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  1. Thanks for reply. But I think it is different person. The one I am looking for is Medieval Sufi leader in Iran under Il Khanid rule ( 1256 – 1353 ). Full name is ʿAbd al-Razzāq al-Kāshānī. His tafsir can be seen here..https://archive.org/stream/TafsirAlKashani/tafsir al-kashani_djvu.txt it is only part 1 (1-18). I hope I can find part 2, in any language. thanks
  2. Hi Brothers I am new here. I have read the Tafsir by Al-Kashani part 1 ( 1-18), english translation. I am very interested in the book and tafsir and explanation. However, it is only part 1 (1-18). I have been trying to find whether part 2 available? If anyone knows about the remaining part of the book, please guide me. If not available in english, please let me know where I can get it in other languages. I would really appreciate your kind comment and help. thanks.
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