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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. All of those who dont know This Mullah is reffering to Qandeel Baloch who was killed by her brother on the name of honour killings.
  2. I am Dumbfounded after listening to this cleric speak about qandeel Baloch. I have always heard that islam denounces Honour killings. A Father or Brother has no right to kill his daughter or sister for the sake of Honour. Plz tell me what he is saying is wrong. I have often heard him expressing anti-woman Ideas. Plz take a look at this Video between: "5:31-5:50" What does this ignorant mullah mean by control? His Words seem to be sympathetic towards the murderer.
  3. That is my point. No Other Marja has any such irrational Fatwa other than Makarem shirazi, Ayatollah khamenei even visited Christian woman's house and enjoyed her hand made cake 2 years back.
  4. Oh god! Put women behind Iran bars and Let men Free. Or Should I say cage the Victims and Free the Criminals
  5. In the last Text I meant: Please provide any more Quotes or Islamic Rulings in defense of this baseless Fatwa that explicitly states anything about Associating with Non-Muslims in Muslim Countries or it being Impermissible. *IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES.
  6. I dont know What Islam you guys are talking about. See some pictures of Ayatullah Khamenei Having cakes and food at a christian Women's House in Iran, When he went to meet the Family of Martyrs of Iran. I asked this question Because all other Marajas Allow associating with Non muslim Regardless of where you live. Some like Ayatullah Sistani Even Encourages associating with them in order to form goodwill. I feel like if i was in lets say the Usa and someone Said that we cant associate with you unecessarily cause you are a muslim, I would have been Indignated. As For the source Makarem shirazi's webiste you mentioned has a Whatsapp Number from where you can ask your queries and rulings From His representative, that's where I got the answer from. Please provide any more Quotes or Islamic Rulings in defense of this baseless Fatwa that explicitly states anything about Associating with Non-Muslims or it being Impermissible. JazakAllah
  7. This book is in Farsi Originally. I am trying to find it in english.
  8. Makarem Shirazi says: Wa alaykum assalaam 1- One must refrain from associating with non-Muslims when unnecessary in muslim Countries but those who travel to non-Islamic lands or live there permanently do not need to abstain. Is this Fatwa not Discriminatory, Biased and prejudiced? Imagine A pope Or some Pastor in for example England saying the same for Muslims. Imagine the backlash and Uproar. Should we blindly Follow someone without questioning or reasoning?
  9. جایگاه زن در نظام سیاسی اسلام By Ayatullah Ishaq Fayaz Plz Plz find this book to me in english... plz.
  10. Thank you for submitting a question to imam-us.org, your answer can been seen below. Please do not reply directly to this message as your email will not be read. If you have a follow-up or new question, please complete a new request using our submit a question form. Thank you!Question:What is the punishment for blasphemy according to Ayatullah Sistani?Answer:Alaykum AssalamDuring the time of the twelfth Imam's occultation (ghaiba), Muslims are not authorized to practice any form of punishment against disbelievers, instead, their duty is to call people to the way of God the Exalted through wisdom, good advice, and objective and solid arguments.
  11. My dear sister, Islam is not the religion of opression. You can talk,have jokes and be friends with a na mahram.It is allowed unless with a bad intention like sexual lust e.t.c Imam Khamenei even said that if you want to marry someone you can look at her beauties like hair,foot,face,hand and other beauties without intention of lust,even if lust arises undesirely,but is to be made sure that you don’t know that they will reject your proposal. See the exact statement by his website: To Look at Her Beauties for Marriage A person, who wants to marry a woman and for getting informed about her, is allowed to look at her face, hands, hair and beauties without lustful intention even though lust would unwillingly happen provided that he has no previous information about her and does not know that they will reject his proposal.
  12. Watching body parts of na mahram women on tv or movies is allowed except private parts by Imam Khamenei, if they donot endure lust or watching them will not cause any depravity. And judging music depends upon the mukalaf himself, I listen to some bollywood songs on teachers,travelling e.t.c(found very rare) that I consider lawful, they are allowed as they are not played at concerts bars e.t.c
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