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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for submitting a question to imam-us.org, your answer can been seen below. Please do not reply directly to this message as your email will not be read. If you have a follow-up or new question, please complete a new request using our submit a question form. Thank you!Question:What is the punishment for blasphemy according to Ayatullah Sistani?Answer:Alaykum AssalamDuring the time of the twelfth Imam's occultation (ghaiba), Muslims are not authorized to practice any form of punishment against disbelievers, instead, their duty is to call people to the way of God the Exalted through wisd
  2. My dear sister, Islam is not the religion of opression. You can talk,have jokes and be friends with a na mahram.It is allowed unless with a bad intention like sexual lust e.t.c Imam Khamenei even said that if you want to marry someone you can look at her beauties like hair,foot,face,hand and other beauties without intention of lust,even if lust arises undesirely,but is to be made sure that you don’t know that they will reject your proposal. See the exact statement by his website: To Look at Her Beauties for Marriage A person, who wants to marry a woman and for getting
  3. Watching body parts of na mahram women on tv or movies is allowed except private parts by Imam Khamenei, if they donot endure lust or watching them will not cause any depravity. And judging music depends upon the mukalaf himself, I listen to some bollywood songs on teachers,travelling e.t.c(found very rare) that I consider lawful, they are allowed as they are not played at concerts bars e.t.c
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