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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allah can let Prophet Musa hear Allah’s words without others hearing it just like you hear your thoughts without others hearing it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it was told to him in his mind, it could be told to him aloud without others hearing it because Allah did not cover “the veil” from their ears. It’s just like the Prophet that could see Jibraeel without others seeing him. Or like Imam Hassan Al-Askari that could see Imam Al-Mahdi without anyone seeing them both. But in this situation it’s not about seeing but hearing.
  2. I want to contribute to the part of taking control. You feel like you can’t help but sin and that you can’t go back to the normal life. Two famous Arabic word is Islam that we repeat at least dozens of time during the day is Allahu Akbar/الله اكبر. People translate it to Allah is the Greatest however I once did tasbih through an app on my phone and I saw that they translated it to Allah is greater (than being described). This changed my view of the word Allahu Akbar and I use it now to overcome difficult tasks. Whenever you feel hopeless or whenever you feel like you can’t do something because you’re too weak. Just repeatedly say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater. See it like “This task is great and difficult, but Allah is greater”. With the will of Allah you can accomplish everything. In duaa Al Jumaa we describe Allah with “The All-knowing Who forgets not him who remembers Him, decreases not him who thanks Him, disappoints not him who supplicates Him and cuts not off the hope of him who hopes in Him!” Remember Allah, thank Allah, supplicate Allah and have hope in Allah. The rest will be in his hands.
  3. to be honest everyone is already boycotting it but idc I’m just going to watch it. But what’s more important is: do we Shias believe in the monster dajjal or just the system? Like will there actually be a one eyed dude with kafir on his forehead or is that al-sufyani?
  4. What are you basing that on brother? Of course a child can pull a trigger but actually aiming and shooting on a higher level needs skills just like archery does. I would compare a kalasjnikov to a sword of this era and a sniper to a bow and arrow. And I don’t think it was too necessary for the Prophet (sawaws) to be more specific and tell us all the details of the weapons. I’m not a scholar but I’ve heard it from a scholar that a lot of scholars do think we will stick to modern weapons. How about training your skills on both modern and middle aged weapons just to be sure?
  5. Don’t you think these things evolve over time and that we need to learn other things now? Like some scholars say when the Imam appears we’ll still have kalashnikovs wouldn’t we have to learn of to shoot a gun instead of archery?
  6. 04-10-2019 https://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13980712000278
  7. Can someone answer this question cause I’m not sure I think it is
  8. Well in the Iraqi Husayniya here they swing with knives too. They don’t do tatbir only swinging knives. So swinging knives could be symbolic but I don't know about the video
  9. I don't know with all respect, the story sounds like a Bollywood movie. They are facing the soldiers face to face and I oop- the soldier drops his Iranian passport. And in all videos or pictures we can clearly see the empty space between the soldiers and the protestors. It’s impossible that a group of men go and wrestle with some soldiers that are shooting at people do you think these soldiers that shooting at people wouldn’t shoot at the persons that are directly attacking them. This is the only article I could find. https://m.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iraqi-protesters-claim-Iranian-forces-firing-on-demonstrations-603710/amp If you find an Israeli news agency credible then I don't know anymore.
  10. Lebanese313

    0ctober 5th

    On this date in history: My sister was born
  11. You guys have to read this https://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13980712000278
  12. Try again I edited it you should be able to see the picture now. But that’s the same thing sayyed Sistani said according to the article although they mentioned that he said it a long time ago and that this fatwa was deleted out of his book. It could be similar to sayyed Khamenei but show the fatwa if you could find it. And the fact that (if sayyed Khamenei also said it) both the maraji’ said it then it would clearly be with a reason they don’t say things out of themselves. Don’t forget the scholar in the article said he’s a follower of Sayyed Sistani
  13. Let’s be rational if he says it’s highly makrūh do you really think he would suggest to perform the act so a girls virginity won’t be taken away
  14. The fact that they’re sharing this despite the fact that they don’t know its credibility shows what they want to accomplish. I don’t want to be the conspiracy theorist here but anyone who noticed how this was published alongside the protests in Iraq?
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