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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ali883

    Does God exist?

    Heyo, I really understand what you're going through because I've been going through it my entire life and WORSE but I've never interpreted it as God not answering my prayers, rather God testing me and it makes me happy that it's that way because if I weren't being tested then I didn't get a seat in the entry exam for paradise. I have been back-stabbed by a friend I considered closer to me than my own biological brother, I got nearly killed by a car not too long ago and broke my collarbone, I got rejected, I got used, I was hated and felt lonely. Throughout my teenage life I've been the one guy that's alone and misunderstood and despite furthering away from God I became closer. I don't expect anything out of my prayers besides God's acceptance of me. I am aware that we pray to God and request from Him but why should I expect anything from Him when I already have a lot to be thankful for. All of my issues are mine to bare and my doing or someone else's doing. It ain't God. I am too insignificant to bother God for trivial requests everyday. I have a problem, I fix it and I give my thanks to God for giving me the means to fix it. If we cannot handle the mere heat of the sun on a hot day how can we expect to handle God's intervention on anything. That's what miracles are and when they happen we'd know. My view of life has changed as well when I got hit by a car. With getting hit by a car as a pedestrian, I realized the moment I was hit by a car, it opened my eyes to how everything in this life is meaningless besides whether or not you're ready to face your Creator in high spirits or in shame when that day comes. That's why I've had the attitude of "if you want something, work for it and if you don't get it, life will still go on", remain optimistic no matter what because no matter how bad your state is, it is a good state that you still cannot perceive and its only going to get better if you remain steadfast. Stay optimistic, stay strong and stay committed. These attributes alone, attract success and people to you and I've realized that my optimistic new me has gotten me out of the ditch I was in and I look at every failure as my own doing that I can fix. Regarding what happened to you with that girl, I had the same experience, more or less with a girl. To be honest, the best thing is to expect nothing from anyone because it's life, so treat people as if you expect nothing out of them. The only expectations I have are expectations from God based on His promises in the Qur'an and those are more than enough for me, anything else, I'll be grateful for. People's deaths are hard to handle but with life, comes death and being the younger ones, we are expected to handle the deaths of our parents and anyone older. Again, it's life and life isn't about having a good time or enjoying your wealth. Look at the Imams and reflect upon their gratitude when they were in the worst of situations. On the grand scale of things, they were in the best of situations that promised them the best reward possible. "With every difficulty, comes relief" Qur'an 94:5 "I will be patient till patience itself becomes impatient of my patience." Imam Ali (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) I hope this helps
  2. Definitely, I already I know they have a large influence over our world, my question was merely a rhetorical one. Most of my research regarding jinn-human interactions is outside religious traditions and based on people's current experiences with them because most of the people who get these experiences tend to be non-religious anyways. But I remember hearing about Imam al-Baqir and a jinn story before so I pasted a link down to its tradition/s. http://www.shiavault.com/books/commentary-of-suratul-jinn/chapters/9-selection-of-ahadith-from-al-usul-al-kafi-concerning-the-jinn
  3. I think it's more a matter of disobeying God's commands that lead us to adopting unhealthy life-styles or poor choices that cause disease and mortality. Take drinking as a prime example; in the Qur'an God acknowledges that drinking although has little benefit, it's harm outweighs its benefits and not to our surprise, scientists have found that drinking a very minimal amount of alcohol everyday reduces the risk of heart attacks, however after this limit, the effects are reversed and the likelihood of receiving a heart attack is increased. Not to mention its other harms. We shouldn't assume that God directly interferes with everything in this world as we have complete freedom in this life, and our actions are ours alone to bare without attributing their causes to God. The child that dies in Yemen from bombardment or the child that dies from Malaria in Somalia is because of man and man alone. It's our sin to share when we dry up an economy dry and leave it in dire debt, then the atheists blame God for that child dying? How audacious and ignorant of them. God wills it but does not necessarily condone it. That poor child will be compensated with eternal bliss while the western man that stole his parent's living will eternally suffer. “Allah never changes the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart”. (Surah al-Ra`d, 13:11) “Allah did not do injustice to them, but they had wronged themselves”. (Surah al-Ankabut, 29:40) “Your Lord does no injustice to His slaves”. (Surah Fussilat, 41:46) “Corruption has become rife on land and sea because of the misdeeds of the people”. (Surah al-Rum, 30:41)
  4. I had a hamster that lived for 2 years with me! It's such an awesome pet to keep because it doesn't need much effort to take care of like a dog or a cat. I wouldn't advice you to get a guinea pig, they eat a lot and poop more.
  5. Ali883

