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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I believe the Jinn are as very much diverse as we are if not more and classifying them into black or white is unfair. There are different factions among them, they have their own politics, their differing natures, and are yet connected to us in ways we can't even conceive. It makes you wonder how are the Muslims over there doing... Your proposed notion on Jinn-human hybrids isn't as far-fetched and fantastical as it sounds. After all, God has promised us women in paradise that are untouched by both men and ins which would leave us wondering as to the extent of their will over us. I've come acr
  2. As Marcus Aurelius once said, "a man's worth is no greater than his ambitions." Why can't we apply this to women as well?
  3. Why do Muslims make everything haram out of their own volition? Chess and any other game, be it a board game or an electronic game can involve gambling but what should matter is the intention behind the player. We don't play chess to worship the pieces we are playing with, we (or at least I) have never played it with the intent of gambling, so what possible faulty rationale can an obnoxious Muslim come to me with, telling me it's haram. These are the same type of people that say oh, A and B are haram therefore C must be haram, when everything haram must be explicitly stated by none other than
  4. I don't quite know... Perhaps improving relations with bordering countries and utilizing trade with them. Money makes the world go around, so instead of investing all that money on a useless wall, why not economically aid the bordering country where the illegal immigrants are coming from. Their influence will undoubtedly grow in that country and the people there will earn their respect.
  5. I don't believe a wall is the answer to solving the problem. As hassanhh said, it needs to be guarded which is unrealistic if you're talking about a wall spanning between the US and Mexico or Canada for that matter. Realistically, if you are running away from your home country to seek out a better life, an unguarded wall won't stop you especially if your life depended on breaking in.
  6. I don't understand this, can you elaborate? Does a Muslim living in a crowded non-muslim city have to perform waddhu all the time? You're giving Muslims a clean status they don't deserve. I live in an Arab "Muslim" country where people immediately go back to being profane the moment they step out of a mosque for Jum'a prayer but they're pure because they're allegedly Muslims? As though we can tell who is a believer from a disbeliever... only God knows.
  7. What you said is the answer. To believe that the biological makeup of someone is altered by their faith in God is a laughable notion. Faith cannot be physically measured as though it were a substance secreted by the body. Faith is a spiritual element. To call someone "nejes" (impure) is an insult in Arabic which implies that they are no different to dogs. There is no compulsion in religion and superiority is based on piety but not like this, where people are degraded to the level of a dog in such a literal sense.
  8. Says who? Why are most humans disbelievers despite living on Earth abundant with signs and messages from God? What's your point?
  9. There is no doubt that the Quran mentions eternal chastisement for certain evildoers but the questions should be can God change His judgement and is Hell subject to time the way we understand time?
  10. From what I've researched, its name was unfamiliar to Arabs in the time that the Quran mentioned it. Abu Lahab tried to find out what this Zaqqum was and came to the conclusion it was an African food of butter and dates in order to belittle God and the Quran by making the punishment promised to Kufar in the Quran appear harmless. In response, Allah in the Quran gave a clear description of what Zaqqum was, describing it as a fruit for those of the Hellfire with a foul smell, taste and appearance (of devils). I've also read that "زَقَّوم" (Zaqqum) can refer to poison and it's verb "زَقَمَ"
  11. Sure God can love us but the debate wasn't on that with my brother, it was on whether or not His love is unconditional. In that respect, we agreed to disagree unless you can enlighten me on something I am unfamiliar with from the Quran which disproves my stance. You are always welcome to do so, I am after all happy to be corrected if I was mistaken.
  12. I mean no offense of course, but people will state anything on behalf of God to propagate their agenda. Unless backed by the Quran, I cannot agree to whatever they say. It is a big sin in Islam to attribute qualities or descriptions not befitting of God therefore the scrutiny is high in Islam for such topics.
  13. If the purpose of these questions is not to make it seem as though the Quran is insufficient for us, then I apologize. But your questions come off with that implication.
  14. Most of these questions are in relation to the nature of Jinn and the ones which aren't we just don't know. Can any of these questions point to the notion that the Quran is false in any way? God has not disclosed everything to us about the universe and creation but this shouldn't warrant disbelief in the Quran. I do not hate your beliefs nor you. I don't know your beliefs, frankly.
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