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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sayyed Ammar explains it all in his newest Ramadan lecture;
  2. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) increase fitna among them and further blacken their hearts. This is what always happens among them; once they are united in their blind hate towards Shia Muslims, later on they turn against each other over disagreements what constitutes the “sunnah of salaf”, they do takfir on each other and then start the killings to “purify” themselves of “false” Wahhabis. Daesh did it, al Qaeda and its offshoots did it, Taliban did it, Umayyads turned against each other, Abbasids did as well. It is all about power and control, not Islam.
  3. *Sunni “authentic” narrations. They claim that the Prophet was fallible and sinned, what can you expect...
  4. That’s why it is a political matter for us and not religious one. The ulama of Najaf forbid Shias from involvement in Syria. Muqtada al-Sadr asked Assad to step down from power. Yet you non-stop make it seem like it’s a Sunni vs Shia conflict, or one where all Shias support Assad and went to Syria to fight on his behalf. We did not and we do not. By the way, do you think that the Prophet would support Saudi, Emirati, “Bahraini”, Kuwaiti decision to involve Sunnis in genocide against Shia Muslims all over the Islamic world? Do you think he would support murderers, rapists, liars, cheaters and hypocrites? Saudis use Hajj money on parties that involve alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, is this the “sunnah of salaf”?
  5. Hello, I will give you an example, during the ambush at Karbala, in the caravan there was a Christian man named Jawn bin Huwai (جون بن حوي), shortly before the massacre ensued, Imam told him to leave to safety as the issue did not concern him. Jawn refused and insisted on staying. The very next day he died defending Prophet’s grandson against the so called “Muslims” that came in tens of thousands to kill him. Those are the Christians that the Qur’an speaks of. The very righteous and pure Christians, Jews and Sabians that stay righteous, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. In my understanding, the Qur'an doesn’t refer to 99% of Christians, Jews or Sabians of any era, but just that exact 1%. Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) knows best.
  6. Yeah that’s your case, people have different reasons for converting though. Some sought knowledge, others some physical gain.
  7. https://abuaminaelias.com/dailyhadithonline/2012/08/29/hadith-on-prayer-Aisha-would-sleep-in-front-of-the-Prophet-while-he-prayed-and-his-touching-her-did-not-nullify-his-ablution/
  8. I understand that your experience may be different to mine’s. All the Sunni reverts I knew of in the West, converted because of what I mentioned, not because of them reading books and vigorously studying Islamic theology. On the other hand, some Shia reverts became such because of what you experienced, while others what I mentioned. A lot of Western women revert because they marry a Muslim man, it is a common thing as well.
  9. I personally never heard of any marja’ declaring Ahmadis as kuffar either, however, I think that your statement is theologically a bit dangerous. In this particularly case, we are in no position to declare what is or isn’t a part of Shia belief as long as the subject is open to interpretation by the esteemed ulama. There is numerous problematic issues with Ahmadis and their system of belief. Putting aside the fact that they have nothing to do with us, as they are basically reformist Sunnis, they believe in things that contradict mainstream Islam; one more Prophet who at the same time “is” Mahdi, that nabi Isa (عليه السلام) fled to Kashmir and is buried there, that Buddha, Krishna and similar people were all Prophets as well, the notion that the history of religion is cyclic and is renewed every seven millennia - something similar to ghulat sects such as Ismailis and their offshoots like Druze.
  10. I think that is simply untrue. Majority of reverts in the West are so because they met Muslims, worked or studied with them, fell in love with one and so on. In fact very few people come to Islam based solely on some sort of rigorous study of Islamic books. Your opinion on Hamza Yusuf is just that, there are Sunnis calling him a “deviant Sufi”, a “charlatan” etc. Well yeah, the truth is one and that is “Shia” Islam. You couldn’t be on both sides at Jamal, Siffin, Karbala, Sunni Umayyad sieges of Mecca in 683 and 692 etc., could you?
