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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. The husband is Jafari, his marja taqlid is Syed Ali Khamenei. The wife is Khanafi, performing prayers but not knowledgeable, to the extent that she was not aware of the three talaq rule in any Islamic Madhabs. They love each other but have quarrels usually about their families, I.e where to move next, the hometown of the man or the woman (right after the man completes his mandatory service in another city they are currently living in). One morning after a sleepless night with the baby, the wife complains harsh about the husband. The husband gets angry at wife's comments on him (being selfish) and his mother (raising him like that). After a shower he does not get relaxed at all and tells he dovorces her. And he warns to tell it twice more if she does not apologize. The wife does not understand the warning because she does not know the three talaq jurisprudence. And the husband tells it twice more the next morning and afternoon. Upon searching, the wife cries all day and apologizes that she said all the things and that this happened. And they agree to move to a totally different city with no connection to their families except for a few visits in a year. They have not told anyone about this. But now they wonder if the talaq is valid or invalid. They want to live together but are afraid if it is zina. 1- The talaq words are repeated in different occasions in two days 2- There were no witnesses. 3- They had intercourse two days earlier and are expecting another baby. Please help asap. And can you give the link about validity or invalidity of the divorce on the website of the marja. Thanks
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