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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for the info , brother . I will keep that in mind, I still learning about my faith as Shia and I mixed up with Sunni teaching since my parents are Sunni and even I’m not Sunni , I still have to follow their way . That’s why I mix up Sunni and Shia .
  2. Salam sister and brother , Im glad that yo Salam brother and sister , Im glad that there are someone who rise this issues .It hit me because it’s the sad truth that me as youth who face this kind of problem .I’m female and 23 years old , live in Malaysia and my family are Sunni except for me ( an ex satanist and ex atheist too) . It’s not a problem in the western only but Asia , we face this kind of problem. As youth myself , I can’t had doubt about my belief during me being a Sunni and I felt something missing in my life and top of that I felt Sunni always talks about women and heaven and virgin that’s when I have doubt about my belief and when to convert to satanism . I felt at that peace and serenity and I found myself but it’s a short and I become atheist after that because I didn’t feel that God is there and religion is a systems for sexual desire only and it’s quite long until I met my brother who are a Shia at that time and I have conversations with him until I made my decision to convert Shia after we talk for a while . I done my research beforehand before I convert Shia . But I always find myself fallen down so quickly and wanted to convert back to satanism plus Malaysia forbid Shia practices making me hard to be a Shia .Even now I still faced this problem . I starting to have doubt about my belief .
  3. Thank you brother . Someone said that wearing dark colour is wasabis (Wahhabi ) and I quite surprise because I said prefer to wear black and dark color and not bright color . Automatically he thinks that I talk all women shouldn’t wear bright clothes
  4. Salam brother and sister , I have a bit troubled with keeping concentrate on my solat because of the unwanted thoughts come in my mind . I really trying my hardest to concentrate on my solat but sometimes the thought come in my mind rushing like a bus . Can brother and sister advice me on this matter.
  5. Thank you for the info brother. I'm afraid to wear bright colour cuz I will draw some attention to me.
  6. Thank you for the info brother, I will keep that in mind. I didn't know that wearing bright colour is permitted .
  7. Salam my bother and sister , Im 23 years old female and I want to ask about the color of clothing for Muslim women. Do women permit to wear bright color ? Is dark color preferable? In my opinion, dark color is more preferable to wear . I’m curious about this . Could brother and sister explain to me .
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