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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalam O Alykum If I kill a lizard by any stick, groom, or etc, so bath (Ghusal) is necessary????
  2. Respected All, I shall be thank full to you if anyone makes me aware of the right source of doing Mutah. I have an strong desire to make Mutah, Thanks.
  3. Asalam O Alykum... I read all shared messages, in the end, I approach at the point that everyone should keep contacting with God if there is no assistance is expected. God is great. Life is a menace to everyone, some time in the shape of Husband, in the shape of wife, in the shape of the daughter, etc.
  4. Asalam O Aykum. I would like to make me clear, if during Ghusal E janabat some blob of water touches cloths after touching the body, then cloth will be sacred or not.\
  5. Asalam O Alykum I would like to ask regarding an amount that was taken to me in shape of property share. Actually there are some shares in our father’s property, when my father was alive, he decided that, two family members would pay the share of elder one, and as per property value his share was becoming around 8, to 9 lac it means I had to pay half while I had paid to him already some amount, but suddenly he demanded that only me will pay him full amount, that was unable to fulfill by me. Then it was again decided by our entire family, that 80% house land will be sold and woul
  6. Thanks dear, I got your point, I am in the Taqleed of sayydi Sistani
  7. thanks to all, but what does the mean of Majra????
  8. Asalam O Alukum is Ablution necessary after Ghusal E Juma or other Ghusal???
  9. Asalam O Alykum. can I perform Namaz after Zanjeer Zani?
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