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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. According to the Shia beliefs, how was the relationship Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) had with Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).), Umar ((رضي الله عنه)) and Utman ((رضي الله عنه).)? From what is found in the Sunni traditions, Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) was upset with the way Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).) was selected as Caliph but, after around six months, he compromised with Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).) and had no friction with anyone after that. Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) even went to the extent of marrying his daughter to Umar ((رضي الله عنه).). I would like to get the Shia view of what Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) was doing after the death of Rasoolullah ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم).) till the death of Utman ((رضي الله عنه).). Specifically, 1) Why did Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) not put up any public opposition to the Caliphates if he strongly believed that he should be the Caliph as per Allah’s will. 2) Did Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) privately criticize and/or abuse Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).), Umar ((رضي الله عنه)) and Utman ((رضي الله عنه).)? 3) What was the reaction of Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) when Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).) appointed Umar ((رضي الله عنه)) as his successor? 4) What was the reaction of Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) when Utman ((رضي الله عنه).) was preferred over him to become Caliph after the death of Umar ((رضي الله عنه).)?
  2. Interesting. What is the origin of the belief that Mahdi will bring the Qur'an? Does it come from any of the first three Imams or the later Imams? Why would people run away from it?
  3. This is my personal view as well. If Qur'an reaches me in some form, it is Allah's intention that it came to me in that form. Since, no alternative version is available, there is no reason to have any doubt.
  4. As-Salamu Alaykum Shia brothers. This question is on how Shias view Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).), Umar ((رضي الله عنه).) and Utman ((رضي الله عنه).). Shias believe that the three usurped Caliph position from Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) and so they are not considered as legitimate Caliphs - I get that. I want to understand what are the further implications of this. 1) I guess that Shias would not take words/actions of these three as a basis of their fiq. Is that correct? 2) Do Shias reject all Hadiths where any of these is in the chain of narrators? 3) Qur'an was compiled under the leadership of Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).), Umar ((رضي الله عنه).) was the custodian after that and finally the standardization of Qur'an happened under the leadership of Utman ((رضي الله عنه).). Does any Shia group doubt the authenticity of Qur'an due to the involvement of the three people who are considered illegitimate Caliphs? 4) This is related to the previous question. I read somewhere that Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) compiled the full Qur'an before Abu Bakr ((رضي الله عنه).). Later when Utman ((رضي الله عنه).) decided to destroy all the copies other than the official ones, Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) kept his mushaf as he did not want to destroy it. Do Shias believe in this story? If yes, what happened to the mushaf Ali ((رضي الله عنه).) had? Are there Shias who consider that to be more authentic because it is from Ali ((رضي الله عنه).)? Happy to hear your personal opinions. But I am mainly looking for all the major different opinions.
  5. As-Salamu Alaykum Shia brothers. I am looking to get some understanding for the Shia beliefs and practices. I came across this forum by chance and I am hoping that I can get some answers. You might have guessed that I am a Sunni. My first question - How do the Shias view Sunnis? Do they consider them as Muslims? If they are considered Muslims, does it apply for all Sunnis or is it based on some parameters like if a Sunni is "like this" he is a Muslim if he is "like that" he is not a Muslim. I guess that there would be a spectrum of opinions. You may give your personal opinion. But I am mainly looking all the major different opinions. Pointers to authentic sources in internet will be great. Please be open. Do not hold back information thinking that it will offend me.
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