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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I once discussed it with the former chief Rabi in my country at an inter-religious panel discussion. When he said that there is no such thing as hell fire in Judaism, I felt like saying "ah that's why Natanyahoo behaves the way he does," but I was polite and did not say it in his face.
  2. Don't kill your self. That is your worst option. Your life belong to God and if you take your own life you can not be sure that your suffering will end. The fact that you have felt this way since your early childhood is a good indication that your are genuinely transgender and what you are describing sounds like gender dysphoria. You are lucky to be a follower of the Ahl ul Bayt because most Shia Maraja allow for gender change in genuine transgender as well as in Intersex people. This means that you are not doing anything haram if you decide to transition. I am not going to advise you eith
  3. Ask your local Rabi. He will say that Jews believe in no such thing as hell fire. He might say that after death Jews will be put in a washing machine that will wash away all their sins, but there is no punishment, suffering or agony. The "washing machine" might be what the Quran referring to in your quote.
  4. In terms of twheed yes, but not in terms of hellfire and judgement day. Jews don't believe in hellfire and judgement day.
  5. I think it addresses both and stating historical fact. On an interesting note, the Jewish historian Josephus, who wrote a history of the Jewish wars with the Romans has an account of a prophet named Jesus (or Yeshua) who prophetised about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. That prophet Jesus was persecuted by the pharisee Jews and handed over to the Romans. However the Romans did not crucify him and instead released him. He was later killed by a projectile from a catapult during the Roman siege of Jerusalem. The only thing wrong with that story is that it doesn't fit the time line o
  6. Absolutely! no decent person would want to support the Zionist apartheid entity.
  7. Don't worry pork enzymes is not used for cheese making. It nee to be the same animal type as where the milk comes from. So if the cheese is made form cows milk they use calf rennet or if the cheese is made from goats milk they use kid rennet. That is if it is not made form vegetable enzymes. I have never heard of anybody milking a pig even though the idea is amusing. https://www.eathalal.ca/2009/01/cheese-contains-rennet-from-pigs.html
  8. If I am not mistaken there is a Shia Sufi order in Iran. The Nimatollahi tariqa. Though it is relatively small and is not well liked by the clergy in Qom. Apart from being a Marja, scholar of fiqh and leader of the revolution Imam Khomeini was also a mystic, though I don't think he ever called him self Sufi. So I think you can be a mystic without being a Sufi. Being a Sufi without being Sunni or Shia I think is a little more tricky. Of cause there are Muslims who reject sectarianism. Some even call them selves SuShi Muslims. On a first glace that may seam sympathetic, however as a Muslim y
  9. I once thought that there was other gods. Back when I had an other religion I spoke to God in that religion. Then I read the Quran and Allah spoke to me through the Quran. Then God from the old religion spoke to me and I got confused. I then thought there are two gods. Allah and God. Then I became a Mushrik. Then when visiting a Muslim country God spoke to me through the Azan. I was confused again. I thought that God must be stronger than Allah. Then I studied religion and discovered that the message of different religions is not so different from one an other. I then visited a Mosque and Alla
  10. Allah is playing the game and we are his pieces. But don't worry. He is going to make it up to us in the end.
  11. Dreams are often very personal and the only one to interpret them is you. But I think if the person you saw was Imam Hussain or Imam Ali this may relate to the religion in your current life somehow. I think it is important what you was thinking exactly when you woke up.
  12. As far as I know, according to sharia, if two of the same gender get married, then the marriage is invalid. However on a personal note I think it is better to be in a committed relationship even for homosexuals than for them to do their lewd stuff in the bushes or in public restrooms with whom ever passes by. I don't think though that Islamic jurists will allow for same sex marriage any time soon. It would be a slippery slope to eventually accepting homosexual acts. Which would of cause be against the Quran.
  13. In reality I have no way of knowing. An atheist would probably think that I was imagining things. They might even try to psychologize, trying to analyze why my subconscious had a need to make up such a story about hell fire. I have had a lot of similar incidents, though not all at powerful as the one mentioned, and from an early age I have interpreted them in a spiritual way. I don't think there is anything special about me. I think all people experience these things from time to time, but many people shrugs it of believing that they are imagining things. They may even try to psychologize them
  14. In my life my belief in God has only grown stronger. I use to be agnostic, but the more I look around the more evident becomes Gods existence. I have difficult seeing my self as an Atheist one day. But of cause there was once I couldn't imagine my self being a Muslim, so you never know. God works in mysterious ways and he leads astray whom he wants. However some times my faith in religion reaches a low point. This i often not due to God, but due to people. Even when I sometimes get depressed over the challenges that God had in store for me in my life it will not stop me from believing in God
  15. Iran also had coinciding interest with the US in Iraq when they toppled Saddam. That doesn't mean that they "echoed western propaganda" nor did the bidding of the American. It just meant that their interests coincided. The Bosnian Serbs was fascists who wanted to ethnically cleanse Bosnia of Muslims. I see nothing wrong in the IRGC training the Bosniacs to defend them selves. Kosovo was a different story. Serbia proper was not a fascist state and not all Serbs are fascist. They did not do any ethnic cleansing of Albanians in Kosovo. The UCK - the so called Kosovo liberation movement, on the
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