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  1. Bismillah (in the name of God, the most beneficent, the most merciful) Condolences to Imam Al Zamaan and the entire Muslim Ummah on the death anniversary of Lady Fatima Al Masuma of Qom, the daughter of Imam Musa Kadhim and the sister of Imam Ridha ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)). The moon weeps over you as it recalls your memory, Oh Noble Lady, As it is reminded of your journey afoot the road to your Imam, Oh Masooma of Qom upon your loyalty my salaam I send aplenty. You are the Zainab of your day, Walking for miles to Khurasan, As you raise both your palms in supplication, Learns from you every nation, As we knock on your door in Qom, We bow and ask only for your salvation, Oh great lady grant us your intercession. The second Zahra who faced trials no less than Karbala, A bright light cloaked in the darkest clouds, As you recall Imam Reza and weep aloud, Your feet in agony and the memories of the daughters of Ali haunt you daily, Yet you never gave up on your journey and by wallah this is your legacy, A belief unwavering in the glory of the Almighty. And there’s not a doubt but rather in my mind lives this certainty, That just like the daughter of Ali, Only another Zainab can revive such a legacy, When faced with every torment, Your heart and voice must have proclaimed proudly, “I’ve seen nothing but God’s beauty.” And just like your grandmother Fatima Al Zahra, Oh Sayeda Masooma, your tongue would educate all on religious matters, Your eloquence unparalleled and the truth can be no truer, For what poetry can a mere lover write and recite in your honour, This pen is unworthy of this grandeur, But the heart calls for you like a child for its mother. Yet my heart shatters and eyes cry tears, When I hear your screams as you too are ill due to your troubles I see your wounded body laying on the dessert in terror, No one from your family is near, At this moment you remembered little Sakina. Surely the world doesn’t understand the status of your valour, Your door is now a heavenly sanctuary for Zahra’s lovers, To be your Zawar and Kadham it is an honour, May we visit you soon and knock on your door, May we be sacrificed for your sake forevermore, Ya Bibi Kareema.
  2. Bismillah (in the name of God, the most beneficent, the most merciful) Salaam and Eid Ghadeer Mubarak to all!!! On this blessed occasion, I humbly present this poem in honour and celebration of Eid Ghadeer. Hasten towards the best of deeds, Hasten towards the best of deeds, Towards the one for you will intercede, Salman across the junction of Ghadeer he’d plead, Leave all things and listen to your messenger, For what you learn today bears as much importance as the five daily prayers. Standing upon the makeshift pulpit of saddles, Muhammad before thousands he rose, My message is complete from today, After me Ali is your maula who will keep you from going astray, Follow his way for he is your leader and my Ummah’s protector, Time stands still as the Ummah witnesses with their faces frozen, Some smiling and cheering whilst others are commiserating. This is my final proclamation, As I stand here in the dessert sun, The best of creation, Raising the palm of my successor, The one born in prayer’s direction, His name will transcend nations and find hearts seeking his intercession, His love will comfort broken troubled hearts that crave his protection, He is The ship of salvation, Today you all I congratulate on perfecting for you this religion. Ali is with the truth and the truth is with Ali, His tongue like his sword can blow you with strikes of truths heavy, And yet like his sword Dholfikr stays sheathed until necessary, This man is filled with every purity. Oh people listen, If you leave Karrar forget smelling the scent of heaven, Your soul will not even feel the soothing comfort of its presence, The wilayah and love for Haider is a requirement for every believer, Just call his name and Allah will answer your every prayer. This decision needs no reasons nor contemplation, It is a reaction of love from hearts of gold that are chosen, This love gives an Earthly creature made of God’s soul, A sense of purpose belonging, For in such souls to seek proximity to God’s signs there is a longing. Just take a glance at his achievements, He first opened his eyes to gaze at his Prophet, Cradled by my arms everyday as an infant, Raised in the house of Ahmed, Cooked the meal for the banquet and pledged his allegiance to me at the age of 11, Uhud, Badr, Khaybar, Kundaq and Siffeen, I gave him my beloved Zahra and he treated her as a Queen, Need I continue reciting the merits of Ameerul Momineen Oh Haider, Your mother named you as a brave warrior but oh my brother have sabr, Be patient after me for you witness despair, As they stand in Saqiffa deciding Islam’s next heir without for you a worry or a care, Oh Ali, blessed are your lovers, For they will become heaven’s dwellers, Their houses of love adorned by the most beautiful divine of flowers, They will be my friends and neighbors, Drinking from the pool of Kauther. Oh Ali, Your enemies will be many, And your followers will be tested in every time, place and century, Their trials as heavy as the door of Khaybar you carried single handedly, They will come to your sanctuary with their hands spread asking for your strength to carry them through life’s every journey. Oh Ali, How can my pen do any justice to Ghadeer, Yet for your remembrance my pen’s ink bleeds, Please in the hereafter for your lovers intercedes.
