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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi, Thank you so much. I just wonder what is different in terms of practicing Shia Islam from Sunni? especially for a revert. I know that we follow the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt. I do read some things but it's nice to have reliable sources. I took part in Ramadan in 2017 for the first time and it was such a spiritual and special time for me. I was supported by a good friend. I don’t have any friends who are Shia apart from my sons aunt. However, I would never be able to attend mosque with her as I don’t think that it is right to be around his family when they don’t know who I am. It's a very close community so I guess that would never be an option. I can find other mosques in the area though. I guess its tricky. I want to read a lot more than I already have so the recommendations are appreciated! I also would like to get to know other Shia reverts who live near me. I'm not sure how I find this out? My family (who have brought me up) are not Muslim and don’t really agree with my decision to accept Islam into mine and my sons life so it does feel like I'm alone at the moment. My name is (edit) and my sons name is (edit)! Thank you
  2. Hi all, I posted on this site when I was pregnant with my son last year for advice. I fell pregnant to a Shia Muslim man and he decided he wanted nothing to do with me or his son because of his family circumstances (hes not married). His reasons for not wanting to see his son are because he did not want a child and his family would disown him if they found out. He also stated he did not want to be with me (after a 3 year relationship) which was all one sided and kept secret from his family. I posted on this site asking advice on whether to tell his parents or not. I decided not to tell his parents as I did not want him to be left without a home. I tried everything in my power to have him in my sons life. However, his decision was final. I accepted the fact that he did not want anything to do with us. He helps finanically and I appreciate this more than anyone will ever know. I finally reached out to his sister when my son was 7 weeks old. To my surprise she wanted to see us both and have a relationship with my son. She confirmed that his mother and father (father more so) would not allow their son back into their lives if they found out about me and my son. I finally told my sons father that I reached out to his sister and he is fine with that. However, he still does not want anything to do with my son. Sorry for the long post! I thought I would just give a little background information about my situation. I have thought about converting to Islam for a long time now. I have family who are Muslim who I do not have a relationship with due to personal family reasons and have always wondered about what my life would be like if I did see them and I was brought up in Islam. I would like to know more about Shia Islam and read books before I make my decision. So I guess I am looking for books, websites and any one in my area - London, who could kindly help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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