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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don’t follow it because my local mosque and the mosque in groningen didn’t want to follow it. According to them it’s impossible for fajr to be that early. So just put your trust in Allah if you’re convinced then follow it if not then stick to the old calculation method. ws
  2. I don't know if you know dutch I can translate it . Under the timetable on the pic is written : On the 4th of May 2019 there was a gathering between the board members of the Islamic and cultural centers of the Netherlands, clergymen an scientists in the cultural centrum Ahlul-Bayt((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). In this gathering the subject of the prayer times of the holy month of Ramadan was specially studied. At the end of the gathering the Islamic and cultural centers agreed to use the prayertimes that are published by the Islamic center of Hamburg
  3. @ahlulbayt4iedereen on instagram posted something about it and on their post you can see the centers that accepted this timetable calculation method thing
  4. I think there is noting wrong with spending a couple minutes on increasing ones knowledge. WS
  5. I think the question is clear. Can people under certain circumstances see jinns?
  6. https://www.al-Islam.org/salatul-layl-h-t-kassamali/salatul-layl I hope this will help you. Midnight is not 12 pm but the time exactly between maghrib and fajr.
  7. I wasn’t looking at the times of today, did you brother? And else that would be the mistake.
  8. I figured out they used the tool on this site http://en.izhamburg.de/ could you try it for yourself and tell me if it was accurate for your city?
  9. The one that’s written with the hand is the one from his mosque and the other is the one with the new calculation method https://m.imgur.com/NL7zd0h (new method) https://m.imgur.com/ZpsTxdP (old method) look at the blue marked day notice that fajr on the hand written one is on the right.
  10. I wish I misunderstood something brother there was no timetable for my city but my friend from a city named Groningen sent me the timetable that his masjid gave him and it too differs an hour. I will post the image when I figure out how to do that
  11. The Shia community in the Netherlands suddenly changed the calculation method of the prayer times (switching to the Islamic istitute of hamburg) and fajr is halfway through Ramadan at 2:00 am now (it would have been 3:11 on the same day with the old calculation method) So I wondered how long do you guys fast and where do you live. And I was questioning who do I have to follow cause according to the local (Shia) mosque fajr would still be at 3:11 but the majority of the Shia community agreed on the calculation method of hamburg .
  12. Can you collaborate with someone that already has a mac and an IOS device or can you start a gofundme? I really would like to get this app on my phone and I’m sure a lot would like it too.
  13. This happened in Saudi Arabia and you’re expecting that the government will punish this guy? He probably got a medal for his “heroic” act (sarcasm) and is now living is normal life.
  14. Doesn’t someone have to fast 60 days for every day he didn’t fast intentionally without a valid reason?
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