  3. Bismillah I know this is a bit late but I’d like to humbly present to you all this small poem in honour and celebration of the birth anniversary of the daughter of Imam Ali and Lady Fatima, Lady Zainab e Kubra written by my humble self. Today the blessings of the heavens opened as a moon into the house of Ali, She descends in her glory and the moon hides in her awe of her beauty, Even the sun dare not gaze upon her to protect her modesty, Stars rotate around her magnanimity. Zainab is her name, A name that can move mountains, For which other woman can be known as a princess in the heavens, This name shook each place that she is summoned. And courage applauds her valour, Many women can be brave but only one can become Islam’s flagbearer, Protecting others without the need for armour, One strike from her tongue can make everyone cower, The sister of Abbas is also a soldier. No one on this Earth would see what you see, And still compliment the Lord on His beauty, I’m inspired by your mention, Oh holy lady, My tongue calls to you in both celebrations and calamities, Each letter in your name serves as in your praise poetry, This is your station oh Zainab daughter of Ali. I say to my sisters and mothers, Protect this hijab, For this is her banner, Wear it with every being of your fibre, Let this crown make you hold your head up higher This is your armour, It sends an attack to your oppresse Look at her shrine in Syria, Standing tall with pride and honour, It sends a message to those wishing for terror, Where you wanted to defame her, Look at who you are and then look at Sani e Zahra, You are forgotten like the names of your ancestor and like her father, She is the victor, The warrior in the face of horror, She is the champion and the winner. She taught me patience when the world crumbles around you, Never bow down to that which is not true, Have patience that a light at the end of this dark tunnel will see you through, She is my strength and through her love my heart grew, No longer did my eyes shed tears when her story I knew, For no matter what we see in this dunya, Is nothing compared to the strength held by the daughter of Fatima. Oh my Lady forgive me if my pen was unable to show the world your beauty, But in this failure is my victory for who can truly describe even an ounce of your personality, Indebted to you is humanity, Your service to God is your legacy. Oh Lady Zainab my mistress, Grant me this prayer that escapes my lips as a whisper, Let me visit your shrine in Syria, Sit beside your grave and recite in your honour, And see the flag of your brother fluttering in the breeze as your protector
  4. Yes I understand and this is true. This is more of a preference of my family and I do not want to discriminate against anyone or anything like that or place restrictions on my future spouse.
