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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It is us that kill, not the Devil that tells us to kill, he simply collects up all the people who have gone astray. However, Satanism according to Anton LaVey does advocate killing and does not seem to discriminate against who can't be killed. If you read what I wrote earlier about LaVey, by definition he doesn't say you can't kill or harm children, because: a.) They are irresponsible so you are not responsible for them b.) Aggression is a desirable emotion c.) You only have to be kind to those who deserve it. If a kid doesn't deserve your kindness, you can do what you like. Such a warped and sick religion, totally contrasted to Islam. Satanists do share one similarity with Wahhabis though... Smashing graves and other religious artefacts.
  2. I have nothing positive to think about people who drive up in the rear view mirror of our family BMW in a Mercedes.
  3. Beats me. I thought you were African American until hearing the clip...
  4. I don't know about the Shi'a scholars, but some Hanafi scholars believe that as copyrights and intellectual property are sharī rights then piracy is not permissible. It seems there is a differing on opinion though even within Hanafi schools.
  5. I'm talking about Ahmed Al-Hassan who the member has been trying to convince us about for the past month.
  6. Where was this great man with all the answers... When ISIS was tearing our communities apart? When the Muslim women around the world were being metaphorically stoned by angry white men just for wearing a bit of fabric around their head? When children were being blown to pieces in Manchester arena? When China attacked the Uyghur people? When an angry white man shot dead several people at a New Zealand mosque? When Shi'as, Sufis and anyone else gets attacked, killed or hounded for being 'kufars'? When little girls were being led away, gang raped and then beaten to death with rocks in Asia? ...This is but a short list of events, such a saviour missed. Where, oh where, was this great man you keep wanting me to hear about and be convinced about? Stop tagging my name in this thread please. Jazak Allahu kheir.
  7. "The Father of Satanism", Anton LaVey's teachings promoted indulgence, kindness to those who deserve it, responsibility to the responsible while shunning unconditional love, pacifism and equality. He believed in satisfying the ego's desires. He expressed the view that self-indulgence was a desirable trait, and that hate and aggression were not wrong or undesirable emotions but that they were necessary and advantageous for survival. Accordingly, he praised the seven deadly sins as virtues which were beneficial for the individual. So, with that in mind, what makes you think that they believe in not lying or killing?
  8. I have never understood the point in joining congregational du'a, in the mosques I go to you will see the whole congregation say ameen over and over, they don't even know what they are saying ameen to because they don't speak Arabic as their mother tongue and they will only pick up on common words, not the subject matter in between. In theory they could be praying for something they don't agree with. Make an effort to learn some surahs and also learn their meaning, so when you are praying salah you know what you are reciting. Other than that I definitely believe you should be sincere in your du'a and you can only do that if you truly understand the words you are saying.
  9. If there's a lady giving you lots of likes and lols on here, chances are she's the one.
  10. Abdulbasit Abdussamad, Omar Hisham Al-Arabi, Noreen Siddiq, Mubarak Shaaban and Mohammed Hady Touré.
  11. The Torah was not a miracle? What do you think it was then??
  12. I think I know, but I don't want to say it otherwise I will literally make one of myself, so just type ١٠١س into Google Translate and click the speaker on the Arabic. I think that is the idea.
  13. 'A contemporary translation of the Qur'an' by Ahmed Ali. It helped me understand things better when I went through a really low imaan. You could check out Dr.. Tahir ul-Qadri's translation too which I think is quite good too.
  14. Just from my observation I don't think so, otherwise when we set out to do something bad but don't fulfill it that would be considered a lie too, which it isn't. It's good if we don't fulfill something bad we said we would do. If we set out to do something good but don't do it, depending on the reason why, it is still not a bad thing. People don't tend to view it as lying unless they don't understand the situation or already have a negative opinion of the person in question. Lying is calculated, one could argue that angry people that say daft things to their mums aren't being calculated at all in the heat of the moment. By saying what you said were you wanting to gain anything from it, or were you just in a bad mood? Lies have well planned out purposes, to hide true emotion about something, to hide faults, to avoid hurting someone etc. If you made a promise, you broke your word, but breaking your word by doing something positive may be better than breaking a positive word by doing something negative. Maybe. Again, just my two pence on the matter.
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