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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I think the title is clear but I will explain in what sense I mean it. When is the right time to start searching for a spouse? Do you think one can marry before graduation? Does he need to save money for the wedding and mahr before or while officially talking/being engaged?
  2. I meant yes, it’s haram but wasn’t aware it wouldn’t be understood that way haha
  3. In my opinion, no one inherits religion and everyone finds it eventually. Even born muslims. We aren’t born knowing everything and I’m sure every one of us had a switching point in his life where he got more religious or was convinced that this path is the truth.
  4. I’m not sure but I think we misunderstood the purpose of these signs. I think the purpose of the signs isn’t necessary so we know the reappearance is near but the purpose is so that if imam al Mahdi would reappear we would know how to differentiate between him and fake imam Mahdi’s because of the signs that happened
  5. Not everyone can learn from reading hadiths since not everyone can determine which has a weak or strong chain learning from scholars is better than learning from the hadiths in my opinion
  6. Before the night if Hijra the prophet ordered all the muslims to go to Medina on that night. The only ones that were (or should have been) left behind were the prophet, imam Ali, Fatima Al-Zahraa, Fatima the mother of imam Ali, Fatima the daughter of Hamza. The prophet told imam Ali that Allah ordered him to sleep in his bed and he told him what to do before leaving Mekka. While the prophet was leaving Mekka he came across Abu Bakr who should have already been on his way to Medina. The prophet feared quraysh would kill abu bakr if he was left behind so he told him to come with him. When the pr
  7. Oh just read u saying that the jews didn’t use that calendar at his time idk then
  8. I think he used the jewish calendar, which is a lunar calendar.
  9. Salam, What do you guys think of relationships that start online. Would you accept it if a man one day told you that he got to know your daughter from instagram and asks for her hand? Isn’t it tricky since sometimes this guy could be a total stranger thus he might be faking his personality.
  10. The first Shia community outside Medina was in Jabal ‘Amil, Lebanon. Abu-Dhar, one of the closest companions of imam Ali passed through this region and many people converted to Shia Islam there because of him.
  11. Most in numbers, Iran. Most relatively I have no idea
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