


    Assalam alaikum, I have taken the decision to leave ShiaChat, I have mostly enjoyed my time here and despite coming from a different walk of life have felt welcomed and supported by many of you. I have learnt a lot since joining, about your beliefs, and in a way about mine too. I've just hit a dark point in my life where mentally I don't know how much diesel is left in the tank anymore. It leaves me not knowing what more I can say or do, when cracks appear I try to fix them and when I fix them more appear. Please don't feel the need to write any responses, but if you want
  2. I believe the Mutazilite school of thought grappled with this question and came to a similar but not identical conclusion as yourself. I don't think they could be regarded as Shi'a though, possibly not even Sunni, I'm not sure.
  3. If that were true the world wouldn't be so messed up. Sadly the world is dominated by older men who cannot think like humans.
  4. "What are all these verbally beaten bodies doing on the floor?" (Sees the word 'gryffindor') "Ah harmless thread about Harry Potter, I'll be on my way then". (Tips hat and moonwalks out of saloon doors).
  5. If there was some agenda where the BBC and other news media outlets propagated the Shi'a/making Shi'a look the better of the two sects, would you and others here support that?
  6. It's already proven that this forum is 99.9% more popular than 'ummah'.
  7. Simply put, no. Normalising lesbian or gay relationships in a consumerist way like Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks films doesn't go down well in my book. It isn't just the films, they'll have lesbian figures, bags with cartoon lesbians, pencil cases, birthday cakes, balloons, dress up costumes, CDs, the list goes on. Cartoon lesbians that we are just supposed to be cool with because our little darlings want us to buy them stuff with their stupid faces on! Crikey, gone are the days of just being able to enjoy a film about a rat making food by controlling a red haired guy in a French resta
  8. I used to believe in the moon landing and I am usually quite an anti-conspiracy theorist, but even I can't argue against the points raised that suggest it was a hoax. Too many coincidences in my eyes at least. I think it may have been America's way to shut the Russians up, there was probably some good intentions behind that but after a while I guess they had to keep up the pretence. Only the Americans have ever put people on the moon despite economic power houses like China theoretically having the power and people to do so.
  9. For anyone who believes Abu Hurairah was blessed by God in some way and is reliable, please read this from Sheikh Abdulfattah Abu Abdullah Adebalu (a Sunni sheikh from Nigeria). ”During the caliphate of Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab, he made him governor of Bahrain. Umar, as we know, used to call his rulers sternly to account. If he made one of them governor when he had two garments, on the day he ceased to govern, he should still own no more than those two garments, and it would be better to leave office with only one! But if he left Office with any display of wealth, he would not escape Umar's r
  10. Outside of Bareilvi mosques I have not seen any other sect or school of thought practice it, so I would take a punt and say it isn't allowed.
  11. It is a practice done by Sunni Bareilvis, but not Sunni Deobandis. I think they kiss the thumbnails as they believe Adam, peace be upon him, upon hearing Muhammad's name, peace be upon him. Either it was Adam or the angels, I forget which.
  12. The disagree option doesn't do some things justice.
  13. The Ahmadis do/did that after Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's name too, not that I am saying Imam Khamenei is a self-proclaimed Messiah figure, just saying it appears easier than thought to blur the lines and lose grasp of things.
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