  5. Aleikum salaam For me I have been disabled since birth so I don’t really have an issue with identifying as that word though I have been reminded multiple times to stop referring to myself as such. I can’t walk or stand at all as I have brittle bones which can break easily so though I haven’t tried walking with support there’s not a chance that I could currently do it but Allah the Almighty always makes people stronger and I pray inshallah He does the same for me. But yes I agree that I don’t need nor do I ask for anyone’s sympathy though I believe that the Shi’a community are a family and should always support each other which is why I appreciate the support of those around me. I can inshallah live on my own with some adaptations and support and I hope to try this when I go to uni next year. Yes inshallah I am strong enough and am learning everyday how to help myself live better. You might say that you can but it’s whether a person would want to. Disabled people find it harder to cook, clean, take care of themselves and others in a physical sense so what guy would want that life for himself. Where he has to help his wife a lot more. But yes our affairs are left with the Almighty. Iltemas e dua
  6. JazakAllah thank you so much for suggesting so many amaals for me to do and inshallah I will definitely try my best to do them. But even though Allah the Almighty can cure those who he chooses and if it was his will to do so I will accept it but I accept that He has chosen to create me in this way as there is no cure currently for my condition just treatment and so I am happy in His will and mercy. He has given me more than I can imagine. I wouldn’t want to change who I am to find a good husband as this is a part of who I am. I pray through these Amaal that I can find someone who accepts me as I am. Thank you so much for your prayers iltemas e dua
  7. Yes, no I understand completely and I definitely agree. I don’t want to place further restrictions than there already is on my future and these things are definitely more important. I wish the same for you sister iltemas e dua
  8. Yes that’s also very true. I mean for me it doesn’t have much importance as long as my family agrees. I prefer to focus on good character and faith and I believe that Allah the Almighty chooses your spouse already so if He chooses someone for me who is a good kind Shi’a I would have no objections. Though it’s also sad within the Shi’a community the attitude towards those with disabilities when it comes to this with Syeds being narrow minded too. Xx
  9. Yes I mean I agree that our careers are very important and I’m a hard working student currently doing her A levels and inshallah hoping to go to University next year. I want to pursue a career in the media industry to further expand representation of minority communities. I write Islamic poetry and teach in a Maddrassah on a Sunday. But there’s a longing inside of me that I can’t ignore, telling me to better myself through a life partner as marriage shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams. Islam has heavily encouraged people to marry young and I think there’s many benefits. But yeah definitely I agree xx
  10. I agree with you there. I mean to me as long as they are practicing Shi’a syeds I have no concern with caste or culture. To me religion with good character is all that matters and inshallah I hope you find a good spouse too xx
  11. Salaam I’m an 18 year old Shi’a Syeda and am looking to get married soon as Islam has encouraged the virtues of marriage and the Ahlul Bayt have emphasised the blessings of marriage especially that at a young age. But I’m a disabled person in a wheelchair and I often wonder if anyone would want to marry a girl like me. Whether I would add anything of value to my husband’s life. Whether Islam has said anything about this? Any advice would be appreciated JazakAllah
  12. In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful, This is a poem dedicated to the death anniversary of the tragic murder of Imam Musa Al Kadhim, Baghdad’s prisoner written by my humble self. Oh master of Kadmiya, Oh beloved of Zahra, There was no funeral like yours Ya Musa, A murdered prisoner poisoned by a tyrant killer. And what a prisoner is kept in this manner, Let me words paint for your eyes a picture, And colour this canvas with the gems of your tears, He is kept in Baghdad’s most narrow prison, For 14 years no fresh air enters, Like a flower he has withered. He cries each time he moves bound in chains, Yet only deaf ears and dead souls hear his pains, As he ingests this poison, The Earth trembles as his whole body shakes, This prisoner will never awake. And the Muezzin as he gives the Adhaan at Fajr, Baghdad celebrates the death of a prisoner, A law breaker who has been captured, Unknowing to them that he is Islam’s protector. What a prisoner who in a foreign land has been captured, The one who has several sons and daughters his body is carried by strangers, No one is there to carry his coffin on their shoulders, The Imam of the world and at his funeral there are no mourners. There’s no other coffin who’s still bound in chains even after his last breath, His shroud covered in blood, A captive even after his death, The daughters of Kadhim cannot rest, They can still smell their father’s scent. When a person dies, Surrounds his deathbed his family, Together they prepared their body to be buried, Yet this prisoner has nobody, Labourers to Baghdad’s bridge carry his body. As his mother Zahra cries this son of mine has died lonely and thirsty, With cuffs and chains encased around his body, Oh people this is the descendant of your Prophet, A great grandson of Ali, Do not show this brutality, For he has never shown the world anything but mercy. Oh Ridha I urge you come quickly, To bury your father in Baghdad’s city, For you are the next guardian of this message of purity, We will all grieve for your father for eternity. Oh my master Imam Mehdi, There’s no day like the day of Ashura, And there’s no years like the years by Kadim, The lonely prisoner, Oh Allah, I pray to you to fulfil my prayers, Through the loving memory of Babul Hawaij, The gate to wishes and prayers, Let me go to his door and raise my hands in Khadimiya, And my tears flow for the torture he endured.
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