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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A_A


    This quote is perfect to avoid materialistic attachment in a world like this one, although it isn't exactly short, but beautifully said; “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he were never born” ~Imam Amir-Al Mou2manin
  2. Think of it as a stretching rubber-band. When it's released, bam! Same for the universe probably, based on my understanding of the verse you stated. It's slowly expanding, and eventually will shrink back to what it state it once was.
  3. Let him keep a snake, what is it to you? Especially if you live across the globe from him. I am sure there are more pressing matters to shed tears over... but a snake? I am not trying to come as rude, but I think being persistent with whether or not your male friend has a snake is rather intrusive. If you lived with him, your argument would make more sense.
  4. Don't waste your time with this nutcase. This guy probably went to a site like answering-Islam to fetch the most controversial verses in the Qur'an he could find without researching and looking into them. You can clearly tell that by the FIRST verse he quotes. Verse 2:191 ~ OK ~ now read verse 2:192 and 193 if you are genuine and honest. But of course you aren't. The verses right after it literally say, If they cease, God forgives and you are to cease unless they are oppressors (in fighting them). If this man cannot read the verse that comes after that verse, then by Allah, he will never understand the context of the Qur'an even if he continues to live for a thousand years. It's a shame how many people have seen his answers on this website, when he's clearly a fool, especially to claim that the Qur'an specifically denounces Hindus. I am sorry, but I have a low-tolerance towards idiots and liars. Do mind my temper.
  5. There is no compulsion in religion. Don't force him to anything as he's already 15 and old enough to decide for himself. If you persist he will naturally deter away from religion. He must find himself and all you can do is point out the importance of morality and philosophy to him but that is it. Video games have zero relation to this issue. 15 year olds used to marry, bring up children and go to battle in the past and people now think that 15 y.os. are still kids. They're not kids. If they play too much and think too little of faith, it's clear a matter to do with their mentality of life and being irresponsible. A 15 y.o. is old enough to decide for himself. If he keeps up with a careless behavior, life will knock him down and teach him a lesson, eventually and you can always mention that to him as well. As for his faith, go back to the baby-steps. Discuss his belief in God, the importance of religion and make solid arguments to prove that God is real and the Qur'an is from none other than the One who created all life. Once you do so, he will understand that he is in a wrong position to dismiss religion and that is all that matters. Whether he chooses to defect back to faith or not is up to him, not you. But as long as he knows that he is mistaken for treating religion as though it were nothing, the chances of him returning back to it in life are high, especially when he is older, facing troubles and full of worries (people tend to remember God when they need Him). If you believe that the outside world has been defaming the image of Islam in his eyes, then confront him and encourage him to debate you or ask you questions.
  6. Except marriage entails children and providing for your wife. Sure you can perhaps go on 1 year with safe sex but what about for 6-8 years? What's the point anyways? Just for the sex? The relationship would probably die by the time you even get children. That's why many unmarried couple eventually get married in the West. They eventually are forced to because of an unwanted pregnancy which could lead to an unhealthy relationship where the only thing that is attaching the two is the child they brought into the world and even then it may end with a divorce, only causing more problems for everyone. All because their initial motive was merely the sexual release they were deprived of. It's easy being idealistic in this regard but most people don't have it that easy. The concept of marriage at this age is ridiculous if I can't even provide for myself because I'm still studying!
  7. Studying medicine is indeed a job and I know. This situation would be more difficult for a man since he is expected to provide for the family and marriage before having a career cannot sustain a family. It is not reasonable in this day and age where most of us are living from paycheck to paycheck. If the father of the man is expected to provide for his son's education in medicine and his family, it is unreasonable and very difficult especially for those that live in Western countries. It is not as if our sexual desires appear in our 20s, we have had them since teen-hood so marriage for the sake of sexual relief in such a position will make matters more difficult for the entire family and seems illogical. By the time she graduates and finds a good job she will still be young, so to imply that a 20 y.o. is becoming old for marriage is preposterous. Most of us aren't living lives where we can get married young and I sense that the traditions and cultures our people follow do not help us in this situation, but rather corner us. We are told to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, professionals to keep our country alive, but to abstain from sexual relief until marriage which is possible if financially well-off or ready, but what of those who do not have the money and time? Are they forsaken from sex or sexual relief or are they forsaken from following their ambitions simply because they didn't have enough money or time to care for a family and studies? If we were all expected to marry young, then how many of us will truly manage fulfilling our ambitions and endeavors? Is the Muslim population expected to take loans to do it? Abstain from studying for professions that could take up to 8 years? We will all get married, with lousy jobs, in an already dying economy which will only become worse with fewer professionals around, all whilst having the responsibility of caring for those that you bring into this world. I do not think this is a dilemma, and in my humble opinion, it is best to continue your studies to have a job in the future which will provide for a family and keep that family at ease. In the meantime it is our Jihad to suppress our sexual desires by trying. Is it not better to have a family living comfortably in the future than to have a family living with scraps now and will only have a bleaker future? Only God knows what we go through and only He can judge us. He is indeed the most Merciful and Beneficent. Whichever road you take, for whatever reasons, may your faith and will remain strong.
  8. Alright thanks for the tips everyone. I am leaving to live in a cave somewhere in Russia. I searched this online and it seems that scammers try to call random numbers so that they can stay on the line with them to suck up their credit (which they steal) via an international call. Samar wasn't real... Oh well... https://www.hoax-slayer.net/misleading-warning-missed-calls-375-371-numbers-outline/
  9. I guess my end is nigh.
  10. Millions of Alis exist out there. Besides what if my name is Abdullah or Mahmood? Hmmm?
  11. Damn, never knew old Lebanese women would be trolling others... Must be the protesting...
  12. She said: Hello Habibi, how are you? are you well? Hello, who is with me? I am Samar from Lebanon! Samar? Yes habibi, how are you? are you well? sorry, wrong number yes habibi, how are you? are you well? I am Ali, wrong number, sorry yes habibi, I am samar, are you well? hangs up*
  13. I received a call from Samar from Lebanon. I don't know what it means. I don't know anyone in Lebanon or any Samar/s for that matter. I need to know I am not part of some Lebanese conspiracy involving Samar the elderly woman from Lebanon. Am I being monitored? Am I being invited to Samar's for some Lebanese food? Am I being recruited as a spy for Hezbollah? Who is Samar? I need y'all to tell me if you know any elderly Samars out there. I am receiving the call from Belarus. The situation is confusing. Y'all Belarus people out there know Lebanese Samars?
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