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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What I understood is he states is there Prophet Musa (pbuh) intention was to ask Allah for guidance. So he does this by attempting to a scientific experiment. But it's not the experiment that's his intention but Allahs Gudiance. I think it is the best explanation of Al-Khidr to date. You haven't even got to the important aspect of his explanation and your mocking him. Jazzer Allah and thank you.
  2. Let me ask you some questions. 1. What is the difference between Nusayris and Shias? I mean you classify your Sect under the same banner, so why can't you just say... I am Shia. Define the differences. 2. Do you believe in Ali as Allah. Swear on the Quran as to your belief. The. Swear on the Quran it is not mentioned in your doctrine. 3. Do you have secret doctrine of 16 chapters. If not you are not a Nusayri and I'm going to be wasting my time debating something that is the fundamental difference. 4. Do you know who Fatir is? If not I do not believe your claim that you are an active and knowl
  3. Please watch and refute if wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUD9heqTrkE
  4. The Houris explained in great detail. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e55R_R6pVeU
  5. Salam Alaykum Wa Barakatu friends, I ask this question with sincerity. Did the Quran Surahs come to the Prophet with a Title? I ask this for numerous reasons. 1. The title comes before the the Bismillah so we are not stating, when prouncing the Surah that it is in the name of Allah 2. The first Surah in the Quran in chronological order, number 96 Al-Alaq. Would Angel Jabreel have come to the Prophet and have said Al-Alaq first, then the Bismillah or would he have commanded "Read!" first? 3. Surah 15.87 "And certainly We have given you seven of the oft-repeated (verses) and the grand Quran." m
  6. I did take that into account my friend. Firstly my friend if compared to the Quran AND a distinct similarity is seen, then we can agree with the biblical verses. In the Quran there definitely is the angel in human form whom assisted Mary till birth. In the bible it states that Joseph assisted her till birth, then he never gets mentioned. There are 4 different schools of thought in regards to Jesus's siblings. One (in majority of Christianity and not based on anything more than literal translation of the biblical doctrine) is that Mary had children with Joseph. Second is that his siblings were
  7. No. No where in the Quran is Joseph mentioned. He really isn't really mentioned too much in the bible. Firstly he is mentioned within a mistake in the opening chapter of matthew. What I mean by mistake is the Christians are trying to show a lineage from Abraham to Jesus. But the last line reads 1.16 Joseph, who married Mary, the mother of Jesus, who was called the Messiah. Jesus was born from a virgin birth. So instead of giving the family tree of Mary, they have given a family tree of Joseph, who had nothing to do with Jesus besides being his guardian, Then it's pretty broad, like he was a ca
  8. We all know the Quran states that angels came to earth in human forms. This is why 1. Prophet David didn't know who they were until he realized he was being tested from the two angels 2. Prophet Ibrahim got scared of them when he realized they were angels after they didn't eat 3. The men of the town followed two men (angels) to Prophet Lots house in order for intercourse And so on. The one I want to concentrate on is importantly 4. Mary told the man to go away for no man has touched her. Why I stated importantly was for a reason. When you read the Bible as a historical reference you understand
  9. Brackets means restrictions or parenthesizes. So you must work inside the brackets first before the outside. When dealing with the concept of infinity in totality it means finitehood. The addition outside of the brackets is linking the two values. It's stating to add the 1 onto the value of finite hence becoming infinite. Let me show you something. When he decrees a matter, he only has to say Be, and it is" is easily definable with mathematics. The art of saying/stating is an addition. The Quran goes further and mentions that this decree is a commandment, "BE" We also understand that "lt is" i
  10. My friend you listen carefully. I spend 18 minutes of the video using nothing but mathematics to bring the equation to light. Only then do I start showing my equation from a religious view. Again I repeat to you that I'm sure you haven't watched the video. Before arguing watch the video
  11. My friend I don't think you've watch the entire video because all these points are answered 1. My statement mathematics is finite; god is one; therefore one added onto finite is infinite is a deductive reasoning methodology. I base my assumption on mathematics, then after the mathematics is set into place do I then only look at it from a religious aspect so no, I do not get God is one from the Quran. 2. God is infinite. Outside of our mathematical logic and outside of time and space. You on the other hand have two options negative, positive. Your created perfectly balanced. He provides the g
  12. To understand remove the finite universe in the equation. What do you end up with? 1+(+-)=∞, remove the mathematics, and your left with 1=∞. So in other words before us, between us and after us there is only 1 inifinte. He is one, but he is incomparable. I don't think you guys have sat down and watch the doco. The one I state before mathematics is the same 1 Allah states to you in the Quran, saying 100s of time he is one. The addition afterwards is his power, commandment or natural law. Within the brackets is acceptable logical mathematics and it's finite. The equals sign is judgment day The i
  13. Allah has given you an equation. He tells you he is one. Word for word from the Quran SAY Allah IS ONE. I'm not making this up, it's in the Quran He also tells you nothing is like him ∞. So outside of our mathematics Allah is inifinite. I show with this equation that 1 outside of our mathematics is infinite and hence Allah is greater than anything even conceivable. My friend your quote "Those who will belive will need no prove from math , those who will not believe will not accept the most mighty miracle and sign" Is utterly wrong. The Qurans importance is its mathematics. If the Quran went a
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