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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, The information on aimislam.com is slightly different. It seems to be indicating that Tuesday is likely to be the 1st of Ramadan for followers of Imam Khamenei. I do not see any post on the aimislam facebook page regarding this. Anyone who has any clarification, this would be greatly appreciated. https://www.aimislam.com/United Kingdom-advisory-on-start-of-Ramadan-1440/amp/ My heartfelt congratulations to you all for reaching this blessed month.
  2. Salam. It is refreshing to see a young believer with such blessed insight. I pray Allah grants you what you are looking for as marrying young is a truly noble aspiration. No doubt your disability will present certain obstacles but so far it has not stopped you in your educational pursuits. With reliance on God you will continue to achieve your goals. A career in media is indeed noble and sorely needed in our ummah, have you considered howza studies in addition? If I can humbly offer my perspective. In my years of experience of working with complex disability I have seen countless yo
  3. Salam. Understanding China and Islam is a deep, complex and multifaceted issue. The current situation of the Muslims in Xinjiang is no doubt unjust but there are a few general points to make: 1. Islam is ingrained in Chinese history and culture. There are more Chinese Muslims than Syrian Muslims for example. Their history food and culture is very much celebrated in China (in particularly the food). Interestingly I found in China it is easier to access halal food in the big cities than it is here in the west. 2. The experience of Chinese Muslims is not uniform. The Hui Muslims for e
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