  11. Well obviously, it happens since 1400 years. When the Friday sermons focus on Shias for an hour, can you expect different? There’s no such a thing as “Shiainism”. There is orthodox Islam, called “Shia Islam” to differentiate from the followers of those who prayed before slaughtering Prophet’s grandson. Bahrain jailed and tortured to death tens of thousands of native Shias. Add to it extrajudicial killings, massive import of foreign Sunnis, expulsion of native Shias, discrimination in workforce, education and healthcare and the number dropped from 100% to 60% in 150 years. It is a real genocide parallel only to what goes on in Palestine since 70 years. 20-25%, and that’s after tens of thousands of Shia deaths at the hands of state and non-state actors since Pakistan was established... originally by a Twelver Shia as a democracy, but later on undergoing radical Sunnification. I talk about the numbers because you cause them to be as such; from Maghreb to Asia. If Iraq was to cleanse its 30% of Sunnis, you people would of lost it, but when you do it in Bahrain, “Saudi” Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and do on, to us, it’s perfectly accepted. Who said all of us want to “unite” with you? I clearly said that as for myself and like minded orthodox Muslims, we want nothing from you but to leave us alone, something you refused to do. Yes but sadly it doesn’t happen because you people have a Shia syndrome from birth. For many of you, your entire lifes are preoccupied with Shia Islam. There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m not afraid of Sunnism either. What Incant stand is that Sunnism has a mission of wiping out orthodox Islam by any means necessarily, and this is scary in itself because this is not normal at all.
  12. Hundreds, considering Israel occupied Lebanon for years. Well, with the help of Syrian Sunnis, indeed Hezbollah killed lots of Wahhabis who were spilling into Lebanon with attacks and bombings. You constantly keep up with the version of reality that you create, not the way reality is. It’s debatable considering the fact that hundreds of thousands of Sunni Syrians fight and die for him. Many Sunni tribes also support his rule openly because they benefit from it. But let’s say he wouldn’t be supported by any, considering the fact that they are supported by a constant flow of foreign Wahhabis, neverendless cash and arms flow from the Gulf countries, United States, United Kingdom and Israel, then indeed, no ruler could withstand that. That’s why he found allies in Iran and Russia, the game has to be fair. Because? Again, you said so? It is proven by Wikileaks that the US destabilised Syria long before 2011 and sought Assads’ departures because they refused to sign a peace treaty with Israel, that occupies Syrian Gillan Heights. 2011 is not more or less than another regime change on behalf of foreigners. On the other note, you people are such a hypocrites. When Bahrainis rose up against al Khalifas, who are not even native to the island and who truly change Bahrain’s demographics from Shia to Sunni, there was virtually a news blanket in Arab media on reporting about it, what’s more, Saudis crushed the peaceful protests with tanks. You all only talk about justice when it comes to you staying in power. I realised it long time ago. Unlike the “Syrian” opposition, the Bahraini one wants a fully democratic country with elected officials and freedom of religion for all, that includes Sunnis. And all the Sunnis I met supported al Qaida and Taliban, and many were fascinated by Daesh and still are. You non-stop bring it up. Thousands of secularised, pan-Arab Baathist Sunnis from all over Middle East also went to Syria to fight for the Syrian Baathist Party. Some Shia militias act on behalf of Iran, others went there solely to protect the resting places of the Prophet’s family that were threatened with desecration and destruction. Show me a fatwa of a prominent alim from Najaf who issued a call to jihad in Syria. In contrary, the Najaf ulama ruled it not allowed for Shias to fight in Syria and many Iraqi militias did not go. It is not a religious conflict for us, but a mere political one.
  13. They have a ahadith that speak about Aisha opening her legs when the Prophet prayed, or her conspiring against him etc. but it’s all unconditionally justified and accepted, because otherwise their entire religion would of collapsed under the weight of ridiculous ahadith alone. Not to mention history itself that weights on their necks forever, something they can’t deny or erase.
  14. I know what was meant by “knowledge not required”, but it still sounds funny and ultimately truthful. I’ve never heard of “Shiaism”, what’s that? We refuted Pulse because from the beginning he produced tons of videos where at times he doesn’t know what he is talking about and it shouldn’t be accepted. Unlike your lot, we don’t blindly accept everything, even when it somehow goes against our own interests. Justice and truthfulness are fundamental for religious Shi’ite Muslims. They ended up being pretty lame and lying. The Wahhabi channel’s sole mission is to insult, mock and male fun of orthodox Islam. They keep pupping up like mushrooms after rain all over YouTube. If Shia Islam isn’t true, then why dedicated their whole lives to it ? You don’t see orthodox scholars running channels dedicated solely to refutation, pardon insulting and mocking, Sunnism. If something isn’t true, you aren’t afraid of it. Besides, Wahhabis behind such initiatives aren’t scholars, meanwhile our ulama studies books past and present to attain any respectable rank in the field of knowledge. We don’t take anything, be it arguments or knowledge,’from the ignorant, self-made “scholars”.
  15. The TSD’s “no knowledge requirement” just made me laugh so hard, at last the People of Ignorance are truthful and admitted to the simple facts . This IS with whom we have to deal with since ever; no knowledge required, just be good at propaganda and brainwashing. The deaf lead the blind. It is a true tragedy of this dunya.
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