    severe anxiety

    Let the stories of Ahlylbayt boost your confidence. Reflect on their personalities and how they've always had their minds on something greater, a view of a bigger picture. The lion does not concern himself with the thoughts of a sheep, so don't focus on what others think of you because just like you and I, everyone has their faults but the most admirable person is a person who recognizes them and focuses to improve them rather than let those faults cripple them.
  6. Let them read this; https://www.islamreligion.com/ebooks/Islam-guide.pdf This book summarizes the scientific miracles in the Qur'an and briefly talks about them as well as a few other stuff. I read this as a kid and ever since became more interested in Islam.
  7. I've talked to the guy and apparently he is one of the higher ups, a master or something of that sort (responsible for who can enroll & not into the cult). I intend to stop talking to him regarding the topic but it's very intriguing. He's admitted to the fact that they commune with the Jinn and whatnot but I still feel like knowing more. He continues to insist that it is "I" that can learn by doing what he does. I am keen on doing nothing but hearing him out, I fully understand that magic is prohibited. I was intending on squeezing as much information out of him regarding freemasonry and judging for myself. Of course, if I find anything of peculiar interest, I'll post it here.
  8. Energy. We are fundamentally made of energy that could be positive or negative but requires a balance, an equilibrium if you will. Iblis and any negative influence, even man, can disrupt our aura of energy. That's what I think...
  9. Believing in the paranormal usually surmounts down to the experiences you've had if you don't believe in the influence of the jinn over our dimension. Old mythologies, no doubt, all come from the paranormal being interpreted as acts of the divine onto our Earth. Look at the Hindu gods, the norse gods, roman gods, greek gods, gods of any pagan religion, you'll see that the beings in question that are being worshiped have a clear agenda of swaying people away from the one true God. Kabala and black magic are basically the opening of a dimension between our world and theirs which is why it's prohibited. The star of David has two triangles submerged together, one triangle aiming towards the heavens, which is our physical dimension and one towards the Earth which is the jinn's energy-based dimension and you'll clearly find this star everywhere if you read books about black magic. The Anunnaki are a good example of an "alien race" that people believe has created man. It's not so much a question of can the jinn interfere with us, but how much of their interference is influencing the major events in our world?
  10. They're not aliens but jinn that are trying deceive us into thinking they are aliens. Most jinn abductees believe that the "aliens" that abducted them are our gods and creators for some absurd purpose like mining gold or something of that sort...
  11. As-salamu aleykom brothers and sisters, I am a medical student living in a Christian Orthodox country. It has recently come to my attention that one of my classmates is a member of one of the Freemason lodges in the country that I live in. Although the Freemasons are shrouded by mystery and conspiracy regarding their dajjalic symbols and ancient rituals that date back to the times of the Pharaohs it is clear that they do indeed believe in a "higher power" or a "supreme being" as they would put it. My question is a very simple one that I probably already know the answer to but how do we deal with such people in our day to day lives? Should I completely ignore this individual or should I engage in intellectual debates with the man? I have spoken to him a few times and it seems clear that he has the idea of believing in a jinn-like deity and detests any monotheistic religions, believing that their roots are all pagan. I have asked him before to study the religion of Islam because it seems that his view of monotheistic religions has been cemented by Christianity solely. To my knowledge, it is people such as the Freemasons and Rothschilds that worked together to take away our beloved Masjid al-Aqsa. I will assume that my attitude towards my classmate should remain unchanged (I.e. remain friendly, engage in debates, educate about Islam, etc...) but I wanted to hear the wisdom of our Shia brothers and sisters here. Have a nice day!
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