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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have one more question. As a Shia what is it that really differentiate you from Sunnis? Why aren't Sunnis and Shia's praying in the same masjid? In your own words, what do you think about it.
  2. Please be kind and try to answer my question with an open mind. I am in my 20s living in America, I been trying to learn different religious and maybe you can help me with yours. So far all I know is Islam has 2 major sects Shia and Sunni 1. It was one religion untill the time of death of the Prophet then his friend Abu bakar was choosen as the next leader but some people wanted Ali (his son in law) to be the next leader. That's all I know about the divide. Why divide a religion over this? Did Ali wanted to be a leader? Was he mistreated? Why is there still a divide? We can't go back and change the history so why not join Shia and Sunni back together. Unless there are other things I am missing. 2. Does Shia women wear hijab just like Sunni women and do the men have beard as well? 3. Are Sunnis going to hell according to Shia believes? 4. I saw a grave in the Shia mosque, why was that there? Was that even a mosque or someplace else? 5. I like a girl and she's Shia. Can I date her? Marry her? She's not very religious so I don't think she cares. 6. Is it okay to be a Shia Muslim and not care about your religion? Just living your life as every American is living theirs. 7. Do Shia hates Sunnis? Or can I get a Sunni and Shia to sit down and have a talk about religion? 8. Do Iranian Shia like briyani or just Pakistani people eat briyani? I may have many questions in the future. Is there a group chat or website I can use to talk to other Shia Muslims that's in English?
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