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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Initiating a Divorce says a lot about the power of the Women of that community.Though I favour divorce in only exceptional cases like physical abuse by the husband,psychological disorders of the husband,extreme culture clashes.Things like this.Not because I got bored with my husband or because I don't feel happy in the marriage or I found a richer man to marry.
  2. Sister I know it's not only for Women.There are different people from different backgrounds on ShiaChat so they wouldnt think "Housework is also a man's thing" They would think in other terms.My own parents share the household chores
  3. In the Western world,Women initiate 75 per cent of divorces.It is not a bunch of entitled males asking for a divorce.
  4. Besmehi Ta'aala. Sister,ShiaChat belongs to a lot of communities with their own cultures,ways of thinking.Shia Islam is not monopolized by a particular race,community,family,individual.If Women want to comfort their husbands,fine.Every Woman has the freedom to decide what role she wants to play in her marriage.That is true Feminism,Freedom of Choice.It's just that parents also have to train the male side to work on their egos,develop their intelligence,have an open mind about different kinds of women,not consider it Unmanly to help their wives in housework and generally Respect women.Sist
  5. There are some Westerners who do understand that Women are weaker physically and not suited to physically demanding jobs however unlike some Muslim men on this forum,they do not brag about being leaders of the household.Instead,they think of Marriage as a partnership.I have seen many Intelligent Women around me who are consulted by their husbands for a lot of decisions and their gender is not constantly thrown at them.Being a man does not automatically mean you will be just,sensible and emotionally stable.Imam Ali had told us to not have pride.This is not just for Women.It's for all Muslims,Ma
  6. We are turning into a joke for Non-Muslims.
  7. The reason they complain is because it seems like after all they do for the Woman,the Woman doesn't keep her word to give something in return.This is different from a man trying to control a Woman.
  8. Not all the time.I don't know who you were around.The Western men I knew worked,listened to their wives suggestions just to get sex.However,Muslim Men are obsessed with controlling women in more aspects and generally feel even more entitled.
  9. This is the reason why Non-Muslims look down upon us.They already gave equal rights to Women because of the Feminist Movement and here we are discussing about the Gender of Leaders.Marriage is a Partnership.Both Genders need patience.Patience is a virtue.Please do not pick out Imam Ali's quotes only when it suits you.
  10. Salamunalaikum.Personally I love kids but I support people who do not want them.It's their life after all
  11. Salamunalaikum.Shias should also be like Sunni Muslims.No Mutah,Only Marriage to a Single Woman till "Death do them part"
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